Zynga Finally Launches Real Money Poker Games on Facebook

16 Jan 2014 | 05:17 Author: Seth Shafer

Zynga has finally launched real money poker games on Facebook but it may be too little too late to save the embattled game company.

Zynga was on top of the world when its Facebook games such as CityVille and FarmVille were all the rage but the company was slow to catch on that players might quickly get tired of incessantly bugging friends and family on Facebook for help with building their chicken coops.

Zynga Poker was one of the company's original titles and one of the few that have stood the test of time and it is now finally making the leap to the online gambling realm, although in a limited fashion.

Facebook users in the U.K. can now play Zynga Plus Poker on Facebook for real money, marking the first time that Zynga Poker fans can battle it out for anything other than play chips. Zynga Poker regularly draws millions of players from around the world but only U.K. residents can currently play for real money.

Via a partnership with PartyPoker Zynga had offered a downloadable real money poker client to residents of the U.K. since April 2013 but this marks the first time that Facebook players can log into their Zynga Poker accounts and play for real cash.

Zynga had promised investors that real money gambling would be the ace up its sleeve when its results cratered as players began leaving its game en masse but in recent quarters it has largely folded on its gambling ambitions.

It had hoped to eventually offer real money slots and poker games to players in the U.S. but getting approval in Nevada and New Jersey (two of the three U.S. states that currently allow online gambling for residents) proved more difficult than Zynga had bargained for, with the company abandoning those plans in late 2013. 

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