You Don't Want Your Name in This Black Book

14 Jul 2013 | 06:51 Author: Seth Shafer

It takes some work as a casino cheat to get your name in Nevada's Black Book but there may be a new addition soon.

Similar to the FBI's most wanted list, Nevada's Black Book contains the names and photos of 33 men and women that are the most notorious casino cheats of all time.

Larry Keith Green might be the newest additioon to the Black Book, with the Gaming Control Board nominating him for inclusion. The 63 year-old Green was previously convicted of using electronic devices to rig slot machines and has four prior convictions in Nevada and Missouri for similar scams.

Green is currently on a five year probation beginning in April 2012 and was ordered by a judge to not set foot in any casino. His partner in crime Roderick W Dee II has also been nominated in inclusion in Nevada's Black Book as well.

Being added to the Black Book essentially makes you a persona non grata at all casinos in the state as well as barring you from any involvement of any type in a gambling business or establishment. 

The Black Book was originally set up in the 1970s as part of an attempt to run the Mob out of the casino business in Nevada, although its use in recent years has shifted to being used to flag and identify habitual casino cheats.

32 men and one woman have made it into Nevada's Black Book, although other states have their own similar tracking programs. Green and Dee would be the first new names added to Nevada's since 2009/



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