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Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker

Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker is one of the newest online casino games on the market and is popping up in casinos around the world, both land based and online. The enormous popularity of the traditional Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the defining characteristics for the emergence of this new casino game.  Bonus poker, like its older cousin, is a fairly straightforward game to play, if you know how. But, like it is with most forms of poker, “playing is easy, perfecting is not”.  

Best Bonus Poker Casinos

1. 888 Casino
2. William Hill Casino

  Facts about Texas Hold 'Em Bonus Poker:


  •  You need to have knowledge of the various poker hands in order to win;
  •  Played with a single deck of 52 cards;
  •  You will be paid out according to the bets you made with the dealer.

The Winning Hands of Texas Holdem Poker Video Games

The first thing you will need to know are the various hands and which ones are capable of beating the others.  This will in turn also reveal the potential strength of your hand which will help you determine your bet! In order to make things a little easier for you, below you will find all different poker hands.

As with every other form of poker, the hands that are dealt with determine your game and approach to each round

Texas Holdem Bonus Rules - Playing The Game

Bonus Poker is mostly played online as opposed to at tables in the casino, but the game is still played with a single deck of 52 cards. As it is with most gambling games, a round of Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker starts with the placing of bets. The rules of the game are simple enough to understand and are as follows:

1) Before the first two cards are dealt the player will have to place the first bet, known as the ‘ante’ as well as a bonus bet, which is not compulsory, but is always worth it as it’s the biggest money maker in the game with payouts of up to 1000 times the bet, but only if you have a certain hand.

2) After the first bets have been made, the dealer will deal two cards face down to everybody playing, including himself as the goal in bonus poker is not to beat your competitors, but the dealer. These cards, also known as the ‘hole’ cards, are the only cards that are yours and the rest, known as the community cards, are the ones that everybody can use.

3) After all the cards have been dealt, the players can look at their cards, also known as the ‘hole cards’. After the initial two cards have been dealt, you can either bet further, by doubling your ante or you can fold if you don’t want to continue playing.

4) After the second round of betting the first of the ‘community’ cards are dealt. The dealer will place three community cards, known as the ‘flop’, in the middle of the table for all the players to use.

5) After the ‘flop’ has been dealt, the next round of betting can commence with the player betting the same amount as the original ‘ante’ to stay in the game. When it’s done, the next community card is dealt, also known as the ‘turn’

6) When it’s done, the next community card is dealt, also known as the ‘turn’. Once again, more betting follows the dealing of the ‘turn’ card, again the same value as the ‘ante’ and once completed, the final community card is dealt, also known as the ‘river’.

7) Once the ‘river’ card has been dealt,  all cards will be turned over and the best five card hand will be made with the seven available cards. Whoever has the best hand between the player and the dealer, wins the hand.

8) Once the ‘river’ card has been dealt, all cards will be turned over and the best five card hand will be made with the seven available cards (your two hole cards and the community cards). Whoever has the best hand between the player and the dealer, wins the hand.

9) If you don’t beat the dealer, you will lose all your bets including the ante and any bonus bets you may have made.

Texas Hold'Em Bonus Poker Payouts

Casino Payout texas holdem bonus poker

In Bonus Poker, the payouts also differ from regular Texas Hold ‘Em. Instead of simply winning the entire pot (all the money bet by various players within the game) you will be paid out according to the bets you made with the dealer (the ante and bonus bets).

If you bet the dealers hand your pre-flop, flop as well as any turn bets will be paid out in a ratio of 1:1 Ante bets are also paid out at 1:1 but only if you have a straight or higher, If you don’t have a hand that beats a straight, your ante bet will be given back to you. If you placed a bonus bet, you will win regardless of what happened during the game. To win the bonus bet you will need to have been dealt a pocket pair for example a pair of twos and a pair of aces or an ace and a jack, and ace and a queen or an ace and a king.  In the event of a win, the maximum payout is one thousand times your bonus bet, which can only be won by being dealt pocket aces.

