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A Club Too Raunchy Even for Las Vegas?

Author: Seth Shafer

Pretty much anything goes in Las Vegas but The Act nightclub may see the curtain fall if the Palazzo has anything to say about it.

The Act is a new club that opened at the Palazzo ten months ago but apparently the two don't quite see eye to eye. The Palazzo's owners Las Vegas Sands is trying to shut the club down, claiming that its shows -- which include scatily clad dancers that toss condoms to the crowd and simulate sex acts and beastiality -- violate obscenity laws.

The club is fighting attempts to shut it down, arguing that the shows don't break any obscenity laws and that the casino and its owners knew exactly what sort of entertainment was planned when they let The Act set up shop. Sands officials notified the club in April that it wanted it gone, hoping to nullify a ten-year lease that the club and casino had previously signed.

The Act remains open as a federal judge deliberates over whether or not to order it to shut down. A spokesperson for The Act had the following to say in an official statement: "We believe we are on the leading edge of the next evolution of nightlife in Las Vegas and that The Act fills a niche for patrons looking for an alternative to the typical Las Vegas big-box club scene."

It's not the first time a Vegas club has made headlines for slipping a little too far towards the raunchy side, as Planet Hollywood was fined $750,000 back in 2009 for a series of incidents at its Prive nightclub.

Nevada's Gaming Control Board fined the casino after determining that Prive employees turned a blind eye towards toplessness, prostitution, and drug use by customers, in addition to physically and sexually assaulting some patrons.

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