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Craps Strategy


Craps is a game where you can play with a very low house advantage – some of the bets are the best you can make online – but at the same time craps offers quite a few real “sucker bets” that can do serious harm to your bankroll.

A good craps strategy is to choose bets where the casino’s edge is low.

Good and Bad Craps Bets

The best bets you can make in craps are pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come. If you stick to them, the house will only have an advantage of around 1.40%.

The rest of the wagers offered on the craps layout offer worse conditions for you. Some of them are amazingly bad.

If we for instance look at “hard-way 4” and “hard-way 10” those bets have a house advantage of 11 %.

If you don’t know how these bets work, we recommend that you read our article on craps rules. But if there’s one thing that you should take with you from this article, make the low-edge wagers – always.

Laying Odds - No House Edge

There is a very rare bet offered in craps – one with no house advantage at all.

This wager, known as laying odds, can only be made if you've already bet on the pass line first. After a point has been thrown, you have the option of betting up to some multiple of your pass line bet "on the odds."

This multiple can vary but the most common is two or three times the first wager.

By placing this bet, you're hoping that the point will be rolled again before the appearance of a 7.

The attractive part of this bet is that it pays true odds; you’re chance of winning is the same as what you’re getting paid.

As a result of this, the house only has an edge on your original pass line bet, and the more you’re allowed to “bet on the odds” the lower the total advantage becomes.

So always try to put down the maximum odds bet.

Betting Wrong Is Right

Standing in contrast to the pass line wager is the don't pass bet. If the come out roll is a 2 or 3, you win the bet. If it turns up a 7 or 11, you lose. 12 results in a push.

If any other number is rolled, that becomes the point. The shooter continues to roll and you hope that a seven comes up before the established point.

A person betting on the don't pass is frequently referred to a "wrong" bettor (but don't let that discourage you). This moniker derives from the fact that if you wager on the don't pass you will find yourself winning when everyone else is losing and vise versa.

Obviously, this can create some awkward moments when gathered around a table in a brick-and-mortar casino with other live players, which is why don't pass bets often seems more palatable when playing craps online.

An additional factor you'll want to bear in mind that house edge on the don't pass bet is a very manageable 1.364 percent

These of course represent only a small fraction of the many betting options you have in craps.

However, by learning them in all their intricacies, you will be well prepared to dive deeper.

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