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A Wonderful Week in the Life of Chris Brown

Author: Seth Shafer

A disappointing night at the Grammys capped off a crappy week for Chris Brown.

Brown was nominated for the Urban Contemporary Album award but had to sit there and give Frank Ocean his best golf clap when Ocean won the award instead. The two had been involved in a fist fight over a parking spot earlier in the week, which kicked off a week that Brown would like to forget.

Ocean declined to press charges against Brown and the two other men that allegedly jumped Ocean outside his recording studio -- after Brown intentionally parked in Ocean's parking spot -- but the fracas did lead to more questions about Brown's probation status.

Brown is still on probabtion for pleading guilty to beating his girlfriend at the time Rihanna back in 2009 (with the assult occurring after the 2009 Grammys) and a prosecutor has asked a judge to revoke his probation.

In the wake of the Ocean incident questions arose about whether or not Brown actually completed his community service work that was required from the Rihanna incident, with prosecutors claiming that there's no evidence that Brown did his community service in Virginia as he claimed. 

Prosecutors are asking that Brown serve his entire 180-day service sentence again in Los Angeles, with Brown's legal time arguing that the lack of documentation is the fault of police in Virginia and not Brown's fault.

To top off all that off, Brown managed to total his black Porsche just a few days before the Grammys, claiming that he lost control of the car while trying to flee aggressive paparazzi that kept pursuing him; others seem less than willing to buy his story, claiming that photographers only showed up at the scene well after Brown had wrecked and trashed his car.

Losing to Ocean at the Grammys was the icing on the cake, with Brown clapping but refusing to stand to applaud Ocean as the rest of the room did, prompting Zach Braff to Tweet: "Chris Brown lost? Rihanna might wanna put on a helmet."

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