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Our slot machines flash games let you play slots for free without putting your own money at risk. Play for fun - no money involved!

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100% free casino gamesA great way to get started with online gaming is by playing free slots machines . These machines are often the first games people learn when they appear at a live casino because of their simple construction, and the free version is of course very similar to the real money online slots.Use the following simple rules to get some knowledge of the game before trying out our game above or play free slots machines in an online casino.

Slot Machines Require That You Match Symbols

The basic idea behind the original slot machines was as follows: A player pulled a lever which set three spinning reels into motion. The reels stopped at random. If the symbols across the center line for each real matched, the player received a payout. The rarer the combination was, the higher the payout. However, some symbols did not need to be matched for a win.

The most popular example was the cherry, which might have offered a payout whenever it appeared in the center line on the third reel, for example.

Free Online Slots Machines Have No Levers to Pull

When you play our free slot machines, there is no need to pull any levers. Which is good, since you may notice that there is no lever attached to your home computer. All you have to do is drag the number of chips you want to play into the slot and click “spin.”

Other online slot machines may have a virtual “arm,” which you can click and drag for the same effect, that is, to set the wheels in motion.

There Are a Variety of Online Slot Machines to Choose From

Just as in a live casino, you have different online slots to choose from. Some may differ just in the theme of the machine, but others will differ in the type and amount they offer in payouts. Many online slots are multiplier machines, which means you can play more than one coin for a multiplied payout. The most common maximum number of extra coins you can play per spin is five, although it can be more. There are also multi-line machines, which allow you to get paid on lines other than the center line for additional coins.

Look for the Progressive Jackpot

Some online slots are tied into a progressive jackpot. With a progressive jackpot machine, everyone who puts money into a slot machine linked to the progressive jackpot pays into the jackpot, resulting in a huge pool. The jackpot is hit by hitting a particularly rare combination of symbols with the maximum number of coins played, and can result in a win of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course, when you play free slot machines and hit the jackpot, the champagne can’t be too expensive.

Look for Casino Bonuses

Once you feel comfortable with our free game and want to put some real cash in action, there are plenty of online casinos to go to. Just as in a live casino, online casinos offer promotions to get you interested. Look for sign up bonuses, loyalty bonuses and so on before you get started playing for real money, to maximize your winnings. You’ll find a range of fine online casino offers here at the site.

CasinoTop10 is your definitive guide to online casinos. Be sure to visit us regulary to read up on fresh information and the latest updates. Cram our objective online casino reviews for information about site quality as well as the best sign-up bonuses currently available. Please contact us here.