Western Union Casinos 2019 - A Gambler's Guide to Western Union

Western Union Casinos 2019 - A Gambler's Guide to Western Union

Western Union is one of the most trusted payment options out there for various reasons. Namely, its established, its secure and it offers flexibility too! And nowadays, it’s offered at several online casinos. So all you keen gamblers can rest easy and use a payment option you know. If you’d like to learn all about it, we highly urge you to read our Western Union Casinos guide.

What is Western Union?

western union casinosFounded in 1851, Western Union is truly considered to be a payment services giant with close to two centuries experience in the field. The payment transfer service was originally named the New-York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company, however, 5 years later the company was renamed.

Over the years, the brand has grown from strength to strength by developing as a service. Indeed, rather than remaining stagnant as a service, the company branched out by starting to offer new means of transferring money. Today, the acclaimed company has more than half a billion agent locations in over 200 countries around the globe allows transfers to occur through various means including phone, email, live chat and in-house services at their offices.

  Why Play at Western Union Casinos?


  •    Western Union is both trusted and established payment processor; 
  •    Payments are always received with no need to worry about any private information being sent;
  •    There are multiple ways to send transfers including phone, in person and online; 
  •    Playing at a Western Union Casino will allow you to benefit from an online casino bonus
  •    You can enjoy an online casino’s extensive range of casino games.

How to Deposit using Western Union

1) Sign up at a Western Union Online Casino

Fundamentally, the first step you need to take in order to get your bankroll into your own personal online casino account is to find an online casino which accepts Western Union as a payment method. Once you have simply registered your details to create your account and you’ll be able to start depositing your cash as soon as you do.

2) Find a Western Union Where You Live

Once you’ve got your very own account, it’s now time to contact customer support. The support agent will then ask a few questions and provide the essential details that you’ll need to carry out the Western Union transfer to the online casino.

3) Go through Your agent to get an order to send to your casino payment

When you’ve gathered all the details, you’ll then need to decide how to carry out your transaction; either online, by phone or through actually physically going down to your nearest Western Union branch to carry it out. No matter which method you choose, you’ll be given a tracking code which you’ll have to provide to your casino’s support staff.


Provided that you’re opting to transfer cash using Western Union via telephone, you’ll first have to find out what the number of your particular branch is. Most of the time, these will vary according to geographic location. Once your customer service agent picks up, you’ll then need to provide your details along with the casino’s details. Once you’ve provided your details, you’ll then be given a tracking number by the support agent you’re speaking to.

One thing to note about transferring your funds via this particular channel of communication is that you’ll need to provide your card details over the phone. So if you’re not really comfortable with giving your details over the phone, don’t do so. There are two other options you can use instead.


The second option you can use to transfer your bankroll is online. In order to carry your transfer out, you’ll need to first create a free quick profile via Western Union’s site. Once you have, simply provide the online casino’s details and your own credit or debit card information.


The third option you can use to transfer your bankroll is to visit your nearest Western Union branch and ask for a form to fill in. The agent will then ask you how you plan on carrying out your payment. You can either choose to use credit/debit card or cash that’s equal to your transfer amount and the amount Western Union will charge you for the transfer. Should you choose this method, you’ll be given a unique tracking code too.

4) Wait for the transaction to occur & Check Your online casino account

Once you’ve performed the above step, you’ll then have to wait for your transaction to occur and check your online casino account to start playing your favorite online casino games.

Western Union Casino Withdrawals

Western Union withdrawals from online casinos typically occur in the same fashion as deposits only the casino would order the Western Union transaction and take care of everything to send you your winnings. Should you wish to carry out a withdrawal, it’s always best to contact the online casino’s customer care staff beforehand and they will arrange everything and provide you with a MTCN code in order for you to be able to withdraw your funds at your nearest Western Union branch.

Transfers Times to and from Western Union Casinos Online

Generally speaking, Western Union is quite quick to perform transactions. Deposits can be made within a couple of hours. However, list most other payment methods, withdrawals do actually take longer and can even take up to 6 days to occur.

Western Union Casinos Customer Support

western union online casinosIf your primary concern about playing online and transferring your bankroll through Western Union is not being able to do anything about it provided that something goes wrong, you really needn’t worry. Both Western Union, as well as the online casinos in our list, have several methods of customer support.

Western Union itself offers its users direct customer support through a number of different channels. These include email, a dedicated phone line per office and a FAQs section on their website. In terms of the customer support offered by Western Union online casinos, the lines of communication typically differ from online casino to casino. Yet, usually, you’ll find that the methods of contact include email, phone, and live chat. There’s also usually a dedicated FAQs section on each casino site to help customers with their queries.

Advantages of Using Western Union at Casinos

 It’s a safe Payment to Use at Online Casinos 

Western Union is a safe payment method of use at online casinos in order to make deposits and withdrawals. 

 Casinos often offer a special bonus when using it

By transferring your bankroll using Western Union, you’ll often be eligible to claim a special bonus provided that the online casino actually offers one in the first place. Also, if you’re looking to claim an online casino bonus via playing at a Western Union Casino, make sure you read the terms and conditions associated with the bonus you’re considering cashing in on.

 You can send money in numerous ways 

You can use Western Union to make online casino deposits in a variety of different ways. Namely, these include email, phone and making a transfer in person at a Western Union office. 

Disadvantages of Using Western Union at Casinos

 Western Union Money Transfers can be really Costly 

Transfers using Western Union can be costly. Typically, online casinos charge 14% to 18% in order to make transfers. Other than these standard fees, transferring fees online via your credit card can add on extra additional fees in order to use their services. So if you’re opting to use this service, we highly recommend contacting your card issuer for more information in regards to their fees. 

 It Can Take Time to Deposit Your Money Via Western Union 

Although casino deposits via Western Union can now be done over the phone or online, the company also offers the option of person-to-person money transfers. And unfortunately, if you were to offer this instead, it may take a lot of time for deposits to occur.  

Western Union FAQs

 How do I use Western Union at casinos? 

Western Union can be used at casinos in order to make both deposits and withdrawals provided that your casino of choice offers it as a payment method in the first place. 

 Which online casinos accept Western Union?

Unfortunately, not all online casinos accept Western Union. However, the ones that do are listed on this page in our toplist above. Our toplist provides information in terms of which online casinos accept deposits and withdrawals. 

 Can I withdraw my winnings from Western Union?

Yes, it is possible to withdraw winnings from online casinos by using Western Union provided that your casino of choice offers it as a withdrawal option in the first place. 

 Are there any credit card options I can use at online casinos instead?

Yes, there are many credit card options out there which can be used at online casinos to make both deposits and withdrawals. In terms of credit card options, we highly recommend using Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. Find out all you need to know about each one of them by reading through our Visa Casinos guide, Mastercard Casinos guide and our Amex Casinos guide. 

 Which e-wallets can I use instead of Western Union to make transfers? 

There are various e-wallets, you can use online nowadays. These include the likes of PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill apart from others. Provided that you’d like to know how each one is used at an online casino, you can find out more about them at our PayPal Casinos guide, Neteller Casinos guide and our Skrill Casinos guide. 

Play at a Western Union Casino Today & Start Winning

Western Union may not be as widely used as other online casino payment options out there, but it’s still an option for many gamblers who prefer not using e-wallets or credit/debit cards at online casinos. After all, this established company is very trustworthy and has a number of perks associated with it. If you happen to be looking for an online casino to play at which accepts Western Union payments, we highly recommend having a look at our list of Best Western Union Casinos above. Each one has been extensively reviewed to the highest standards in order to make sure that you get a clear-cut picture of what your online casino is all about.

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