How to Play Slots - Rules to win every time

Although the average Joe in the street doesn’t know or spend his time researching it, how to play slots or slots rules and variations are actually a thing and they’re a far, far cry from simply putting a coin into a machine or pressing down on a lever vigorously whilst praying to whichever entity you think will send you the best luck in the universe. In order to be the most supreme, high leader of one armed bandits, it takes a whole lot more than sheer luck and determination, and if you’re willing to dig a little bit deeper, there are a number of variations and features in how to play slots that you may not even be aware of - that’s exactly where we at CasinoTop10 come in.

Know your machine and pick your poison!

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of the actual how to play slots rules and variations, it would be prudent to discuss the different types of slot machines you will encounter on your quest to be slots conqueror. In the past, people were restricted to land-based casinos, thus, they had no choice but to exercise their arm muscles and pull on the side lever which was the original reason why the slots machine earned the moniker of “one-armed bandit”. Of course, nowadays the slots online world is a veritable Willy Wonka’s factory of choice to the discerning player, but, with great choice comes even greater responsibility and it is important that players invest time and energy into getting to know their machine of choice as well as what kind of payouts it offers.

In the past, people would cross their fingers for a horizontal pattern, but thanks to the ongoing evolution of technology and the slots machine itself, this no longer has to be the case. If you pick well, you could benefit from horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal wins - it’s all in the game that YOU choose! As seasoned champions who have been through it all, we at CasinoTop10.net know how hard choosing from a sea of endless possibilities can be which is why we have prepared a top list of the best slots online games with the finest possibilities of payouts just for you. So why not check out our top list below and get spinning after reading our tried and tested advice.

Slots Rules: How to Play Slots

In case you’ve been living under a rock for a while, let’s go quickly through the basics of how to play slots. The first thing worth mentioning is the fact that slot games are usually played with chips rather than “real money”. These chips look a bit like the ones used in poker and each chip is usually ascribed a monetary value. Whereas in a brick and mortar casino one does not have the ability to decide how much each of the chips he has been given by the house is worth, this differs in the digital world of online games and players get to be masters of their own chip destiny by deciding on what value they want to place on each chip they have in their arson. Thus, if one sets his chip value to $0.25, a five chip bet will come up to $1.25. After you’ve set yourself the aforementioned chip value, it’s now time to decide how many pay lines you want to play and pay the same amount on each line. Thus, if you bet five coins of $0.25 like in the example above on 10 pay lines, the total bet will come up to $12.50. One of the best things about playing online is the fact that you’re allowed to bet very low, in fact, you can wager just a couple of cents per spin and still cover many lines. 

slots rules

Let’s get varied!

While the original slots machines worked with actual mechanical reels that could even be replaced accordingly, in today’s world, even land-based slot machines operate with a big dollop of digital technology. Gone are the painted fruits on rusty barrels and in their place one can find colourful, vibrant video screens which show a melange of symbols which range from the most mundane to the downright mad. Some feature iconic themes such as the Game of Thrones slot and Vikings slot. In addition to this, all physical slot machines are endowed with random number generators to help determine where the symbols will land and what kind of win is on the cards (or wheels).

When it comes to online slot machines, the technical rules are pretty much the same. Not only have slots online become so realistic that you would hardly be able to tell the difference between gallivanting at a physical casino or playing in the comfort of your own home, but online slot machines are guaranteed to be as safe and as fair as their physical counterparts due to the fact that they work by using a similar random number generator. Ultimately, there are many different types of machines for you to discover both in brick and mortar casinos as well as on the big wide web, however, much of the differences are cosmetic - they may have different backgrounds or symbols, but the principles they follow is pretty much the same. The variations one can find online include the following: 

Multiplier Games

If you want to multiply your luck (and your wins), the multiplier variation of slots is the ultimate choice for you! With multiplier games, the rules are pretty much the same everywhere and are centred on the fact that the more coins you put in (up to a maximum which is often five coins, but it could be more), the greater the amount you can win. It is important to keep in mind that each extra coin is instrumental to multiplying the payout, so if three matching symbols pay out 10 if you play one chip, the game will pay out 50 for five chips. That said, depending on the game, sometimes the payout is multiplied by more than the number of chips you play when you bet the maximum amount that the game will allow.

Multi-Line Games

Understanding how traditional slots games worked is as easy as pie due to the fact that in an old-school slot machine, you only got paid if the three symbols in the center line matched, or if you got a special symbol that paid you off without you having to match all three together. This system was applied to slots machines for a long time till the Multi-Line Method was introduced. In a Multi-Line machine, the lines on the top, bottom, and sides of the machine are also taken into account when calculating whether or not you have a win depending on how much money you play to activate them. This means that some machines will allow you to get payouts for horizontal, diagonal, as well as angled lines which increase your chances of taking money home hundredfold. So loved is this particular slots variation that many people don’t play slots at all unless they find a Multi-Line game.

Progressive Machines

When it comes to progressive slots machines, these can be found both in the physical as well as in the online form. Progressive slots machines work in a very particular way because they take a small portion of the amount which you put into them and add it to a progressive pool which grows larger according to how many people choose to contribute to it via their playing. The outcome is an enormous, hard-to-hit jackpot which can sometimes amount to more than a million dollars. In order to be eligible to play on a progressive slots machine, the player must play an allotted, maximum amount of coins per spin (which will be the same amount as all the other people taking part). One of the most popular progressive slots games is Mega Moolah found on many of our top online casinos.

