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Washington State Online Gambling

Washington State is one of the strictest states for online gamblers. The law makes all Washington State online gambling illegal and prosecuting both operators and players. However, they do allow land-based gambling, and horse-racing is widespread and legal. Gambling is allowed on tribal lands and there are 29 established and licensed casinos across the State. Withal you can find 16 casino cruise ships in Washington State port. Enforcement comes from the Washington State Gambling Commission. They license, regulate and enforce gambling law across the State. Interestingly, charity gambling for fundraising is also permitted as well as work-place pool betting.

Our Online Casino Washington State Reviews

Washington state online gambling

We do not review casinos for Washington State players as the Washington State Gambling Commission state that all forms of Washington State online gambling are illegal for Washington residents in that specific wording. Further to this in 2006, they criminalized online gambling, meaning it is possible to be prosecuted for it and legal challenges to this have failed to create change. You will struggle to find an online casino who will accept Washington State IP addresses for this reason.

For many, Washington is behind the times as other States like New Jersey and Delaware have legalized online gambling and are starting to see the products of the huge tax revenues a regulated industry can provide. However, if you are a Washington State player, then it’s not all bad news. As you’ve got tons of land-based tribal casinos in-State that are legal and fully regulated, so you can still play your favorite games-but you may have to make a trip as many are located in the North-West.

CasinoTop10’s Best Online Casinos in Washington State need to:

  • Not operate from the State of Washington territory;
  • Accept USD;
  • Be regulated and licensed.

The Legality of Land-Based Casinos & Online Casinos in Washington State

Within Washington, gambling is defined as “Staking or risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance or future contingent event not under the person's control or influence, upon an agreement that someone will receive something of value.” The main Washington State gambling legislation that covers land-based regulation comes from the 1973 Gambling Act, which legalized only some forms of pool betting. Otherwise, it stated that all other forms of sports betting and gambling were illegal, aside from those regulated by the Indian Gaming Act. In 2006, legislation was passed specifically criminalizing Washington State online gambling for residents. Despite the 2018, withdrawal of the 1992 PASPA Act, that had made sports betting illegal at the Federal level, Washington State has made no more to liberalize their sports betting markets further. This means for all Washington State resident gambling online is illegal, and they clearly state this on the Washington State Gambling Commission Site. However, to our knowledge and record, they have never actually prosecuted a player.casinos in Washington state

What is the Gambling Age in Washington?

For land-based gambling activities, players must be either 18 or 21, depending on the activity and casino. For example, the lottery, poker and bingo the age is 18, most other forms of gambling in Washington the age is 21.

Under State law, the following types of gambling activities are licensed and regulated:

  1. Horse-racing/off-track betting: There a 5 horse tracks in Washington they are located in Auburn, Kennewick, Dayton, Walla Walla and Waitsburg and are pari-mutuel betting sites.
  2. Tribal Casino: In Pursuant to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Casinos and gambling devices outside of these establishments are illegal.
  3. Cruise ship Casinos: There are 16 in-State.
  4. House banked card rooms were legalized in 1997, but individual cities in Washington State are allowed to ban them, and 70 have. Despite this, card rooms are legal and they do not have to be contained to tribal lands and ownership, but taxes are high for operators at 20%.
  5. Workplace gambling: This has been legal since 1973, as part of the 1973 Gambling Act in Washington. It allows workplace gambling, but under strict conditions, which include only one pool per event and a max pool of $100. This is the only legal type of pool betting allowed in Washington State.
  6. Other licensed activities including card games, bingo, amusement games, pull-tabs, punchboards, raffles and fundraising events.

Land-Based Gambling in Washington State Today

The Tribal Act is in good use in Washington State, which is home to over 29 Tribal Casinos and resorts, making Washington home to brands like The Ilani and Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort. Here’s a full list of the licensed Tribal Casinos in Washington State!

Casino Cruises in Washington State

In Seattle, Washington, 16 cruise ships offer forms of gambling, the main brands to be found are Holland America Lines and Ambassador International Lines where you can enjoy game machines, table and poker games!

Card Rooms in Washington State

Card Rooms in Washington are legal and therefore easily accessible, so long as your individual city has not out-lawed them, which they may. Card Rooms may only operate casino tables and card games and not slot machines, video lottery terminals or video pull-tabs- unless also a tribal establishment.

