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Zimpler Casino 2020  - A Review of the Swedish Mobile Payment System

Zimpler Casino 2020 - A Review of the Swedish Mobile Payment System

Zimpler is a Swedish mobile payment option which was founded in 2016. Its creators have devoted much of their time to providing a fantastic payment option for gamblers out there who wish to make deposits to their chosen online casino via mobile. Have a read through our Zimpler Casino guide to learn all about it and find the best casino to play at!

If you’re looking for a thrilling casino experience from the comfort of your own home, you should definitely give gambling online a shot! And why not start playing at a Zimpler Casino? If you happen to be from Sweden or Finland, Zimpler is an excellent online casino payment option to consider. Provided that you do use the service, you’ll be able to make deposits safely and securely. Have a look at some of the Best Zimpler Casinos in our list above, choose a casino after you’ve read some casino reviews and deposit your bankroll. Once you’ve done that, you can start hitting the Blackjack tables, placing wagers on numbers in Roulette or betting on max in the hope of generating a massive win whilst you watch the Slots reels spin! Find out all you need to know about Zimpler below before you make your decision.

What is Zimpler (ex-PugglePay)?

zimpler casinoZimpler is an online casino payment option which can merely be described in a few words as being simple, convenient and mobile-friendly. Although this payment option has only been around since 2016, its predecessor 'PugglePay', which was launched by entrepreneurs Johan Friis and Kristofer Ekman Sinclai, had been around since 2012. Fastforward a few years and the entrepreneurs took the decision to rebrand the company and transform it into Zimpler as it's known today. As a fast-forward thinking company, Zimpler has aimed to fully realize the wants and needs of customers. So, in developing the payment system, they’ve effectively taken a customer-centric approach to make sure that their system provides the best payment service it can. 

Zimpler’s link to the online casino world

Despite the fact that it hasn’t been around for ions, the Swedish mobile payment service Zimpler has been dubbed a fantastic payment option to use by many of the Scandinavian avid gamblers who are keen on gambling online. Perhaps what sets Zimpler apart from the rest of the payment options out there is the fact that it caters specifically to gamblers and even features tools to help you set your own monthly spending budget. But that's not just it, there's more. Have a look below at why you should choose Zimpler to transfer your funds!

 BubbleReasons to use Zimpler at online casinos:

Arrow The payment option provides a quick, mobile-friendly payment option to deposit your bankroll with at a Zimpler Casino of your choice;

Arrow Safe and Secure;

Arrow Has small fees; 

Arrow Allows you to control your bankroll;

Arrow Is licensed and under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

How to use Zimpler to make deposits 

zimpler casino how to use

With its ease of use, Zimpler has effectively managed to set a new standard in online gaming payment options. If you’ve never used the payment option, let us break down the process for you. Have a look below:

1) Choose an online casino that offers Zimpler 

Fundamentally, if you’d like to use Zimpler as an online payment system, you’ll have to select a casino which accepts the online payment system in the first place.

2) Sign in with your mobile phone

The first thing you need to do when you’re using Zimpler is to enter your phone number into the company’s system. Once you’ve done this, a text message will be sent to you containing a verification number. A Zimpler account will then be created for you automatically, which makes it swift and secure to pay regardless of which website you’re using.

3) Choose a payment method

Next, you will then be required to select your preferred payment method. This will depend on the online casino site you’ve chosen as well as the country you’re playing from. You'll have two options to choose from when paying by Zimpler. 

The Payment Methods available are the following:

  • Bill

When choosing to pay by bill, Zimpler will send you a bill directly via e-mail or text message on mobile. You'll then have 14 days to pay the fee which will be dependent on the amount that you choose to deposit. 

  • Card

When you select the pay by card option, you must then select your card details that you've saved on your Zimpler account. 

4) Confirm payment

Once you’ve completed your payment, your new Zimpler account will then be activated. So, next time you pay, no matter which website you use, you’ll be able to sign in according to step 1. Every time you opt to make a payment, you’ll be sent a completely new verification code.

how to use zimpler at casinos

Zimpler Casino Withdrawals 

As a casino player, your aim whilst playing any of the online casino games available on the internet is to be able to walk away with more money than you started off with initially. So, if you’ve played and won, you’ll obviously want to withdraw your winnings afterwards. Unfortunately, at some casinos Zimpler only works one way. So, when it comes down to actually withdrawing your winnings, you might actually have to select another payment option in order to be able to receive your funds. However, some of the casinos in our list do in fact accept withdrawals made via Zimpler. 

Zimpler's Safety & Security

As a company, Zimpler places tremendous emphasis on the customer’s safety and security. The payment option uses encryption to guard your data when payments are carried out and is under the direct supervision of the Financial Services Authority.

Transfer Times at Zimpler Casinos

Zimpler provides you with the opportunity to make quick deposits to your online casino account. Once you’ve confirmed your deposit via mobile, your funds will be made available instantly.

Zimpler Customer Support 

As a customer-centric company, Zimpler’s passionate team of employees strive for excellence in their field. Their customer support team can be reached in two ways; by email and phone. If you’d like to contact them by email, you can either send an email to their support team at [email protected] Alternatively if you prefer speaking to someone directly, you can opt to phone them on +46 (0) 775-161 740. 