The bets are paid out as follows:

Pair Aces (Both your hand and the Dealer’s Hand)– Pays 1000:1
Pair Aces – Pays 30:1 A/K Suited – Pays 25:1
A/Q or A/J Suited – Pays 20:1
A/K Unsuited – Pays 15:1
Pair Kings, Queens or Jacks – Pays 10:1
A/Q or A/J Unsuited – Pays 5:1
Pair of 2’s – Pair of 10’s – Pays 3:1

Texas Hold Em Bonus Strategy

Seeing as Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker is, more or less, the new kid on the block, there is more than one strategy floating around on the internet. However, before you rush out to make use of one or more of them, you should know that no strategy, no matter how brilliant it sounds, is infallible. As it is with all online casino games, the house edge is always fairly big. But, be that as it may, there are ways to lower the house edge so you gain the advantage.

One thing you should know about the strategy involved with Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker, is that it’s purely mathematical and will depend entirely on knowing when to bet, fold or stay according to which cards are dealt when, which hands may appear and the winning combinations they may yield. Also, unlike strategies involved with the traditional Texas Hold ‘Em, the ones involved with the bonus version do not involve any psychological aspects such as being able psyche players out, bluff or read reactions so as to gain an edge over your competitor. Unlike the regular game, Bonus Poker is played against the dealer and not against other players.

Betting The Flop

In any game of Bonus Poker, the first decision you will need to make is whether or not to bet the flop. This is one of the more important decisions as you will only be able to see your two hole cards. At the first stage, it is almost always better to stay in the game and make a bet as pretty much anything is possible. But, you shouldn’t bother waiting around to find out if you have any of the following cards:

  • Two and three of differing suits
  • Two and four of differing suits
  • Two and five of differing suits
  • Two and six of differing suits
  • Two and seven of differing suits

If you do receive any of these cards, it would probably be a better idea to fold than bet, but sometimes, these low hands can turn up winners, if you think the dealer cannot beat you any way. At the end of the day, you will just need to see what happens.

Betting The Turn

After the first three of the five community cards have been dealt (also known as the river), you will have five cards with which to make a decision regarding your next bet. By now, you should have a pretty good idea where the game is heading which will allow you to be slightly more particular when it comes to placing a bet. One of the most important things to remember here is to not lose the distinction between your hole cards and the community cards on the table. If, for example, you have a pair of aces, this would be a good hand but if you only have a ten and there are a pair of aces in the community cards, this may not be the best hand because the dealer will also have a pair of aces with which to make a hand. Bearing this in mind, it would be advisable to bet on the turn only if your pair of cards (your hole cards) are involved with creating the following:

  • Any pair
  • Two pairs, the of a kind, four of a kind or even a full house
  • Four or five cards that make up or have the potential to make up a straight
  • Four or five suited cards with the potential to make a flush

Betting The River

Seeing as the game is now nearing its end, you will be able to be more selective in your betting and therefore begin to narrow down your chances.

At this point, it would probably be advisable to raise if you find that you have the following hands and only if one or more of your hole cards is involved in creating the hand:

  • Any pair that is six or higher
  • Two pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind or a full house
  • Four suited cards that appear in consecutive order
  • A straight
  • A flush

The Bonus Bet

online texas holdem bonus poker strategybonus

There is only one rule that you will need to remember when making the bonus bet and that is: ALWAYS MAKE THE BONUS BET. This is the one bet that could make the whole game worthwhile and could help you to win a massive, thousand-to-one, jackpot. This is far too good an opportunity to pass up and half the fun in playing Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker is the big rewards that come from playing dangerously.

Give It A Go

As easy as it is learning how to play Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus Poker, you will need to put in some extra work in you want to make some winnings off of this fun game. You'll need to learn how to anticipate hands by learning how to read the game. You will also need to learn a strategy or two, mainly ones detailing how to bet properly, betting certain amounts with certain cards or folding or even increasing the ‘ante’ when appropriate. Once you feel you are ready, take a pick from one of the casino sites that we've selected especially to give you the best Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker gameplay and bonus found online.

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