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All On Red

All on Red

Welcome to All On Red, our new blog and home to the latest news, articles and features on CasinoTop10.

Star attraction is the one and only Rex, perhaps the most famous Las Vegas blogger ever. Check back daily for Rex's unique and honest take on the gambling lifestyle plus his iconic "Top 10" lists.

Prelude to a Highlight

2010-09-19 13:50:00 By: Rex

Earlier this week, I reached yet another Vegas milestone.It was the first time in 6 years that I had been back to Las Vegas strictly as a tourist.  I had actually gone back twice in the month of August, but one of those trips lasted a whopping 12 hours, and the other about 18.  On both of those oc... Read Full Post

The World Series of Me

2010-09-16 19:27:00 By: Rex

As most people are aware, I am the greatest poker player to have ever lived. I'm such a great player that Johnny Chan, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Negreanu dare not speak my name. Don't believe me? The next time you see your favorite poker pro, walk up to them and ask them what they think of VegasRex's sk... Read Full Post

Viva Las Business II

2010-09-15 11:18:00 By: Rex

It always irked me when I saw out-of-town blogs with "Click Here to Book Now" ads.Why?If someone clicked and booked a room, the commission immediately went out of state.  There were people in New York, New Jersey, California, etc with Vegas blogs designed to do nothing more than to siphon online ad... Read Full Post

Viva Las Business I

2010-09-15 11:17:00 By: Rex

It is very rare that I agree with a Las Vegas promotional organization. For the most part, Vegas PR is powered by delusional people who get paid outrageous sums of money to promote rah-rah bullshit, but every now and then ... someone screws up and has a lucid thought. Take for example, the latest p... Read Full Post

Union Plaza

2010-09-13 20:20:00 By: Rex

  Well, it looks like another one may bite the proverbial dust. On November 12, 2010, the venerable Plaza Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas will be "temporarily" closing its doors, and it will be laying off 400 workers in the process. According to a statement from the owners, this will not be a permanent... Read Full Post

Down on the Upside

2010-09-12 20:31:00 By: Rex

July numbers are out, and Las Vegas has finally hit one out of the park. The seventh month of 2010 saw a 4.7 percent increase in visitation, and this represented the largest monthly increase since December of 2005.   A 5-year record is nothing to sneeze at.  If ever there were a headline that scre... Read Full Post

Virtual Reality Too

2010-09-10 20:19:00 By: Rex

I spent the majority of my gaming time playing Blackjack, and personally, I preferred it to sitting in the casino.  Having played exclusively in Vegas for the last ten years, I never thought this would be the case, but there were several reasons for my preference.The following are those reasons:1)... Read Full Post

Virtual Reality

2010-09-10 20:18:00 By: Rex

Last night, for the first time since Madonna lost her virginity, for the first time since the Beatles broke up, for the first time since Jesus defeated Muhammad in a game of rock-paper-scissors, for the first time since dinosaurs walked the earth, for the first time ever ... I gambled online. That's... Read Full Post

Itching For a Scratch

2010-09-08 10:55:00 By: Rex

Before the year 2001, I never played the lottery.  Like most people, I wrote it off as an "idiot tax". When I moved to Los Angeles in 2001, this changed.   There was a bakery that I used to frequent in Echo Park, and this particular pastry vendor sold lotto tickets.  One day, as a joke, a family ... Read Full Post

Bock Clocked

2010-09-06 21:32:00 By: Rex

With the exception of a brief foray to an Indian Casino in July, and a few hours in Atlantic City ... last week was the first time I have gambled outside of Las Vegas. For most of my life, I was never really interested in gambling.  Money was always pretty tight growing up, and I had always assumed... Read Full Post

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