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Discover Card Online Casinos 2020 - A Gambler's Guide

Discover Card Online Casinos 2020 - A Gambler's Guide

With nearly 61 million customers, Discover Card is the third largest credit card company in the United States and issues most of its cards through Discover Bank (they also offer their debit cards through other banks). Despite the fact the company was only established in 1985, it has gone from strength to strength thanks to the great business strategies its founders have employed.

How to use Discover Card Online Casinos

Discover Card operates pretty much like MasterCard and VISA with the glaring difference that Discover Card users do not have to pay an annual fee for their credit cards and customers are also offered a higher credit limit than that found on other similar cards. Furthermore, what really managed to win a great amount of people over is the fact that Discover clients can get a Cashback of between 2% and 5% of the money they spend refunded to their accounts.

Discover Card users do not have to apply for a Discover Card through their banks as Discover have their very own bank to handle transactions and payments. If you are approved, you will simply receive a card in the mail without needing a bank account to be directly linked to it.

Indeed, the only problem that a Discover client has is the fact that if you are a Discover Card Online Casinos player who wants to use his Discover Card to deposit and withdraw, you are going to run into a bit of a brick wall as the company has a strict policy in place about their card being used by gaming providers.

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Advantages of Discover Card

Thanks to a stellar track record, Discover Card customers can enjoy several advantages of having a Discover account:

  No Annual Fee

As aforementioned, Discover made its name by not charging its customers an annual fee on its credit cards. Thus, customers can make use of their Discover Cards without having to worry about paying yearly fees.


Unlike many other credit card services, Discover Card actually offers cashback on purchases which means that you will always get a refund of a certain percent on what you spend money on according to the specific Discover Card you have.

  Customer Service

Customer Service: Being the third largest financial company in the United States, you can bet your last dollar that one of the main reasons they got to where they are today is thanks to an incomparable customer service. Some of the benefits that Discover customers can enjoy are the following: paying late won’t raise your APR, there is no foreign transaction fee, no over limit fee, and no late fee for your first late payment.

  Different options of card tailored to your particular needs

While some credit card companies offer one or maybe two options of credit card, Discover customers can enjoy a plethora of different options which come with different benefits. In fact, it is up to the customer to pick and choose which benefits they would prefer to have. Customer benefits range from higher cashbacks to receiving airline miles which can be used for travel.

  No bank account is needed

In order to be eligible for a Discover Card, all that matters is your credit rating. You don’t need to go through another bank to become a Discover customer.

Disadvantages of Discover Card

Like all good things in life, there is a downside to the Discover Card. Listed below are the disadvantages of playing and paying with Discover:

  It is very hard to find reputable Discover Card casinos

Thanks to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, credit card companies in the United States of America cannot formally and legally allow their accounts to be used to deposit and withdraw money via online casinos. In the beginning of the law’s enforcement, many credit card providers largely ignored the change, however, all this changed once company executives started getting arrested for being in breach of the law. This means that if you do come across a site which states that it offers Discover Card Online Casinos, it would be in your own best interest to do some background checks and make sure that the site you want to play at is actually reputable.

  Interest rates and additional fees

Despite the fact that Discover Card does not charge an annual fee, they obviously need to limit their own risk when providing credit cards which means that it is inevitable that interest rates will go up. That said, Discover does have a wide range when it comes to APR (it goes from 11.24% to 23.24%).

The best online casinos that accept Discover Card

As you can see from our Discover Card Online Casinos Review, Discover really is a dream when it comes to the opportunities it could offer players, however despite this, it would sadly seem like using Discover to deposit and withdraw will have to remain something of a dream for United States residents for the foreseeable future. If you do come across Discover Card Online Casinos which you can use and which have all the signs of being a safe casino, the best thing we can ask you to do is not to take advantage of the Discover Card’s unmatchable benefits as some players have done in the past by making a deposit, losing their money and then claiming their card was stolen in order to get their money back and a new card. Although you won’t be able to use Discover Card Online Casinos as your payment method at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on your hopes of playing. So why not go onto our list of tried and tested payment options, from prepaid cards to ewallets, and pick one to fit all your gaming needs.

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