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Keno is a casino games that initially would look more at home in lottery centres (and in fact, some lotto booths do have this game available) but it is also a pretty popular casino game too. The premise of keno is dead simple: bet on a certain amount of numbers between 1-80. After which, 20 randomly generated numbers will come up. If any of them match yours, job well done. If you’ve never played the game before, you should definitely try out our Free Keno game by pressing the button above in order to determine whether you like it or not.

A Brief Look at Keno's Origins

free kenoYou’d probably be surprised to know that despite being such a simple game, keno has a rich history behind it. Although the name has French/Latin roots, and means ‘five winning numbers’, the earliest inception of the game was Chinese. Although no one really knows if it this is true or not, the game allegedly saved an ancient Chinese city during wartime, and it eventually was used to raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China. Chinese roots or not, players only have one thing on their mind, really: is the game fun? As you’ll find out from this game of Free Keno – it actually is.

The objective of Keno

The objective of Keno is as simple as can be: bet and win! Wagers are made by choosing numbers between 1-80. The limit of how many numbers can be chosen depends on the individual casino. This free game lets you choose up to 10, but it is just as common to see casinos allowing up to 20 numbers. Then, 20 numbers are generated at random and participants get paid according to how many numbers they get right: a matching number is called a catch.

Keno's Rules

While are virtually no rules keno to speak of beyond what has already been mentioned, the pay-outs of the game vary from casino to casino. Each casino sets its own series of payout schemes called ‘pay scale choices’, in which winnings are calculated not just on the number of catches alone, but how you set up your game. For example, if you choose less numbers to bet on, the winnings are usually higher because the outcome becomes more difficult.

Tips & strategies to win at Keno

Once you’ve chosen your numbers, there’s not much strategizing to be done, as all that’s left is to wait for the results. The numbers are randomised, so you cannot cheat the system and it cannot cheat you, especially not in an online version. Because of this, you cannot determine how well you’re going to do in Keno – the chance of you hitting 20 out 20 numbers in a single round is 3.5 quintillion to one. So, good luck!

There are, however, a number of useful tips you can utilise when betting at keno. Here are some of them:

1) Always familiarise yourself with a free keno platform (like this one) before trying out a live version: get used to your betting patterns, see what approach you like to take with choosing numbers, and so on. It makes playing the game live a much more confident affair.

2) Find a betting strategy you feel comfortable with. Everyone has his own set of preferences. You may want to stick to lucky numbers, or a specific sequence. Others believe that even though the numbers are random, it’s a good approach to pick numbers that haven’t come up in a while. It’s probably all psychological, but there’s no harm in having certain comforts. More importantly, figure out how many numbers you want to gamble. Many argue that around 5-6 is the sweet spot, as when you bet on too many your odds of winning big decrease.

3) Keep bankroll low until you feel more confident. If you’re playing for cash, we don’t recommend splurging at one go. Remember, it’s a game of luck, so things could go really well or really unfavourably – but until you’ve established your betting style, don’t go all out.

4) If playing for cash, find a casino with the highest maximum payout as possible. This doesn’t matter with free keno, of course, but should you move on to a version you can actually bet on, you want to make sure the percentages are worth your while. Online keno usually holds much higher rewards than the physical game.

How does online keno compare to the real deal?

One reason why online keno works really well is that the game is not a particularly social one – games like poker, blackjack, and craps are harder to pull off on the web because there is a certain physical appeal to competing against your peers and the house with these casino classics. Watching numbers come up, though, doesn’t exactly require an audience.

It doesn’t mean that CasinoTop10's Free Keno game is boring, though – not at all! We think the game nails the experience down pretty accurately. The layout is simple, but the graphics work very well – there’s no lagging to be had on any devices, and the jazzy soundtrack sets the mood for playing very well.

Try online Keno for free

Try out CasinoTop10's Free keno game and decide for yourself if this classic betting game is for you. It might be simpler than many of its casino counterparts, but since when is simplicity a bad thing? It’s fun to be able to mindlessly play a game without having to worry too much about strategy – isn’t this why we download most of our apps? If you decide you like Keno, you can find a great game to play by taking a look at CasinoTop10's list of Best Keno Casinos. If you're playing on a hand-held device, you can also find the fantastic Mobile Casino to play at. 

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