Match Bonuses at US Casinos 2019 - A Complete Guide

When you sign up to one of the best online casinos on the web, found in our toplist below, you are eligible for some of the most generous sign up match bonuses at US casinos out there. Your first deposit will be matched by the casino which pretty much means you get free money upon sign up. 

What is a Match Bonus?

Match bonuses are the most common form of sign up bonuses players receive upon opening an account at an online casino. The basis of a match bonus is that the online casino takes a bit less of a risk by requiring the player to put in his/her own money first, and then matching that first deposit by a certain percentage. Most of the bonuses found on our online casino bonus page are Match bonuses.

Match bonus vs. No Deposit Bonus

Although a no deposit bonus is a favorite for players as you don’t have to deposit any of your own money before you begin playing, this is obviously quite risky for an online casino from a financial perspective. Many players end up signing up at multiple online casinos simply to access the no deposit bonuses on offer, use up the free cash, and then never return as they chase more free money, which leave the online casinos in quite a bad state. Although they are still available, they usually come with a few more restrictions tied to them, for example only being able to access the winnings from a no deposit bonus after you have made a deposit to the online casino yourself.

How a no deposit bonus normally works is that the player will sign up to the online casino, select the no deposit bonus on offer, and start playing with the casino money before they make a deposit themselves. Why casinos do this is in order to attract players to the casino who may want to test out the waters before making an investment with their own hard-earned dollars. However as players seemed to abuse this system quite a lot, now the no deposit bonuses are a bit lower than match bonuses, and the requirements are quite strict in order to prevent abuse from players.

Is a Match Bonus Free Money?

match bonuses at us casinos money

When it comes down to it, yes a match bonus is free money from the online casino given to the player - one of the many great benefits of playing online casino games that you don’t get in a land-based casino! However this is not a no-strings-attached deal – you will first have to make a deposit of your own in order to receive the free rewards. It’s really a small price to pay considering the amount of free money you could potentially receive to play hours more of your favorite game.

How Does a Match Bonus Work?

The first thing you have to do is browse through our toplist and pick the online casino of your choice. There are different match bonuses at US casinos on offer with different requirements so make sure you take the time you need to look at them all and, according to your playing needs and budget, decide which one is the best fit for you. Once you have signed up to the online casino of your choice and entered in all the personal details they need of you, you will need to have the match bonus code handy to enter when you make your first deposit. A match deposit is typically only used upon sign up, and the code can only be used once per user. Fear not, there are always many fun bonuses and prize money that online casinos reward their regular players with.

Once you have chosen the online casino and match bonus of your choice, you pick the game you want to play such as slots online. You need to make sure that the match bonus can actually be used with your game of choice, as some bonuses are restricted to only particular games. Next, you make your deposit making sure you reach the minimum requirement in order to receive the match bonus. You can choose from numerous payment options in order to make your deposit. Once you do so, the online casino will match the corresponding percentage depending on which match bonus you decided to use, and you can start playing with both the amount you deposited plus the free money from the online casino.

Some, but not all, online casinos will require you to enter a match bonus code in order to redeem your bonus, and this is normally done when you make your deposit. If you have any issues whatsoever with entering the codes or not receiving your bonus contact the customer service team and they will normally fix your problem immediately. The online casinos featured in our toplist all have the best customer service on offer so your problem will be fixed very quickly.

Always read through the conditions and rules for match bonuses at US casinos as you want to know exactly what the requirements are before making your deposit. Additionally, the requirements for a match bonus could change as well and the offers could vary slightly from month to month, so always check what exactly you are signing up for.

Choosing the Best Match Bonuses at Casinos

match bonuses at us casinos choose

Which match bonus is best for you depends on a variety of factors, but the most important one being your budget and how much you are willing to deposit in one go in order to receive the benefit.

Our toplist features only the best online casinos with extremely generous and, most importantly, trustworthy offers, so it’s just about picking one which works according to your financial needs, and also how much you intend on playing at a particular casinos. The casino will match a certain percentage of your deposit, and typically the higher your deposit, the higher the amount you can receive as a bonus in return.

If you intend on playing many games then go for the match bonus with the highest reward and make a larger initial deposit. However, if you have limited funds, or you like playing at numerous online casinos, or even if you are just testing out the waters, then select a match bonus which requires a lower deposit on your end. Despite the fact you will get a bit less back from the online casino, you are still receiving free money which could turn into greater returns at the end of the day.

Varieties of Match Bonuses at Casinos

There are different percentage match bonuses at online casinos on offer, a casino could offer you 20%, 50%, 100%, 200%, to 400% of your original deposit. There are limitations of course which you will need to check with the relevant online casino and the particular match bonus you select. There are more low percentage match bonuses on offer than high ones, simply because the online casino would lose too much money by giving away so much for free.

Match Bonus Examples

Let’s say an online casino is offering a 50% match bonus upon sign up, with a $20 minimum deposit, and a maximum bonus of $200. You could select one of the following options:

• If you deposit $20, the online casino will give you $10 for free so you play with $30 in your account.

• If you deposit $50, the online casino will give you $25 for free, so you start playing with $75 in your account.

• If you deposit $100, the online casino will give you $50 for free, and you start playing with $150 in your account.

• If you deposit $150, the online casino will give you $75 for free, and you start playing with $225 in your account.

• If you deposit $200, the online casino will give you $100 for free, and you start playing with $300 in your account.

• If you deposit $400, the online casino will give you $200 for free, and you start playing with $600 in your account.

• If you deposit $500, the online casino will give you the maximum bonus amount of $200, and you start playing with $700 in your account.

Limitations for Match Bonuses at Casinos

There aren’t too many limitations as the online casino chooses the percentage of the match bonus, but there are some maximum bonus limits in order to prevent people with large sums of money who want an equally high sum back for free. There are also minimum deposits required as well, from $10-$30 typically, that you need to deposit in order to claim your bonus.

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You no longer have to scour the remote corners of the internet in order to find the best match bonuses. By browsing our toplist, you have access to the very best match bonuses at the most reputable online casinos. No scams and secret restrictions, we have listed only the online casinos with the best match bonuses for our loyal customers.

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