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All On Red

All on Red

Welcome to All On Red, our new blog and home to the latest news, articles and features on CasinoTop10.

Star attraction is the one and only Rex, perhaps the most famous Las Vegas blogger ever. Check back daily for Rex's unique and honest take on the gambling lifestyle plus his iconic "Top 10" lists.

Gamblers R Us

2010-07-16 17:24:00 By: Rex

The past few weeks have seen a large number of birthdays in the VegasRex peoplesphere.My own 42nd birthday was at the end of June, and today, we had yet another one.  Well, today wasn't exactly a family birthday so much as it was a friend-of-the-family birthday, but we still had to celebrate it.Sin... Read Full Post

Go Team

2010-07-15 09:06:00 By: Rex

And they said it couldn't happen ...This week, speculation over an NBA team in Las Vegas has once again reached a fevered pitch.As I wrote about a couple of months ago, a developer is eyeing the former site of the Wet N' Wild Waterpark to build a new stadium, and that stadium will be called the "Sil... Read Full Post

About The Riviera

2010-07-13 16:35:00 By: Rex

Well, the writing was on the wall and it looks like the inevitable has finally occurred.The 2,075-room Riviera Hotel and Casino has declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  The casino is roughly $250 million dollars in debt under an agreement made with creditors in 2007, and it does not look like repayment... Read Full Post

Victory is Steve's

2010-07-12 18:35:00 By: Rex

Well, it's disappointing but certainly not unexpected.It's also official.After several months of deliberation, the Nevada Labor Commissioner has ruled that it is legal for casinos to steal the personal property of its employees.The Commissioner issued an 18 page ruling, and it basically agrees with ... Read Full Post

El Pollo Loco

2010-07-11 15:22:00 By: Rex

My poker "career" has been taking quite the beating lately. Be it online or in real life, I am getting hammered left and right. Take yesterday for instance.  I was playing a cash game in a popular brick-and-mortar poker room and I was getting blinded down or calling and flopping crap every time.  ... Read Full Post

Chasing 9 Million

2010-07-09 15:12:00 By: Rex

The World Series of Poker Main Event started this week, and yesterday I decided to head over to the Rio for about an hour just to see what I could see.Despite the recession, the 2010 World Series of Poker has pulled the second largest field in its 41 year history.While some in the mainstream press a... Read Full Post

All That Glitters

2010-07-08 12:00:00 By: Rex

Let the double dip begin:Gambling winnings on the Las Vegas Strip fell in May by 6.3 percent with Baccarat and sports books taking the biggest hits. The Nevada Gaming Control Board reported today that the 41 casinos on the Strip won $450.1 million before taxes and expenses and it was the second mont... Read Full Post

Scorn on the 4th of July

2010-07-06 16:19:00 By: Rex

What can I say about the 4th of July that hasn't already been said? It's the 4th day of the month of July.It's the day we declared independence from a country that doesn't let its people die in emergency rooms because they don't have health insurance.  It's the day we declared independence from a c... Read Full Post

(Not Quite) Strip Poker

2010-07-05 10:48:00 By: Rex

On Friday Night, after coming in second in an online tournament, I took the ACE Bus to the Excalibur Poker Room to participate in their weekend Strip Poker Tournament.The buy-in was $40 with a $10 add-on, which of course everyone took.  Since the add-on (usually) goes to the dealers, it's kind of a... Read Full Post

Man vs. Machine

2010-07-03 13:16:00 By: Rex

Friday 6pm:  I'm sitting here today, indoors, air conditioning struggling to keep the room at 85 degrees, waiting for the night to come.It's 100 something degrees outside, there isn't a cloud in the sky, and I'm ticking off the days on the calendar.  July 2nd.  One and a half days down, 88 and a ... Read Full Post


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