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Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or you’re on your first casino rodeo, you will certainly have heard about the menagerie of different bonuses on offer to players who dare to try their luck on the web. Indeed, while the sticky bonus genre is not one that many players know much about, it doesn’t mean that it should be relegated to the shadows. Here are a few details about the Sticky Bonus to get you started on your bonus journey.

What is a sticky bonus?

The sticky bonus is one of the new kids of the bonus block and can be found in online casinos which are targeted at the bigger spenders of the online casino scene as it is instrumental in keeping players loyal. Although a great number of online casinos today will give you a bonus on the initial amount you deposit, sticky bonuses are usually offered for players of much-loved games such as Slots, Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack. However, while sticky bonuses manifest themselves in the same way as traditional bonuses (by offering an amount to be credited to your casino account), when it comes to the former, the amount offered is often quite large, sometimes even exceeding 300%.

How are sticky bonuses different from normal bonuses?

The pretty wonderful thing about the sticky bonus is that it does not carry the terms and conditions that many standard casino bonuses adhere to which make it a bit of a bonus rebel. Indeed, the greatest difference between sticky and normal bonuses is the fact that players will not be able to withdraw the original bonus amount as they would with a normal bonus. Normal casino bonuses can be withdrawn as soon as wagering requirements have been met by players, however, when it comes to the sticky bonus, while players will be able to withdraw their own funds and any money they make, the primary, original bonus amount will not be able to be redeemed for cash. If for example you are registered with an online casino who will allow you to withdraw all the money you have won AND whatever remains of your original deposit once you have fulfilled your wagering requirements then the bonus in question would not be of the sticky variety. Thus, it stands to reason that the vast majority of players will opt for the latter, non-sticky option given a choice as it appears to be less complicated and they will be able to cash out their bonus money as well as making a profit.

So what are the advantages of a sticky bonus?

Although some people opt for non-sticky bonuses off the bat without questioning their choice, the fact is that sticky bonuses are a superbly efficient way of improving your game and starting it in the best way possible – with a huge initial balance to enjoy. Due to the fact that sticky bonuses give players a lot more start-up money than traditional bonuses and ordinarily give 200% to 400% matches on players’ initial deposit, this increases your chance of making big wins. That said, it is of the utmost importance that you actually have a fat bankroll before you start playing with a sticky bonus or you might just end up losing way more than you win. The reality is that many players get trapped into signing up to certain casinos when they see how hefty the sum of the welcome deposit is and in their haste to just start playing they don’t only not take the time to read the terms and conditions, but they also fail to realise whether or not they have signed up for a sticky bonus. Unfortunately, many players only realise their mistake when it’s much too late and they are attempting to withdraw their initial deposit money. In a nutshell, what basically happens to sticky bonuses is they are removed as soon as one tries to withdraw them, thus, the moral of this story pretty much seems to be that you should always go through your chosen online casino bonus terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb before taking the leap.


How can I identify a sticky bonus if the bonus I am interested in is not specifically labelled?

When you start to play at online casinos regularly, you will quickly become accustomed to the jargon used to describe things which always seems to confuse newbies. Furthermore, if you’re not sure what things mean, you can always look things up. When it comes to the sticky bonus, you should always keep your eyes peeled for phrases such as: “for play or wagering purposes only” or better still, take the time to do some online detective work and research which casinos offer sticky bonuses and which do not. If you’re not sure where to start and are scared about the possibility of bias, the best thing to do is read a few impartial online reviews about the casinos in question. In the same way that you wouldn’t just go out and buy a new car without doing your homework and checking it numerous times to make sure that you’ve covered all possible bases, it equally doesn’t pay to just get sucked in by what sounds like a fancy offer without doing the necessary online research. Doing proper online digging and cross-checking anything you find is the easiest way of learning about your online casino of choice’s bonuses as most online casinos are quite ambiguous in the way they advertise their wares on their own sites and unfortunately, some even set out to confuse the player into making costly decisions. For more information, visit our Online Casino Reviews page and see which of CasinoTop10's casinos offers sticky bonuses. Don’t be that person who cries over spilt poker chips!

