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Triple 7 Inferno Slots


When you look at the design of this flaming slot machine, calling it Triple 6 Inferno Slots would be more suitable.

If you want a slot game to enjoy while listening to heavy metal and watching old horror movies, this machine is a great choice.

Quick Facts Triple 7 Inferno:

Numbers of reels: 3
Number of paylines: 1
Min bet/payline: $0.05
Max bet/payline: $5
Max Jackpot: Progressive
Scatter Multiplier: No
Free Spins: No
Progressive jackpot: Yes
Software Provider: RTG

Play Triple Seven Inferno Slots at these Real Time Gaming Casinos

Triple Seven Inferno Rules

The rules of Triple 7 Slots are simple. It's a three reel game with only one payline - the most classic layout - and you get your money by combining bars, sevens and blanks. Yes, this is one of the few slot games where you actually get paid for getting nothing.

There are no complicated extra features such as scatter symbols and bonus rounds. This is a slot game at its core.

Coin Values

The coin values in Triple 7 Inferno Slots are $0.05, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $5.00 and you can bet one, two or three coins in every spin. Speaking in dollars and cents, the bet size ranges from $0.05 to $15 per spin.

Payouts and Prizes

We always try to put emphasis on the importance of playing for the max amount of coins on every spin. In this game, this is truer than ever.

If you bet only one coin, whatever coin value you choose, all the different forms of sevens are excluded from the payout table. And sevens are the symbols that generate the big wins.

If you get three fire-ball sevens, for instance, you'll get 500 coins when you bet 2 coins and clear the progressive jackpot ($7,500 when this was written) when you bet max. When you bet only one coin this rare combination doesn't pay you a cent.

So, I don't think we have to talk more about this game. It's very easy to understand. Simply log on to a Real Time Gaming casino and try it.

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