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Cover the Table Roulette Strategy - How to Cover All Your Bases

The words Cover the Table Roulette Strategy have a somewhat magical ring to them, don’t they? Even now you’re probably imagining cash tills ringing and angels trumpeting as you put down your chips for the win and well, if the entire table is covered how could you possibly lose, right? Well, unfortunately when it comes to the cover the table roulette strategy, just because the table is well and truly covered, it doesn’t mean that your earnings for the night are. The reality is that although trying to cover a roulette table with a vast array of bets is considered by some to be a cunning notion, it unfortunately is not going to be able to compete with the multitude of outcomes which the roulette wheel offers. The thing is that while you can certainly make money on every spin (quite frankly it would be impossible not to), you would probably lose much more than you would win if you were to completely encrust your table in chips from top to toe turn after turn. A clear example of this can be seen when players bet on red, black, and 0 (if it’s an American wheel) all at once as betting in this way will obviously mean that you will both win and lose on every single spin. If you really want to use the cover the table roulette strategy then the best thing to do is cover the table in the ways that we will be describing below and hope beyond hope that it is the luckiest day of your life.

Covering the table by betting on 35 numbers

Betting on 35 numbers is considered by many players to be the riskiest wat of using the cover the table roulette strategy so it’s best that you use this method as a last resort. So how do you do it? Let’s say that you put a single dollar on each of the 35 numbers, you will still win more than you lose, however, the problem with this is that while a win will give you only $1, every loss is a $35 one. In order for this particular method to work, you would need to have at least 36 wins for every loss and let’s face it, this is probably not going to happen unless you practically become lady luck herself.

Covering the table by betting on 17 splits

For those of you who have been living in a hole where there is no light, food, or internet, a split is two numbers which can be found next to each other on a roulette table, thus, by betting on 17 splits you would be covering 34 numbers which is only one number less than 35. The advantage of using this branch of the cover the table roulette strategy is that while the player is only betting $17, he is still covering 34 numbers and his profit is still $1 if a split comes up.

Covering the table by betting on 11 streets

A street bet is when a player wagers a 3 number bet on numbers found in the “Street” part of the roulette table (the inside border of the row you want to bet on [1,2,3 is one street, 4,5,6 is the next and so on till 34,35,36]). Therefore, if you bet on all 11 streets at the same time, you’ll wind up covering 33 numbers.

Covering the table by betting 5 double streets

Better known as a line, a double street is when 2 streets come together to form half a dozen (3 numbers plus 3 numbers). Betting on 5 double streets will cover 30 numbers.

Covering the table by betting on numbers 1-18 and the third dozen 

When it comes to this aspect of the cover the table roulette strategy the rules are pretty simple despite the complicated name. With this method you are expected to bet $3 on a 1-18 even chance bet and a final $2 on the third dozen. By covering the table in this way, you will win a dollar when either of them hits and cover a grand total of 30 numbers by doing this. That said, you can also turn this method around on its head and bet on the first dozen followed by the 19-36 even chance bet instead. When it comes down to it, this style of betting is in no way dissimilar to betting on 5 double streets as in both cases one must bet $5 in order to be able to win $6 and in addition to this, both variations cover 30 numbers.

Covering the table with 4 splits and 2 columns

The final cover the table roulette strategy we will be discussing today is the 4 splits and 2 columns strategy which covers a large portion of the roulette wheel. Thanks to this system, the player can bet $5 on any of the two columns and follow this up with 41 on 4 different splits which are in the column that you haven’t bet on. If and when you do this, you will get a $1 profit every time your columns are touched by the wheel of fortune and a pretty chunky $4 every time a split bet is hit.

Cover the Table Roulette Strategy to Cover Your Luck!


Although online roulette is one of those games which is largely dependent on the good hand of providence, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help yourself with the above strategy or better still, use the cover the table roulette strategy AND play at one of the special tried and tested casinos that we at CasinoTop10.net have picked out just for you so you don’t have to spend hours in front of your tablet pulling out your hair by the clump and trying to understand who offers the best bonuses and why. We've covered all the bases for you, so why not sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready to go on the ride of your life.

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