Gambling Age - Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to the world of gambling, there is some legislation that players must keep in mind in order to be aware of what entails gambling responsibly. A variety of jurisdictions state that the gambling age is the minimum age in which a player can gamble legally. The age can vary depending on the state’s, territory’s or country’s legislation. In some other cases, gambling might be illegal in certain countries regardless of age.

Gambling Age for Online Casinos vs Land-Based Casinos

The minimum legal age often starts at around 18 years of age in some places but can vary depending on the circumstances and requirements by the gambling commissions and the national legislation. The gambling ages may also differ according to the category of gambling. Making a distinction in ages and types of gambling markets could show a range of minimum ages to gamble required for each. When it comes to casinos there is often a distinction to the rules for both online casinos and brick-and-mortar casinos. It is crucial to follow the legal gambling age when getting involved in any gambling endeavors. If you break the law and gamble beneath the minimum age requirement, you will lose all your money and you would be in legal trouble. This applies for all forms of gambling but especially concerning gambling in casinos.

In the online casino world, the legal age to gamble can be confusing to understand. There are certain legalities that can seem never-ending when playing at an online casino, poker room, online sportsbook or an online bingo hall. Most sites would have age requirements set by the gambling site, and it would be wiser to be cautious. Often, when entering an online casino site, you may be told if the site is restricted in your country.

When it comes to land-based gambling, the rules are more clear-cut. In America, the minimum age to gamble is sorted according to state but there would be variations in types of gambling. Different laws would apply to tribal casinos. Even pari-mutuel wagering, slots, table games, video game machines and pull tabs could have differing minimum legal gambling ages.

Gambling age

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Gambling Age in the US

The table below shows the different minimum ages to gamble in the different states and the particularities of the minimum age. The table show the legal gambling age for casinos and poker rooms which tend to be the same age, but in some cases the legal age is different. Online Casinos USA would also vary according to state. Additionally, the table shows the minimum age for bingo and lottery as well as dog racing and horse racing. The gambling age would essentially be similar for the same type. So more often than not, when it comes to US Casino the age would be the same for the different casino games played such as slots and blackjack.

In certain cases, you may find N/A which means no information is revealed regarding these legal ages. On this table, you will generally find the legal age to be between 18 and 21. However, in very rare cases the age is lower. In the states of Maine and Oklahoma, the legal gambling age for bingo is at 16 years.

Certain differences that you can find is that some states would have different rules for Indian casinos which wouldn’t factor in the residing state’s gambling age. Another tricky element is the differences relating to casino ships and casino cruises.

Gambling Age U.S. State by State Casinos Poker Rooms Bingo Lottery Dog/Horse Racing
Alabama 21 21 18 N/A 18
Alaska 21 N/A 19 N/A N/A
Arizona 21 21 18 21 21
Arkansas 21 21 18 18 18
California 18/21 18/21 18 18 18
Colorado 21 21 18 18 18
Connecticut 21 21 18 18 18
Delaware 21 18/21 18 18 18
Florida 21 18 18 18 18
Georgia 18 (only Cruises) 18 18 18 18
Hawaii 21 21 18 18 18
Idaho 18 18 18 18 18
Illinois 21 21 18 18 18
Indiana 21 21 18 18 18
Iowa 21 21 21 21 21
Kansas 21 21 18 18 18
Kentucky N/A N/A 18 18 18
Louisiana 21 21 18 21 18
Maine 21 21 16 18 18
Maryland 21 21 18 18 18
Massachusetts 21 21 18 18 18
Michigan 18/21 18/21 18 18 18
Minnesota 18 18 18 18 18
Mississippi 21 21 18 N/A 18
Missouri 21 21 18 18 18
Montana 18 18 18 18 18
Nebraska 21 21 18 19 19
Nevada 21 21 21 N/A N/A
New Hampshire 21 18 18 18 18
New Jersey 21 21 18 18 18
New Mexico 21 21 No Limit 18 18
New York 21 21 18 18 18
North Carolina 21 21 18 18 N/A
North Dakota 18/21 18/21 18 18 18
Ohio 18/21 18/21 18 18 18
Oklahoma 18 18 16 18 18
Oregan 21 18 18 18 18
Pennsylvania 21 21 18 18 18
Rhode Island 21 21 18 18 18
South Dakota 18 (Indian Casinos) 21 18 18 18
South Carolina 21 (only Cruises) 18 18 18 N/A
Tennessee N/A N/A 18 18 N/A
Texas 21 21 21 18 18
Utah 21 21 18 N/A N/A
Vermont 21 21 18 18 N/A
Virginia 21 18 18 18 18
Washington 18 18 18 18 18
West Virginia 21 21 18 18 18
Wisconsin 21 21 18 18 N/A
Wyoming 21 21 18 18 18


Gambling Age in Canada

The situation with the gambling age in Canada is similar to that in America. There are a few grey areas and there are rules for national and local and by type of gambling. Online gambling is regulated in Canada. There is a selection of Online Casinos Canada you can sign up with. There is a law for providing gaming services to Canadian gamblers which must have a government license in order to operate.

