PayPal Casinos 2019 - Safe & Secure Casinos that accept PayPal

PayPal Casinos 2019 - Safe & Secure Casinos that accept PayPal

Over the years, Paypal has managed to become one of the world’s most popular methods of paying for goods and services online. And as it stands, the payment option with its hassle-free methods of depositing & withdrawing funds and quick payouts is certainly no stranger to the online casino world. If you’re on the hunt for a reputable online casino to play at, have a look at our guide and list of ranked and reviewed PayPal Casinos.

Our PayPal Casino Reviews

The number of online casinos that you’ll find on the internet which accept PayPal as a form of payment is on the increase. However, if you find the experience of hunting for trusted PayPal Online Casinos somewhat tedious, you’ll be glad to know that our experts have managed to narrow down their list to just a few casinos which have all been tested and reviewed. In order to read the particular online casino reviews you're interested in, simply click on the 'Review' button to get the full review. Have a look at our ‘Supported PayPal Online Casinos’ to discover which casino will be best for you to play on.

What is PayPal?

paypal casinos

The American company,PayPal, is one of the largest online payments systems in the world. As an electronic payment alternative, the e-wallet takes the hassle out of bank transfers and checks. The payment option has been established as a household name for approximately 18 years and has managed to gain a solid reputation in regards to the transferring of funds online from a company to the user of the account.

Initially the global giant was set up under the name ‘Confinity’ which was mostly responsible for the security software for hand-held devices. However, it wasn’t until 1999 that the company entered the online payment services. A few years later, in 2002, the company was quickly snapped up by the massive online marketplace eBay. Hence, this gave users the ability to purchase virtually almost everything under the sun from the retailer effortlessly at the click of a button.

PayPal Gambling – Playing Online Casino games for Real Money with PayPal!

paypal gambling

Let’s face it, there’s nothing that appeals to us gamblers more than the seductive casino atmosphere with its vast array of games, its free drinks and the sound of loud music. Yet, for many of us out there, visits to brick-and-mortar casinos are sadly only possible once in a blue moon. However, if this happens to be the case for you, PayPal offers a payment gateway to help you play casino games provided that travelling to the likes of Sin City is out of your reach. Ok, so there might not be free drinks available online. But what makes up for it is that PayPal Casinos have a selection of games does not fall short of what’s available at land-based casinos. In fact, there are more games at PayPal online casinos than there are at your average land-based ones! Moreover, playing at a PayPal Casino will not only enable you to take your pick from the best casino games the online world has to offer, but will also allow you to acquire fantastic bonuses that are only available to gamblers who choose PayPal as deposit and withdrawal method at online casinos! 

  Why Use PayPal at online casinos?


  •  By using this e-wallet, you’ll be able to store all your card information in one secure place;
  •  Unlike other payment options, PayPal allows you to deposit and withdraw money at online casinos;
  •  PayPal has fantastic customer service should you find yourself in a problematic situation; 
  •  Using PayPal to transfer your funds to an online casino can enable you to benefit from great rewards;
  •  Fantastic Welcome Bonuses to add to your bankroll are available to players who choose this as their payment method;
  •  There are plenty of popular games such as Slots, Blackjack online, Roulette and more available at PayPal Casinos.

How to Make a PayPal Casino Deposit

1) Set up Your PayPal account

The first step to transferring your funds via PayPal is for you to set up a PayPal account. This is fundamentally quite a straightforward process and can be done by registering on their official site. However, if you already have one you can go ahead and use the same one you usually do to buy goods from online stores.

2) Select a Paypal Casino from our list

Once you’ve set up your PayPal account you can go ahead and choose a PayPal Casino from our list above. All the casinos in our list have been ranked and reviewed by our experts in terms of game variety, bonuses and deposit and withdrawal methods. 

3) Choose PayPal as a payment option

When you’ve selected your casino of choice, you can then navigate to its payment options page and choose ‘PayPal’ as your preferred payment method.

4) Enter the amount you’d like to transfer

Next, enter the amount you’d like to transfer and hit the deposit button. Bear in mind that the amount you choose to deposit needs to be available in your bank account.

5) Enter your PayPal account details and click confirm

Once you’ve performed the previous step, all you need to do is fill in your email and password. Then just click submit! After your transaction is successfully accepted, you’ll promptly receive a message indicating that your deposit was processed without any problem.

