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Roulette Betting Systems


Players have always tried to beat the roulette games by using betting systems. They try to see patterns in the game and through them predict the outcome of the next spin and vary the bet sizes to come out ahead.

There are two major types of roulette systems available: Progressive and regressive.  

Progressive and Regressive Betting Systems

A regressive betting system, like the Martingale or D’alembert, recommends you to raise the stakes when you lose. If you lose, you need to bet more to cover for the earlier losses (and possibly gain you a small profit.)

A progressive system, on the other hand, has you raising your bet when you win.

Such a system is superior because it allows you to take advantage of winning streaks while still risking the same amount of your bankroll. In other words, you are mostly risking your winnings.

In a Martingale roulette system, you are mostly risking your own bankroll rather than your winnings.

Do Roulette Systems Work?

Even though progressive systems are preferable – you risk less of your bankroll – both progressive and regressive systems suffer from the same flaw.

They simply don’t erase the house advantage.

So never use any system to “beat the game.” That won’t happen.

Sample Progressive Betting System for Roulette

If you want to try a progressive roulette betting system, here's one to consider.

Bet one chip on five different numbers. If you miss them all, try again until you hit one.

When you do, you'll have a 30-chip profit for that spin. Add another chip to each number. If you hit, you'll have a 60-chip profit to go with your 30-chip profit for a total of 90 chips. If you miss, you'll still be up 20 chips.

Continue adding until you miss, then go back to one chip per number.

This can allow you to rack up a considerably large win while keeping your losses in the range you might normally expect.

Success of Betting Systems in Roulette

But again, remember that roulette has a built in house edge and you will still have to get lucky to win.

If you do, a progressive betting system can help you really capitalize on that luck.

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