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James Bond Roulette Strategy - How to Play Like the Master Spy

Growing up, I didn't know of any boy (and a great number of girls too) who at one point or another didn’t wish that they could be as slick and as smooth as master spy, James Bond. Indeed, it was not only his way with the ladies and his action-packed moves which made him a force to be reckoned with. He is an idol worth having, but as many of you who have followed the James Bond franchise will know, there are few casino players with better finesse and strategy than Mr Bond. It was the force of his presence and his actual use of the following method which is detailed below that gave rise to what is now fondly called the James Bond Roulette Strategy.

What is the James Bond Roulette Strategy?

james bond roulette strategy

Despite its sparkly name, the James Bond Roulette Strategy is both deceptively mind-bogglingly simple and straightforward (which let’s face it is pretty different from the man himself). The first thing that you need to know about this James Bond roulette method is that you can’t just gamble any old paltry sum and hope for the best. Indeed, in order to be able to do the James Bond Betting Strategy properly, you need at least $200 to gamble with. Once you have that $200 in hand, you need to bet $140 on high numbers (19-36) and follow this up with $50 on six numbers (13-18) and a final $10 on 0 as insurance. If you'd like to learn all about it, have a look at CasinoTop10's James Bond Roulette Strategy video below!

What are the outcomes you can get by using the James Bond Strategy?

If you play using this method, should you spin a number from 19 to 36 (both numbers included), you will make a profit of at least $80. If one of the six numbers come up (from 13 to 18 both numbers included), you will make a profit of $100. If you are lucky enough to see green and get a 0, you will make a whopping $160 profit.

So what happens if you get a number between 1 and 12?

If you are unfortunate enough to get a number between 1 and 12, then the best thing to do in this situation is double your bet and go with the Martingale Strategy. Okay I hear you ask, but what is the Martingale Strategy? Although we have a full page of info which you can find here, I’m going to provide you with a short overview of how it works so that you know what I’m talking about. In the Martingale Strategy, players must bet double the chips they have lost every time they lose which means if you bet 1 chip and lose it, you need to bet 2 in the next round.

Will this actually help your James Bond Strategy Roulette to succeed?

james bond betThis is a bit of a tough one, the reality is that when it comes to any betting progression we are fundamentally talking about different size bets on different spins which is pretty much the case with this particular strategy. Many people have argued that the James Bond Roulette Method is little more than a gimmick to draw nostalgic people in and that the three bets that you have to take in the beginning have absolutely no correlation with each other. Furthermore, these same people add that it is something of a fallacy to believe that bet size can and will be able to increase your chances of winning.

The example they use to disprove the Martingale System is the following: If you bet 1 chip on red and lose it then in keeping with the Martingale Strategy, your next bet must be 2 red chips. However, if you lose again, the number of chips you need to put down on your next turn is 4. Now, apart from the fact that you will reach the table limit fairly quickly if you chose to play in this manner, there is the added problem that if you are managing your money well, you will reach your spending ceiling pretty quickly if you blow money in this manner. Finally and maybe most importantly, the odds of red or black being spun during your next round are not increased by any fraction just because you are betting more each time which means that you’re not really improving your chances just by betting more. Of course, after some time playing, you may start to believe that a win is due, or that it will happen sooner rather than later.

The unfortunate reality is that given that roulette is completely a game of chance which gives it a house edge to begin with, there’s nothing to indicate that roulette works according to what is “due”. Indeed, a simple way to ascertain the above statement is simply to check the results of 5 spins in a row where you bet on red each time and follow this up with a further 5 spins in a row where you bet on black instead. You’ll probably find that the odds are exactly the same as you would find in any other sequence of red and blacks.

Implement the James Bond Strategy whilst Playing Roulette!

Ultimately, the best way to play the James Bond Roulette Strategy is by taking a leaf out of the book of the man himself – get in quickly and intelligently, get the job done in as much style as possible AND DON’T WAIT AROUND TO GET CAUGHT OUT!

The important thing to keep in mind is that while you can make more than a quick buck with this strategy, it is highly recommended that once you’ve made your profit for the day you walk away and not try to tempt your luck further. Furthermore, you should only make use of this system if you have enough money squirreled away. This will ensure that you will be able to withstand a losing streak. For more information on Roulette Money Management and other roulette strategies, take a look at our comprehensive and no holds barred Online Roulette Guide where you will learn how to be a roulette wheel champion. Then once you feel that you've learned enough, head over to one of the online gambling sites in our list, pick a site, maybe even one with a live casino, and take advantage of an online casino bonus to help you boost your bankroll while using this betting system.

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