Are their different types of sticky bonus? What are the different types?

While some casinos label sticky bonuses as ‘Wagering Only Bonuses’ or Non-cashable Bonuses’, there are basically two types of sticky bonus: the ‘Disappearing Sticky Bonus’ and the ‘Expiration Date Sticky Bonus’. Below is a description of both so that you’ll know what you’re looking at once you start hunting:

  • The ‘Disappearing Sticky Bonus’

The Disappearing Sticky Bonus has the uncanny quality of disappearing as soon as players make their first cash withdrawal. This type of sticky bonus is the most common type of signup bonus and in fact, these bonuses have actually earned the moniker of “phantom bonuses”. With this type of sticky bonus, it is important to keep in mind that you will be able to keep and play your bonus UNTIL you make your first withdrawal and not a second longer. Unfortunately, as soon as you press that withdrawal button, the entire bonus amount will vanish into thin air and there will be no way of retrieving it!

  • The ‘Expiration Date Sticky Bonus’

The Expiration Date Sticky Bonus has the distinction of remaining after a withdrawal has been made and will basically stay put till UNTIL a specified date. However, as tantalising as this lovely detail sounds, the minor issue with this kind of bonus is that it is pretty rare to come across one. It is interesting to note that while an Expiration Date Sticky Bonus cannot actually be withdrawn, it still doesn’t pull a disappearing act when players withdraw it like the Disappearing Sticky Bonus. So if you happen to have $100 in bonus money, $100 in original deposit money and a further $100 in winnings you can still withdraw $200 out of the $300. If you do withdraw at that point, there will still be $100 in your online casino account which means that you can continue playing to your heart’s content and win even more money.

If you’re offered a choice between the ‘Disappearing Sticky Bonus’ and the ‘Expiration Date Sticky Bonus’, you should obviously choose the latter. However, apart from the fact that this type of sticky bonus is pretty hard to find, the bottom line is that players should always read the fine print before attempting to redeem their money. The advantage of a sticky bonus without an expiration date is that you are given more of an opportunity to make money which can be withdrawn from your account and you actually pay less.

A Cautionary Tale about Withdrawing

It is imperative that you be extremely vigilant when withdrawing if you have active bonuses as a great number of online casinos have a clause in their terms and conditions which basically states that if the player attempts to withdraw BEFORE meeting wagering requirements, the bonus and ALL winnings will be forfeited. As a player, it is your duty to be aware of which games can be used to clear the bonus and which can’t as not all games are created equal in the casino world. Indeed, there are a large number of gambling sites which clearly state that you will not be allowed to use certain games to meet the wagering requirements and it is your job to diligently weed out and decide which casino’s system works best for you. It is an unfortunate fact that there are even some casinos out there which state that if you place a single wager on a restricted game, the entire bonus and all your winnings will be taken away. If you’re ever in any doubt as to what the rules of your casino are, always contact the customer support team and ask them what you should do and make sure that you have tangible proof of what has been said to you. Always remember that no one is responsible for you and your winnings except you!

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Get sticky with our Sticky Bonuses! 

When becoming a sticky bonus hunter, you should always keep in mind that the very name of this bonus describes the fact that your bonus is going to get stuck to the casino. You can obviously still withdraw any winnings you make, but the bonus money itself will never be able to leave the casino. Now, while this might not sound like the best news ever for prospective players, there are advantages to getting sticky as you will manage to get your bonus money from the get-go (which means that you will be more able to meet wagering requirements before you run out of steam). Of course, the main drawback is apart from the fact you can’t withdraw the bonus money itself, you also won’t be able to get your hands on the cold, hard cash that most players thrive on. If you do choose to go down the sticky route, always read the fine print and make sure that you understand exactly what you’re walking into before you start playing. Here at CasinoTop10.net, not only do all our casinos have the best bonuses on the net, but they also pride themselves on giving players the facts without any extra frills. So why not sit back, relax, visit our Online Casinos Reviews page and scroll through our reviews and toplists – you won’t regret getting sticky with us!


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