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Unusual Cocktails and Drinks Served in a Casino Bar

Author: Seth Shafer

Spend enough time in casino bars in Vegas and Atlantic City and you’ll see just about everything -- including some very unusual cocktails and drinks being ordered.

While the classics like a vodka martini or a gin and tonic still rule the day, up and coming drinks such as the Pickleback and the Green Donkey Show are rising in popularity.

Even if you don’t particularly enjoy the taste of a shot of whiskey chased with pickle brine it’s always fun to stump some bartenders when you confidently order a Pickleback and pretend to act amazed that they don’t know what it is.

1. Toblerone: This one is a cocktail usually made with Toblerone chocolate shavings, hazelnut liqueur, Kahlua, and Irish Bailey Cream. Hopefully you can manage to drink a few before going into diabetic shock from the massive sugar rush.

2. Pickleback: Unlike the Toblerone, this one is plain and simple. Drink a shot of whiskey, chase it with a shot of pickle brine. Yes, you heard me: whiskey and pickle brine. It’s also called a Piskey and there’s a method to the madness as the pickle brine neutralizes the taste and burn of the whiskey for many people.

3. Green Donkey Show: We have absolutely no idea where this drink originated but it’s apparently a concoction of tequila, vodka, melon liqueur, sweet and sour mix, grapefruit juice, and 7-Up. All of those ingredients sound good on their own but we’re just not sure about how well they all play together.

 4. Free Jamaica: This one starts off perfectly normal, with a Free Jamaica recipe calling for blended rum, lime juice, and falernum (a syrup made from rum, ginger, lime, clove, sugar, and almond extract). You mix that up and top it with...black bean soup? That’s apparently the recipe for a tasty Free Jamaica but we’re going to have to take your word on that.

5. Fluffy Duck: The Fluffy Duck comes in different versions but the most common is a mix of advocaat (a Dutch liqueur made of eggs, sugar, and brandy), gin, orange liqueur, orange juice, and 7-Up or soda water.

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