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Keno Online 2019 Guide -The Lottery Based Game Explained

Looking for a casino game which is primarily based on luck? If so, stop right in your tracks as Keno definitely fits into this category of games! If you've played it before and simply loved it, you'll be glad to know that nowadays this fantastic game is available to play at brick and mortar casinos but also at many online casinos which pepper the online casino realm. Before you go ahead and dive into a game of Keno, you should read CasinoTop10’s Keno Online Guide in order to learn more about the game. When you’re done, you can go ahead and find the best online casino for you to play Keno at.

Finding a well-reputed online casino USA to play your preferred keno online game of choice can definitely be a gruelling task, especially if you’ve never played online casino games before. Well, with CasinoTop10’s ranked and reviewed list of online casinos you needn’t embark on a tedious journey to find an online casino to play at as we’ve gone ahead and done the work for you. Check out our Best Keno Online Casinos above to find out which is the best one to play at today!

Why Play Online Keno?

Whether you’re sitting on your sofa at home or waiting in a queue, Keno’s frill-free rules make it a fun and exciting casino game to play online. The game of chance which strongly resembles lottery games, in which numbers are drawn randomly, merely involves selecting numbers and waiting for them to pop up.

Facts about Keno:


The game of chance is heavily based on lottery;

Keno's Rules are simple and easy to stick to;

The house edge in Keno is approximately 25% to 40%, depending on the casino you choose to play at.

Keno Online Rules - How to Play Keno 

If you’ve never played Keno before and find yourself worried about playing the game, you needn’t be! Its simple rules are as easy to learn as they are to implement. Have a look below to discover how it’s played! 

1) Select a Keno Online Game

The first step you must undergo in order to start playing Keno Online is to select an online casino to play at. Yet, before you proceed in registering your details, you should always have a look at the online casino’s selection of Keno variants as each game has slightly different rules.

2) Select Numbers from Keno’s Grid

keno online guideOnce you’ve opened your preferred Keno Online variant, you’ll be able to select your numbers by using your mouse. As a Keno Online player you’ll be able choose as few or as many numbers as your heart desires from the digital Keno card’s grid which consists of 80 different numbers. Typically, there will be both a minimum as well as a maximum amount of numbers you can select during a game of Keno. Generally, the minimum is 1 number and the maximum is 20 numbers. Nonetheless, this usually depends on the Keno Online variant you choose to play.

3) Choose how much to bet

When you’ve made your selection, you can then select the amount you’d like to wager on the numbers. Generally, the amount you’re able to bet on each number varies from casino to casino. Nonetheless, most of the time, you’ll find that the minimum amount you’ll be able to bet is about $5 and the maximum $10.

An important thing to note is that once you’ve selected your numbers and submitted how much you’d like to bet, this decision cannot be retracted. So, in hindsight you should be careful in your decision.

4) Wait for the numbers to be drawn.

After you’ve pressed ‘Play One’ or ‘Play Five’, the numbers will be drawn and you’ll be able to see how much you’ve won. As the term ‘Play One’ implies, the numbers that will be drawn will be valid for one game. However, if you’ve opted to select the button ‘Play Five’, the numbers as well as the bets you’ve placed on each numbers will be valid for 5 consecutive games.

Keno Online Strategy

keno online game strategy

Keno’s popularity both at land based casinos as well as online casinos, has probably been incited by the game’s enormous jackpots and large payouts. Although there is no proven way to definitely win at keno, you can follow a few Keno strategy tips in order to maximize your chances of not going bust and perhaps even generating a lucrative win! Have a look below in order to find out the best strategy tips to employ.

Keno Online Strategy Tips

  • Play for Free before you play for Real Money.
  • Find a Casino which has a great maximum payout.
  • Choose an Online Casino with a Fantastic Welcome Bonus. 
  • Don’t select too many numbers. 
  • Consider the Odds.
  • Don’t stick to the same numbers all the time.
  • Use Multi-Race Cards.
  • Place your Bets Wisely.
  • Manage Your Bankroll in a clever way.

