The Worst Casino Bets

The Worst Casino Bets

16 Aug 2016 | 12:00 Author: Alejandro López

You have most certainly stumbled upon this category of casino gamblers: the ones who have designed their own foul-proof betting systems that usually involve a lot of betting the hunches. They don’t care about the odds; they just claim to have a feel for the game.

It's strange though that these people often don't play themselves. They rather stand beside the tables providing loud gambling tips. Here are some of their favorite bets, in consequence, the worst bets you can make in a casino.  

Idiot Blackjack

In online blackjack you decide the odds. By following the basic blackjack strategy the advantage is around the one-percent mark; and if you count cards, you can even beat the house. If you play like an idiot on the other hand, you could just as well give the casino all your money. I have seen (although shitfaced) players stand on 10 and hit on 20 thus giving the house a close to three-digit advantage. But even common mistakes sane people sometimes make, like splitting tens when the dealer has a 6 or standing on 16 when the dealer shows an 8, give the casino an undeservedly large edge.

worst casino bets

American Roulette

There are many games offering far more unfavorable odds than American roulette but since you can cut the house edge in half just by choosing a European wheel I think the American version of the game deserves a top position on this list.  If you - for some unknown reason - decide to play on a wheel with two zeros, you give the casino a 5.26 % edge instead of the 2.7 % advantage European games offer.

One Roll Craps Bets

worst casino bets crapsThe odds in craps range from very favorable to terrible. If you make a standard pass-line bet, the house edge is only 1.41percent and if you combine it with laying odds, it is reduced even further. However, if you choose to put your money on one-roll bets and hard ways, the edge can be close to 17 percent.

Egalite (tie) in Baccarat

Baccarat is known as a high-society player's pastime, and even if the game has lost some of its aura of poshness over the years, it is still associated with agents in slick suits drinking stirred, not shaken, dry martinis. You can make three types of bets in baccarat: banco, punto and egalite. Banco offers a 1.06 % edge and punto a 1.24% advantage - both really decent wagers from a player's perspective. However, those who bet on egalite give the house a 14.4 % edge! That's just like donating money

Fishy Poker Playing

Poker ... what? Yes, I know that a skilled player can beat the game, and even though many players earn a lot of money grinding it out at the tables, most players are losers in the long run. To win you must have a big advantage over your opponents - remember that money constantly leave the table through the house rake. If you are up against superior card players, the game will eventually dig a humongous hole in your bankroll.

worst casino bets poker

Let It Ride and Caribbean Stud Side Bets

When you see the word side bet, make sure you think twice before putting any money on the table. The edge on these bets may vary depending on the pay-table and the value of the accumulated jackpot. Nevertheless, the odds are always above 10 %.

When you play casino games never listen to the self-styled experts. Trust the odds instead.

Which are the best casino bets?

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