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23 Nov 2013 | 03:14 Author: Seth Shafer

Slots jackpots might get much bigger in the future if multi-state progressive jackpots are allowed.

The Nevada Gaming Commission has adopted new rules that could allow for slot machines to offer a shot at big multi-state jackpots, much like Powerball and other lotteries currently do. Slot machines in many different states would be linked and contribute to a progressive jackpot, which could potentially award the lucky winner a pay day of tens of millions of dollars or more.

Slot machine makers IGT and Bally Technologies pushed for the new regulations, hoping to up the ante on popular progressive slots such as Megabucks and Blazing 7s by pooling jackpots across multiple states such as Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other popular gambling hotspots around the U.S.

Dan Reaser (an attorney representing IGT and Bally) had the following to say about the initiative: "This would allow a Harrah’s property in Mississippi that’s offering Megabucks to hook up with Harrah’s properties in Nevada that have Megabucks and offer a larger prize pool. If you have more people playing more machines, the prize meter goes up faster,"

The linked progressive jackpots could also include tribal casino and other smaller casinos, as big slot makers have ties to multiple casinos across the U.S. and machines in place in most major casinos. Slots pull in the most money for casinos but huge jackpots are much rarer than with lotteries, as few slot progressives currently exceed the $1 million mark.

While the Nevada Gaming Commission has approved the idea, other states would need to enact their own regulations to make multi-state slots jackpots a reality. Other games such as keno might also be included if states can work out technicalities such as oversight for the linked jackpots and taxation issues as far as if a winner's tax rate on winnings is determined by the state they're playing from, etc.

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