Have a look at CasinoTop10’s Keno Strategy Tips article for a more in depth look at how to play the casino game.

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Keno Money Management

As in many games which require you to place wagers in order to play, money management emerges as a crucial factor in whether you’ll be able to seal the deal and bag a profitable win. As a casino game, Keno allows players the opportunity to become rich just by betting a small amount of their bankroll on a selection of numbers.

As you might have noticed Keno works in the same way lottery does where players select a few numbers in the hope that their chosen numbers will be drawn. Withal, the key difference between Keno and Lottery is the amount players often choose to spend. Very often a lottery ticket will cost you a trivial amount of money. So, in hindsight you will not be compromising much of your monthly earnings. Yet, in Keno you’re required to place bets on each game you’ve chosen to play. So, if you’ve opted to place a bet of $5 on 4 different spots and you’ve chosen to play 5 games by pressing 'Play 5', you’ll be wagering $25 at one go.

If you’re new to the game of Keno, it is fairly easy to get carried away in how much you’re betting. However, this is no reason to fear playing the entertaining game! Our players-turned-experts at CasinoTop10 have written an article on Keno Money Management to help you out with how to manage your bankroll.

Free Keno Online – Practice the Game

keno online game

Try It For Free Play Now

If you’re not yet confident about playing Keno for real money, you’ll be able to play test the waters here on our site. Playing our Free Keno will enable you to find out if you really like the game, test out the rules, strategy tips as well as enable you to learn how to manage your money adequately. So, the question is why not Get your Keno fix by playing CasinoTop10’s Free Keno Online Game? You’ve got nothing to lose, only to gain.

Keno History – The Game’s evolution over the Years

Despite the fact that Keno’s origins are heavily clouded by mystery, the prestigious casino game can be traced back to thousands of years ago. The game of chance, which was formerly known as the ‘White-Pigeon Game’, is rumored to have first been seen in China having emerged during Cheng Leung’s regime in the Han Dynasty approximately 3000 years ago. The game in its original form, which incorporated a set of 120 characters instead of numbers, was played by a tremendous amount of Chinese citizens.

Keno’s Journey to the United States

Fast forward to the middle of the 19th century and Keno hit American shores. Its introduction was perhaps fueled by the mass immigration of Chinese workers which were hired to build railroads in America. On its introduction in the 1930s, the game was renamed from ‘The White Pigeon Game’ to ‘Keno’ which has French/Latin roots. Moreover, the Chinese symbols in the game were replaced by numbers in order to attract a new market of players; mainly American.

Yet, due to the fact that an anti-gambling law had been enacted in the State of Nevada which banned all forms of gambling apart from lottery, Keno’s name was changed to ‘Horse Race Keno’ since horse racing had remained legal. This was done in order to keep the much-loved game alive. Once lotteries were made legal, the game was then changed back to ‘Keno’.

Modern Keno

Eventually, Keno spread to other countries across the world. Today, Keno is played by many people of different nationalities who have a love of lottery-based games primarily in America, South America, Europe, East Asia as well as Australia. At brick and mortar casinos, Keno players typically mark their selection of numbers by using a crayon. A circular glass enclosure, which is known as a ‘bubble’, containing 80 balls is used to draw numbers.

Keno Online Games

Due to a high demand for the game, many online casinos have been left with no choice but to adapt the classic game of Keno to the online environment and they’ve managed to recreate the classic Keno experience quite well as a matter of fact! Whilst playing the easily accessible digital version of this lottery based game, you’ll be able to select your numbers by using your mouse alternatively to crayons.

Play Keno Online for Real Money today!

Exhausted after a long and stressful day at work? If so, why not unwind by playing a marvelous game of Keno on desktop or at a Mobile Casino? Unlike when playing Blackjack online, there's no strategy involved in playing this lottery-like casino game has got a bit more of a challenge to it than the average lottery game. This means that it could potentially leave you in the running to bag a life-changing jackpot! So, what’s not to like?! Go on and read a few online casino reviews prior to deciding which online gambling site to play at. Then bag an online casino bonus to enjoy whilst playing Keno online.

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