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How to Dress Like Your Favorite Distinctly-Dressed TV Characters

Clothes make the character.

Well, maybe not as much as writing and acting. But they certainly add to the whole package.

Without them we’d know much less about who these characters are and where they might be shopping. I mean what they’re like.

It might be hard to imagine some of these characters traipsing through the mall, or even clicking things into a shopping bag online, but somehow they get dressed.

Here’s a handy guide on how to dress like some distinctly dressed characters from your favorite drama, comedy and serial killer shows.


You might not think a show that’s part police procedural, part horror/serial killer thing and part hilarious swearing would make important fashion choices.

But there is definitely some, umm, distinct style coming out of Miami Metro Homicide.

Dexter Morgan has two distinct looks on Dexter:

  • Crisp, clean cut lab geek chic
  • Sleek, utilitarian killing gear

He’s two sides of the same coin -- if one side of that coin is kind of evil.

During the daylight hours Dex trots about in light-colored linens and cottons and pastel button-up shirts.

By night it’s neutrals and earth tones. All the better to blend into the woodwork of a kill room.

Dexter’s collection of form-fitting, brown waffle henleys is as plentiful as his collection of blood slides.

Where to get the “killer” look: The Gap, L.L. Bean.

Honestly, if these two spots don’t have the Henley and khakis you need to look like a put-together serial killer, then you have bigger problems than I’m capable of solving.

Where to get the “daytime” look: Truthfully, both of the above would probably also serve well as shopping spots for pink short-sleeved button-ups and tailored cotton pants.

Just stock up on summer wear for day and winter wear for murder, but keep them in the closet all-year round.

It is Miami after all

New Girl

There are a lot of characters on this show but only two really stand out in the world of style: Zooey Deschanel’s Jess and Max Greenfield’s Schmidt.

Each has a distinct look and it must be a fun time for costume designers to generate outfits for these two diverse fashion plates.

Schmidt’s a name-checker, constantly referencing his fancy duds by their designer names.

He’s a perfectionist who never goes out with a wrinkled shirt and that pressed top neatly tucked into his straight-laced, fitted jeans.

Jess is bringing girly back to prime time. She stands out in a TV world full of moms in jeans and high-powered women in suits.

Her clothes are bright and quirky and not conservative or uber-untouchable cool. Her look is attainable, but a bit odd.

Where to get Jess’ look: Anthropologie for her girly blouses and dresses, Modcloth to supplement with more dresses and cardigans, and We Love Color and Sock Dreams for all the whimsical legwear a girl could ask for.

Where to get Schmidt’s look: J. Crew, Banana Republic. This guy is wearing the most conservative, clean-cut clothes on the planet.

Where better to get them than the cleanest-cut, most business-casual friendly clothiers on the planet.

The Good Wife

This seems like an easy task -- just put on a suit.

But there are three women on this show that take their legal and investigative style to the next level.

Christine Baranski as partner Diane Lockhart is a high-powered style maven.

Her huge statement necklaces play well with her thick-rimmed glasses and tailored and bold suits and blouses.

Alicia Florrick’s style has evolved since the beginning of the series and her recent wardrobe has been sexier and even a bit more daring and avant-garde.

Yes, there have been accents and asymmetry. Even peplums!

Investigator and general bad-ass Kalinda Sharma wears leather like no other. Her jackets and boots are the stars of her outfits, framing her layered-yet-fitted dresses, skirts and three-quarter length shirts.

Where to get Diane’s look: Head to any high-end department store (Bergdorf’s, Saks, Bloomingdales) and just ask a personal shopper to pick the newest, most stylish suits, blouses and hosiery.

Diane is getting quality service and anyone trying to replicate her look should too.

Where to get Alicia’s look: Alicia is a busy woman who’s probably not trolling shops and is getting her sleek look online. Net-a-Porter has all the brands, plus you can try it on in the comfort of your own home.

Where to get Kalinda’s look: It’s all about the accessories. Her dresses and layering pieces could be scooped up at any department store.

But the boots and jackets are where the action’s at. For sexy leather jackets check out Cavalli, D&G or No 21 for more avant-garde, asymmetrical styles.

Sexy boots can be found at Nine West, Calvin Klein and Via Spiga.

Learning to walk in them, however, is another story.

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