Features for the future?

In the past, slots games didn’t come with an instruction manual and in fact, there were next to no rules to take into consideration – people just spun, hoped to win, and basically went home with either a pocket full of cash or an empty hand. However, when it comes to the brand spanking new online slots versions, there are some more advanced features that you should know about if you’re going to hit the slots scene with a never seen before passion. If you’ve often read a slot-game review and seen terms like scatters, progressives, wild symbols, and bonus rounds without knowing what they are then this really is the slots rules and variations article for you and we’ve gone through these different game features just for you below:

Scatter Symbols

Although many players are of the belief that scatter symbols solely exist to sweeten the pot by ALWAYS multiplying your winnings, unfortunately for us and you, this is not always the case. The reality is that while scatter symbols can often be used to multiply the amount you can win, by definition that is not specifically what the “scatter” term means. So what exactly are scatter symbols? Scatter symbols are simply symbols which activate a certain feature or payout no matter where on the reels they appear which means that they don’t need to appear in any kind of uniform order for you to take home the bacon.

In a great number of scatter symbol games, if two scatters appear anywhere on the screen, you will double your prize amount on that particular spin. Moreover, three scatter symbols will quadruple your win, and four scatter symbols will give you nine times the original payout. However, not all scatter symbols are created equal and in fact, in some particular slots online games found bouncing around the net, scatter symbols have been known to trigger a bonus game or even a fixed prize for combining three specific scatter symbols. What is imperative for you the player to remember is that scatter symbols don’t actually say anything explicit about the kind of prize that you will be receiving, only that you will get a prize no matter where on the screen the scatter symbols appear.

Slots Bonus Game: The gift that keeps giving!

A slots online bonus game is a game that you will receive access to when you hit a required combination. The combination required can be anything from three scatter symbols, to three specific bonus-game symbols, or perhaps even a certain symbol on a specific reel. When it comes to slots online bonus, the important thing to remember is that Slots Online with bonus rounds are not simply played on "normal" machines which mean that you need to ensure that your machine actually does offer slots bonus games before dropping your cash. When it comes to slots bonus games, the machines either have regular reels which have been altered especially so that a plethora of other symbols appear, or the normal symbols remain intact but have a different value from what one would usually find. In addition to these changes, some machines even have additional reels added to them. That said, these mechanical changes are obviously not possible on new advanced video slot machines due to the fact that everything is conducted digitally, thus, if you want to play slots bonus games online, you need to choose the specific game from the get-go

Free Spins

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Free spins are exactly of that category, if you hit a particular, required combination, you will receive a number of free spins that will keep you occupied for hours at a time. Feeling greedy and wanting even more free spins? Ironically, the payout for certain combinations is increased even more during free-spin mode! Thus, not only are you winning extra spins whilst playing for absolutely free, but if you manage to hit new, free spins during the free game you’re playing, these are added to your running spins. One game that offers free spins is the Book of Ra game which is especially popular with Europeans. 

Wild Symbols: It’s a jungle out there!

If you google what wild symbols are, you’ll find anything from urban legends to full page descriptions about the origins of this much-loved wild card in the slots pack. For those of you who are still green and fresh to the slots world, a wild symbol is the metaphorical joker in the pack and acts as a substitute for other symbols in order to aid you in creating winning combinations. That said though, despite the fact that wild symbols are indeed fancy, they can’t usually be substituted for bonus symbols or scatter symbols, but then again, this does differ from machine to machine which means that you should always read the terms and conditions of every game you sign up for beforehand (this is something that we really can’t stress enough whether you’re playing slots or anything else for that matter). Choose wisely and you might even end up with a series of wild symbols which will give you a big, fat paycheck.

How to Play Slots Rules and Variations – they really are for everyone!

slots rules conclusionWhile many people will tell you that the main rule as to how to play slots online is that there are no rules, our slots rules and variations will surely have dispelled any myths and expectations that you might have. While slots is considered to be one of the more simple online casino offerings with many people stating that it’s all about lady luck and nothing more, we at CasinoTop10 believe that both seasoned gamblers who are addicted to the golden oldies, as well as people dipping their toes in the gold gambling pool for the first time will do nothing but benefit and hone their online skills by studying how to play slots and the rules which govern the specific machine they’ve chosen to play on. We at CasinoTop10 may not have any boy (or girl) scouts in our team, but do we do believe in one thing above everything else – BEING PREPARED before playing Slots online for real-money at a desktop or Mobile Casino! As with every landmark decision that you take in your life (and believe you me finding the right casino and game for you to dedicate your hard-earned cash to really is one of those lifelong commitments that could make or break your everyday existence). Always make sure that you understand the wagering requirements and check multiple times as to whether or not there would be more value in betting a higher or lower amount than you originally had in mind. Furthermore, it goes without saying that you actually try to understand the features the game offers – you wouldn’t buy a coat without trying it on, so why not apply the same rule to your choice of game and learn how to play slots properly?

Our final word of advice is pretty much this – if you don’t understand what you’re getting yourself into but want to try your luck anyway, just play one of our free games till you get the hang of it and feel confident enough to try out the real thing and win BIG. While the age-old adage that practice makes perfect holds true for everything casino related, even more important is that you the player have the best time possible and actually enjoy your time at the casino. After all, all rules and no play will make Jack and Jill very dull children and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

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