Video Poker Progressive Jackpots

Video poker is a gaming option that combines the excitement of slot machines with some of the strategies of poker.

Like slots and poker, video poker can be played live or online, and in fact, video poker is probably the game that translates best from live play to the online game, since even in live video poker, all the action takes place on a video screen.

How Does A Progressive Video Poker Jackpot Work?

There are many different types of video poker machines and one type you may encounter both at a live casino and while playing online Video Poker is the progressive video poker machine.

Besides choosing a machine with a good pay out table the most important part of video poker strategy is to aim for the progressive jackpot. This increases your odds, making video poker a more profitable game.

What is a Progressive Video Poker Machine?

A traditional video poker machine works by offering escalating payouts for making stronger hands. A pair of jacks may pay even money while four-of-a-kind may offer a 25-to-1 payout. Progressive machines operate in the same way, except that for an extremely rare, extremely strong hand such as a royal flush, you will win the progressive jackpot.

What Exactly is the Progressive Jackpot?

The progressive jackpot is a special, large jackpot offered for a very big hand. While a royal flush would normally pay quite a bit, usually around 800-to-1, a royal flush on a progressive jackpots machine might pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The reason they can offer so much is that every machine that is linked to the progressive jackpot pays into the same pool. That is to say, a percentage of every dollar invested in every related progressive video poker machine is combined to create an enormous pool of money.

Especially in online video poker when there can be many more machines tied into the progressive jackpot, these progressive jackpot pools can rise to incredible heights.

How Can You Win the Progressive Jackpot?

The only way to win a progressive jackpot is to play a progressive video poker machine, and to go for the royal flush when the opportunity presents itself. Hitting a royal flush is astronomically difficult and it may never happen.

However, if it does, you could be ahead in your video poker play for life. It's very important that you stick to your video poker strategy and play the maximum amount of coins allowed per hand when playing a progressive machine.

If you play less than the max, you'll only win the regular payout for your royal flush, which would be a disaster if you hit it on a machine with a progressive jackpot in the hundreds of thousands.




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