The advantages of using Zimpler

Using Zimpler as a payment option at your Zimpler Casino of choice is definitely worth while and comes with a string of advantages. Have a look at them below: 

 Payments can be carried out via Mobile

Zimpler allows you to carry out transactions via mobile. So, you can perform your deposit to an online casino that accepts Zimpler as a payment option no matter where you are! 

 Can be accessed through your browser

When using Zimpler, there is absolutely no need to download any sort of mobile application, you can simply access it through the browser you choose to use. 

 Allows Deposits to be made anonymously

Your privacy is placed on Zimpler’s top shelf of priorities. The payment option allows transactions to online casinos to be made anonymously.

 Is Approved by the Financial Services

Zimpler is approved by the Financial Services Authority which means that it’s definitely trust worthy and safe to use.

 Allows you to limit your bankroll

By using Zimpler, you can limit your online gambling by setting up your own limit. So, you’ll be able to stick to your bankroll quite easily. Setting up your gaming budget is easy, all you need to do is send an email to [email protected] , specify your budget and the rest will be done by the company’s service team. Provided that you’d like to lower or increase your budget, you’ll have to send another email to the customer service team. Your new budget will then be set and it will then be active in around 7 days.  

 Great customer support

If you run into any kind of trouble or feel confused about why a transaction has or has not gone through, Zimpler has a great customer support team to help you out. 

The Disadvantages of Using Zimpler at Online Casinos

Although Zimpler using Zimpler carries many advantages to it, we'd be lying if we said there aren't any disadvantages. Have a look at them below: 

 Small Fees

Each time you make a transaction, Zimpler will charge you a small amount. Your bill will be sent to you via email or mobile. Once you’ve been sent the bill, you’ll then be given 14 days to make the payment. 

 Unpaid fees will lead to a dealy charge

Once you receive your bill, you must bear in mind that it must be paid. Unfortunately, if it completely slips your mind, you’ll be hit with a delay charge.

 No app Yet

Currently, Zimpler does not have its own app which you can download from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to make payments through your browser instead. 

 Cannot be used in the USA

Unfortunately, Zimpler can only be used in a few countries in Europe.

Zimpler Casino FAQs
When was Zimpler Launched?

The Swedish group, called Smart Payments Nordic, launched Zimpler in April 2016. However, the group who is also the parent company of PugglePay, have been operating in the payment option industry since 2012.

Do I need to set up an account when using Zimpler?

When you've opted to use this payment option, an account is automatically made the first time you use it.

Where can I use this payment method?

Currently, Zimpler is available to use in Sweden and Finland. And as from 2016,  the service also started to operate in Germany and the United Kingdom. Hence, you'll be able to find this online casino payment option at Swedish, Finish, German and UK online casinos too.

Will I be able to benefit from a Welcome Bonus when signing-up at a Zimpler Casino?

Yes, if you choose to sign-up at a Zimpler Casino, you'll be entitled to receive a great Welcome Bonus which is dependent on the amount you choose to deposit.

How much can I deposit when playing at a Zimpler Casino?

When using Zimpler you can deposit just as much as your budget allows. However, bear in mind that some online casinos will also impose their own restrictions when it comes to deposits.

Can I withdraw winnings using Zimpler?

Unfortunately when using Zimpler, you won't be allowed to make withdraw your winnings via this payment method. 

How can I control my spending?

As a service, Zimpler has demonstrated its commitment to responsible gambling. The service allows you to manage your monthly budget in order to limit the amount you can deposit at an online casino. Obviously, players are free to increase or decrease their budget as they please. However, there is a week-long delay when a player increases his/her budget in order to protect the user from spending too much. Users can also block themselves permanently form the service if they feel like the amount they’re depositing is still getting out of hand.

Are Zimpler Payments Secure?

One of the main advantages of using Zimpler is security. When using the payment system there is no need to input your personal data on each and every site you play on. Hence, the risk of your information being stolen via the internet when using Zimpler is highly unlikely. Moreover, every time you make a transaction via Zimpler you will receive a unique confirmation code on your mobile which adds an extra layer of security.

Are there alternatives to using Zimpler?

If Zimpler is unavailable for you to use in your country, there are other mobile payment options you can use. Boku, for example, is a system which also operates via mobile and is similar to Zimpler. One of the only key differences between the two is that deposits are billed directly through your phone bill rather than through credit/ debit card.
Additionally, if you’d like to use an e-wallet instead, Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are amongst the most reputable methods of paying at online casinos which allow you to make both deposits and withdrawals without the need to constantly share your card or account details with companies.

Select the Best Zimpler Casino & Gamble your way to being rich!

Apart from the introduction of mobile casinos, mobile gaming has also brought about an array of payment options which can be used to make deposits as well as withdrawals. Since launching, Zimpler has effectively raised the bar for mobile payment options aiming to provide the best mobile payment experience out there on the web. Indeed, Zimpler’s swift and secure deposits are a reflection of the company’s dedication to providing an effortless solution for gamblers to be able to start off their gambling journey with!

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