Gambling Age in Europe

Many European countries have a similar minimum age to gamble. However, there may be variations in different countries. Regarding betting, the majority of countries have set the minimum age to 18. This is similar to the legal gambling age of lotteries. However, Denmark and Estonia have a lower gambling age which is at 16 years. There are more varying age limits when concerning casinos. Some European countries have the minimum age set at 21 years such as in Germany, Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, and Estonia. In Sweden, it is at 20 years whereas the rest of the countries have the casino minimum age at 18 years. Some countries have lowered the age recently like France and Spain.

Curiously, some countries have other restrictions. Portugal’s policy states that tourists can engage in gambling activities from 18 whereas Portuguese citizens can gamble at 21. There is a similarly unique situation in Malta. Firstly, Malta provides one of the most reputable gambling licenses which is the Malta Gaming Authority. Secondly, Malta has become a gaming hub with many online casinos based there. The gambling age in Malta is 18, like in Portugal, however, the locals must be 25.

Gambling Age in the UK

Gambling in the UK is regulated and licenses are issued by the Gambling Commission to the diverse gambling forms. The minimum legal age across the UK is 18 years old. This is applied to betting shops, bingo halls, casinos, racetracks and different online gambling forms including UK online casinos. There is a lower minimum age when it comes to the lotteries including the National Lottery and football pools which has a gambling age of 16. This age additionally includes certain arcade games like teddy grabbers and coin pushers or low stakes machines. There is no minimum legal age for family entertainment and amusement arcades.


Gambling Age in Oceania - Australia and New Zealand

There are a handful of differences between the restrictions in Australia and New Zealand. There are strict laws regarding gambling in Australia. The minimum age to gamble is at 18 years. However, not all types of gambling are legal. Only sports betting and lotteries are legally permitted. This means that online casinos and live betting are illegal. However, there is a loophole as there is no prohibition for Australian citizens from accessing overseas gambling websites. You can find many Online Casinos in Australia for you to play at.

In New Zealand, the minimum legal age is 20 years. There are more concise rules relating to online gambling. New Zealand residents are legally allowed to access offshore online casinos, however, advertisement of these services are not allowed in NZ. You can play at Online Casinos NZ in our provided page.

Gambling Age in India

The situation with the legal gambling laws in India is somewhat similar to those of the United States, as different states in India have varying laws when it comes to different types of gambling. Overall, legal gambling is allowed for players over the age of 21. Goa was the first Indian state to set up laws in order to enable the setting up of casinos.

When it comes to online gambling, it has only been legalized in two states in India, these being Nagaland and Sikkim. However, citizens of India have no laws banning them from playing on offshore online casinos. 

Gambling Age FAQs

 Who regulates the gaming industry?

There are many licensing or regulating bodies that are international. However, most countries have their own government authorities which oversee all gambling activities both online and offline.

 Do I pay taxes on my winnings?

This depends on the country. In certain countries, gambling is seen as a hobby. In other countries, the government would require a percentage of the winnings that exceed a particular amount. This may even vary on which type of gambling activity you can earn your winnings.

 Is the legal age different for online and land-based casinos?

Sometimes there are different legal gambling ages. When it comes to land-based casinos, the laws are more concise. However, with online casinos the minimum legal age is 18 years and some online casinos may be restricted in certain countries.

 What happens if I am an underage gambler?

Gambling restrictions are serious and in place for your own protection. If caught gambling illegally, you could face serious consequences. Underage gamblers immediately lose any winnings.

 How are gambling funds safe?

Since gambling is often heavily regulated, the majority of gambling opportunities would have safe and secure transaction options. Payment methods for online casinos such as PayPal Casinos and Visa Casinos protect your money. There is added security when online casinos are licensed by formidable authorities such as the MGA and UK’s Gambling Commission.

Closing Thoughts on Gambling Age

The different criteria to be eligible to play and bet with online casinos, as well as land-based casinos, can be a tricky task. A big part is regarding the legal minimum age to gamble in different parts of the world. Many issues can be brought up and there are various differences when it comes to types of gambling. In these cases, since the consequences can be severe, it is best to be safe rather than sorry.

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