6) Log back into your online casino account

All you need to do now is log back into your online casino account and after a few minutes the amount you’ve deposited should appear there.

Online Casino PayPal Withdrawal

1) Head to Your Online Casino’s Withdrawal Page

Withdrawing your winnings with PayPal is far from rocket science, in fact it’s just as clear-cut as making deposits. All you need to do is go to the withdrawal page on the online casino site you’re registered on and tap away at a few buttons.

2) Select PayPal as a Withdrawal Option

From the withdrawal page the casino’s website (normally within the ‘banking’ tab) simply select PayPal as a withdrawal option. Once you do, you'll be navigated to the PayPal withdrawal page.

3) Enter the Amount You Wish to Withdraw

Next, enter your PayPal account details as well as the amount you wish to withdraw from your casino account balance. The amount you can withdraw will depend on the online casino's terms and conditions. So, always be sure to read them before attempting to withdraw.

4) Approve the Withdrawal

All you have to do now is to approve the withdrawal and wait for the amount to appear in your e-wallet account.

PayPal as a Safe & Secure E-Wallet

Throughout the years the well-reputed company,PayPal, has managed to maintain the best standards in security by using various safety features. These include two-factor authentication, a PIN and an SSL encryption. Moreover, the well-reputed company monitors each and every transaction around the clock in order to prevent against identity theft, fraud and email phishing. 

Transfer Times For Casinos with PayPal 

casinos with paypal

Once you’ve chosen your online casino site and made a deposit, you’ll notice that the money you’ve allocated to your bankroll will be transferred almost immediately. Therefore, this will allow you to play any online casino games of your choice within minutes of your deposit. However, if you’re attempting to withdraw your winnings from your account, you should allow a few business days for the money to be transferred from one account to another. 

Provided that you’re a player whose IP address is in the United States of America and Canada you should keep in mind that you won’t be allowed to cash out your winnings if you’re using a PayPal account and attempting to transfer your funds to an American or Canadian bank account. This problem can be attributed to the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act, commonly known as the UIGEA.

PayPal’s Customer Support

Despite the company’s vast size and stature on the world stage, PayPal’s dedicated team definitely take the time to serve their customers no matter what the problem might be in regards to any transaction they’ve made. Hence, if you find that you’ve run into a problem whilst using one of the PayPal Casinos in our list, you needn’t panic as PayPal’s Customer service and support is definitely top notch.

Although PayPal’s existing customers may contact the payment service by typing out and sending a message on the ‘Contact PayPal’ message box provided through the official site, the site also offers the option of contacting its staff by phone if preferred. PayPal’s customer service runs for 18 hours a day on weekdays and 16 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re attempting to reach a customer service representative for support by phone on Monday to Friday you’ll find that they’re available from 04:00 – 22:00 (Pacific Time) whilst their availability on Saturday & Sunday is from 06:00 – 20:00 (Pacific Time). Moreover, provided that you’d prefer to contact them by email you’ll find that the support option is available for throughout the whole day.

PayPal Rewards

If you’re looking for rewards when playing at PayPal Casinos, then you’re most certainly in luck. Nowadays, casinos which use PayPal as a payment method offer additional bonuses to the initial sign-up online casino bonus that you’ll be able to acquire once registering your details to the site you’ve chosen. These additional bonuses usually range from 5% to 15% on any deposits you’ve affected through PayPal on the majority of PayPal casinos. As a player you are advised to check on the terms and conditions which specify information about PayPal deposit bonuses. In essence, this is crucial for you as a player to do as any deposit bonuses earned may in effect serve to decrease the house edge in your favour.

Advantages of using PayPal at Online Casinos

 PayPal's Service is Free

Upon creating an account, you’ll find that you won’t be required to pay anything. 

 Safe & Secure payment method

The reputable payment giant offers one of the safest ways to deposit and withdraw funds to and from online casinos. Whilst using PayPal to carry out your transfers, you can rest assured that your data is fully encrypted; your sensitive information is never visible upon making a transaction and that your payments remain anonymous. 

 Quick Deposits

By using PayPal, deposits can be carried out within a few minutes. However, when attempting to withdraw money, you might have to wait a few days to be able to gain access to your funds. 

