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Rex Ryan Has Tattoo of Wife in Sanchez Jersey

Author: Seth Shafer

Jets fans are ready to put a terrible season behind them but head coach Rex Ryan is making it hard.

The Jets muddled through a year that saw a quarterback controversy dominate headlines and the team saddled by a QB tandem of Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow that fans disliked equally.

Even the coaches didn't seem too enthused about them.

Head coach Rex Ryan somehow managed to avoid getting fired after a 6-10 season and escaped to the Bahamas to try to avoid answering questions about how things went so wrong.

Instead Ryan  managed to spark more headlines just by flashing some of the ink on his arm while sunbathing.

Ryan is no stranger to tats but a sharp-eyed photographer snapped a pic of a pretty hilarious tattoo that no one new was lurking on his arm, which shows his wife Michelle wearing just a #6 Jets jersey and nothing else.

Who wears #6 for the Jets? Why that'd be Mark Sanchez, of course.

Ryan's only comment when approached poolside by a reporter was "Oh shit" before he scampered off.

The smart money so far is that the tattoo is legit and that Ryan isn't pulling a hoax with a temporary tattoo just to stir up some of the headlines and press he's enjoyed in the past.

The issue of Sanchez is a pretty sore point with fans and the organization. All had high hopes after signing Sanchez to an $8.25 million contract extension for the 2013 season only to see him turn in one of the worst performances in the league this season.

The Jets turned to their third-string quarterback in several games to close out the season. Both Sanchez and Tebow are unlikely to return to the team in 2013.

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