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Chicken Slots

Chicken Slots I hear you say? Yes, yes and YES! Not for you if you’re the introverted quiet player sitting in the corner, playing with the sound turned off. Chicken slots is big, it’s loud, it’s full of col-our, and it’s fully reminiscent of your childhood sugar rushes. With lively circus music, great colours and action it’s a great deal of fun and we absolutely love the look on our colleague’s faces when the sound comes on, try it, and play it very loud!

How to play Chicken Slots

Well,  before anything else, it’s a slot. Stake your bet, and Spin the wheels. it’s a 3-row 5-reel chicken coop, with 5 paylines available which may be selected or deselected to your preference. The minimum bet is with 0.05 coin, and one payline, therefore giving you a bet of 0.05. And the maximum is with 5 paylines at 0.50, which makes the bet 2.50. The symbols, as you can imagine are all chicken-related and some even pay out between 10 and 100 on matching 2 of each. Your best line is a 5 of a kind chick which wins you 5000! But there are many many more juicy money prizes in between!

The symbols

As noted, symbols are naturally mostly chicken-related, from feathers, to chicks, to turkeys, hatching eggs, and juicy chicken drumsticks or sunny-side up eggs (I know, so cruel, right?!); we say mostly because you can also encounter the money bags and bar symbols which make a slot a slot. What about any live chicken symbols we hear you ask? They are there too! Two of them in fact, a chicken Wild serves as your Wild symbol, which as you can imagine transforms into any symbol you need, and a Mr Chicken symbol - yes we did say Mr Chicken - which is the scatter symbol. Three of them anywhere on your tiles and you will be transported to the bonus game!

The Bonus Game

With the given ‘HOLD’ option, it’s not uncommon to enter the bonus game, so it’s worth explaining what this simple endearing game is. All you have to do is pick your favourite hen! There are 3 hens to choose from, one will lay an egg worth 50, another will lay one worth 500 and a third will lay one worth 2000. Up to you to choose the latter! But at least it’s always a win no matter what!

We wholeheartedly recommend this funky slot game for all you slot lovers out there, and with the HTML5 version you can now play absolutely anywhere, on your mobile tablets, that support andriod, apple, windows and blackberry OSs, as well as on a choice of browsers from Google Chrome, Safari, Windows Explorer and Mozilla Firefox! 

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