 Currency Conversion is applied automatically

Foreign currencies are automatically converted into the currency at the current exchange rate (you can decide against this if you do not want to pay the fees).

 Clients can use PayPal's Mobile App.

Nowadays, PayPal’s users can benefit from using the payment option’s mobile app to help carry out transactions and check on payments they’ve made. The PIN feature used by the app ensures that information is kept safe, if the mobile were to fall into the wrong hands. 

Disadvantages of using PayPal at Online Casinos

 It cannot be used at all casinos

Although the number is growing, PayPal can only be used at a few online casino sites which have been approved as trust-worthy and reputable by PayPal itself.

 Registering a New account takes a few minutes

In order to use PayPal, you’ll have to set up an account. This will of course take a few minutes, but it’s a small price to pay for great service and top-notch security. 

 Small Fees involved

When transferring money via PayPal, a small fee will be charged everytime a transaction is made. However, the fee is almost negligible. 

PayPal Casinos FAQs

 Do I need to set up an account before playing at Pay Pal Casinos?

Yes, in order to use PayPal you must set up an account beforehand. Registering an account on PayPal is totally free of charge. The only thing that you'll have to pay is a negligible fee upon transferring your funds. 

 Can you use PayPal at all online casinos?

PayPal cannot be used at all online casinos. In fact, it generally impedes the use of its services for gambling activities. However, the company has made exceptions to the rule. In fact, certain sites which have a proven track record to block participants from unregulated jurisdictions to make use of their gambling services are generally allowed to accept PayPal as a method of payment. This is exactly why we’ve set up a list of casinos in order to guide you to choosing one that accepts this payment method.

 Why aren't there any PayPal online casinos USA displayed in the list above? 

If you’re from the US, you’ll normally notice that you won’t be able to see our list of casinos. This is usually due to the fact that online casinos in the US do not offer PayPal as a deposit or withdrawal method at Online Casinos USA

 Is it possible to make an online casino PayPal deposit USA?

Unfortunately, PayPal Casinos are not available in the USA. Hence, it’s not possible to make deposits via PayPal to online casinos.

 Are there any PayPal casino no deposit USA to play at?

No, there aren't any PayPal casinos USA to play at which offer no deposit bonuses.Should you wish to cash in on a no deposit bonus, we recommend having a look at our list of No Deposit Casinos to find one which accepts certain methods of payment.

 What are alternatives there for US players?

If you find that you can’t use PayPal at the online casino you’ve selected, there are other e-wallets you can use. Namely, these include Skrill, Neteller as well as a few others we’ve recommended on our payment options page. However, if you're looking for a credit/debit card to use at an online casino instead, check out our Visa Casinos, Mastercard online casinos and American Express Online Casinos.

 How much can I deposit via the e-wallet to Pay Pal casinos?

The amount you can deposit to your PayPal account varies from casino to casino. Each casino typically sets its own minimum and maximum deposits that are usually enough to meet the needs of you as a gambler. Moreover, PayPal may also impose certain restrictions on the daily amount you’re allowed to transfer in one day.

 Are PayPal slots the most popular casino games at casinos with PayPal? 

Yes, generally online Slots are the most popular casino games at online casinos which accept PayPal. However, you will also find several other popular online casino games to play too should you wish to. 

 Are there fees associated with online gambling PayPal deposits and withdrawals at online casinos?

PayPal charges a very small fee when deposits and withdrawals are made to and from online casinos.

 What happens if my currency is not supported by the Pay Pal casino site?

If the casino site does not support your currency, PayPal will automatically convert your bankroll to a currency that's supported. 

 Which are the online casinos that take PayPal?

PayPal is typically offered as an online casino payment option at European and UK online casinos. However, it is not usually offered by ones that are based in the USA. 

Play at one of the Best PayPal Casinos & Reap the Rewards!

Both safe and secure, it's entirely no surprise that the payment company’s marvelous success has led to a wide variety of PayPal Casinos mushrooming all over the web. What’s drawn in so many users worldwide is that fact that PayPal users can ascertain that they’re making transactions which are both smooth and protected. Hence, the bottom line is that gamblers can perform their transactions efficiently and enjoy the various online casino games each PayPal casino has to offer. So make a deposit today and get ready to possibly win a colossal amount of money!


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