Card Rooms are allowed to operate 24/7 and wagering limits are high at $200 at each table and can have progressive prizes and carried over pots.

Washington State Bingo Halls and Lottery

online gambling washington

Washington State has a lottery and it includes multiple variants, namely: Mega Millions, Powerball, Keno, Lotto, Hit 5, Match 4 and Daily Games. It was formed and legalized in 1982, Washington was the 16th State to legalize the lottery and provide a State networked game with huge jackpots of all sizes available on different games and tickets. As the lottery is run and licensed by the State of Washington is it one of the only legal forms of gambling in Washington State that engages with users through a website or mobile app!

Bingo is alive and kicking in Washington State with over 180 Bingo Halls. This makes it easy to enjoy Bingo throughout the State, which enjoys a more relaxed attitude to this side of gambling. Charity motivated Bingo events can also secure a license in Washington State making it even more popular. However, you won’t find online Bingo games.

Are slots legal in Washington state?

In short, no, as the tribal casinos and Washington State could not strike a bargain in regard to Slots, they are not legal, instead, VLT machines are, which are a type of lottery slot or scratchcard game, which makes for a unique land-based gaming experience in Washington State.

Washington State Online Gambling Laws

As we covered earlier, Washington State online gambling is prohibited and the Washington State Gambling Commission detail this on their website. This includes all online gambling, online poker Washington State- yes, this extends to Poker too, there’s no Pokerstars in Washington State we’re afraid guys and sports betting. However, Washington residents get to enjoy some of the best land-based casino resorts in State and frequent Card Rooms.

What should I know about Online Casinos in Washington State?

  • The gambling age in Washington State is 18 for the lottery, Bingo and Poker and 21 for other forms of gambling;
  • Online casinos are not permitted to operate in Washington State;
  • Off-shore casinos often do not accept Washington State IP addresses.

Gambling Laws Governing Offshore Casinos & What it Means for Washington State Players

As Washington State outlawed online gambling and participating in Washington state online gambling is illegal offshore casinos usually do not accept Washington State IP and physical addresses in-line with the local laws. This means we do not recommend off-shore gambling for Washington State players.

Online Casino Games For Washington State

So, you can bet on live Horse Racing, cards like Poker, Blackjack and Sic Bo, play Roulette, hit-up in-state casinos and enjoy basically all the normal casino games that are found worldwide, with the exception of Slots in Washington State, but you need to play in licensed casinos or Card Rooms - it’s that simple.gambling age in washington


Washington State Casinos FAQs
Is online gambling in Washington legal?

Online gambling is not legal in Washington State and there is specific 2006 legislation to target online casinos and players.

Is online sports betting legal in Washington State?

Online sports betting in all forms is illegal in Washington State.

Is online Poker Washington State legal?

No, online Poker is not legal in Washington State, but you can play live in Card Rooms, which Poker and card game players prefer as there are no RNGs involved creating more chance to strategise!

Can I play at an online casino in Washington State via mobile or tablet?

If a land-based casino has a virtual app or element that they let you engage with whilst in the casino then perhaps. However as online casinos are illegal, you cannot play casino games via your mobile or application in Washington State.

Is it possible to play online casino games with dollars?

Yes, most online casinos will accept USD as a payment method, but many do not accept Washington State players.

Are the Washington State online casinos on this site regulated?

We do not make recommendations for Washington State online casinos, only those for all US players. All our recommended casinos are fully licenced, secure, safe and fair gambling destinations.

How do I start playing for real money at a Washington State casino?

Start by researching what local Card Rooms and tribal casinos are close to your locality. Their website will tell you what games they provide and the limits allowed. However, in Washington State there is no legal requirement to have published RTPs for games, so do not expect this information. Once you’ve got a shortlist of casinos or Card Rooms you want to try, whittle it down by using online reviews and see what other players had to say, then start planning a trip and remember your I.D.

Do I need to pay taxes on my gambling winnings in Washington State?

Yes, you need to pay a base rate of 25% taxes on all gambling winnings in Washington State. 

Washington State Online Gambling and Land-Based Gambling: The Round-Up

Currently, Washington State is making no move to legalize online gambling, so unless there’s a sudden legislative u-turn everything will remain as we’ve detailed in this page for the foreseeable future. But with a killer trio of cruise liners, tribal casinos and Card Rooms there is a lively and active land-based gambling scene in this State that anyone can get involved in and potentially win big amounts!