More Details Emerge in Phil Ivey Cheating Scandal

16 Jul 2013 | 05:35 Author: Seth Shafer

The claims by Genting Group that poker pro Phil Ivey cheated his way to an $11.9 million win last summer are now headed to court.

Court papers filed in Britain's High Court by the Malaysia-based Genting Group a few months ago claim that Ivey and a female accomplice used a scam to win about $11.9 million playing Punto Banco baccarat at Crockfords Casino in London.

The alleged incident occured in August 2012 with the two sides wrangling over the issue for months before legal action was finally initiated. Ivey was paid out only a portion of his winnings at the time. The casino refused to pay the rest due to suspected cheating.

The court papers say Ivey and his accomplice found a faulty shoe of cards that had an asymmetrical design. They were then able to convince the dealer after cards were revealed to turn the card sideways or end over end so that the faulty design was apparent.

Ivey's female accomplice spoke Cantonese to the dealers and pretended to be suspicious about the way the cards were laid on the table, encouraging them to move the cards in an odd way so that she and Ivey would know when certain cards were coming.

The fact that Ivey was playing for very high stakes also likely made the dealers more amenable to their odd request than they might otherwise have been. Ivey lost close to a million dollars early in several long gambling sessions but would finally quit the game up a huge winner -- until the casino refused to pay out his winnings, that is.

The casino also alleges that Ivey specifically asked for dealers that spoke Cantonese so that his accomplice could speak to them without the rest of the staff overhearing.

While Ivey is known for making huge sportsbets and gambling big on craps, it's the first time he's ever been accused of cheating or anything untoward in the world of high stakes gambling.

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