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Top Ten Hottest Olympic Athletes


The Olympics isn't just about the medal count anymore.

Need a break from the Slots ? Catch a breather from your casino time with the worlds hottest olympic athlethes!

Millions of viewers tune in, in fact, just to check out some of the planet's most attractive men and women battling it out for the world to see.

The Olympics is obviously about seeing who can perform the best at their chosen sport, but that doesn't mean that fans at home can't enjoy a little eye candy in the process.

Without a doubt there's plenty of informal judging going on as far as who the hottest Olympic athlete truly is.

Beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder but below is our own top ten list of the hottest Olympians at the 2012 Summer Olympics:

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Leryn Franco: Franco isn't much of a threat to medal in the javelin but she's been perpetually at the top of the hottest Olympian lists for the last two summer games. The Paraguyan beauty spends her time modeling when not training and competing and finished runner-up in the 2006 Miss Universe Paraguay competition.
Maria Sharapova: Women's tennis has produced its share of beauties over the year and Sharapova is one of the few to perform just as well on the court as she does off it. She's ranked #3 in the world and models for the likes of Nike, Tag Heuer, and Canon.
Ryan Lochte: Lochte's classic chiseled good looks attract nearly as much attention as his prowess in the pool. The American swimmer has finally emerged from the shadow of Michael Phelps to star in and out of the pool this summer.
Jessica Ennis: Ennis' fab abs and amazing physique have made the Great Britain track and field star -- currently the world champion in the heptahlon -- a fixture in advertising campaigns for the likes of adidas, Powerade, and Olay.
Federica Pellegrini: This Italian swimmer was not only the first woman to swim below the 4-minute mark in the 400m freestyle but she's also the first to appear on the cover of the Italian edition of Vanity Fair -- in the buff, no less.
Stephanie Rice: Rice has managed to swim into the headlines several times by Tweeting photos of herself in various states of undress. She's got the strokes in the pool to back it up, though, claiming three golds at the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Danell Leyva: Men's gymnastics isn't exactly a hotbed of hotness but Leyva is generating plenty of buzz. The 20-year-old from Miami will try to grab a gold for the US men's team for the first time since 1984.
Alex Morgan: Looking to knock Hope Solo off the podium for hottest US soccer star, Morgan scores high on the hotness scale. She also scored the first goal for the US women's team in the 2012 Olympics.
Lolo Jones: Jones' unique ancestry -- a mix of Native American, French, African and Norweigan descent -- provides some exotic flair. Her recent Twitter revelation that she's a virgin also has millions of males around the globe holding out desperate hope.
Louis Smith: Great Britain gymnast Smith wins the award for sexiest faux-hawk; whether or not that scores big points in your book is up to you.

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