One might not immediately think it, but reviewing older and newer online casinos require different processes when writing. Reviewing older casinos is, to an extent, easier. There’s a history to contextualise the casino in, and a particular expectation to evaluate it by. If a casino with several years of experience is subpar, then there’s not much hope for its future. Bovegas Casino is not an older casino, though. In fact, the casino was only launched this year, so there are some different criteria to look out for. We’d expect a casino that is more immediately attuned to the modern market, but we’d also be pretty forgiving of flaws thanks to its newness. Above all, a new casino really needs some distinct identity to set it apart from competitors in such a saturated market. Unfortunately, Bovegas Casino has not branded itself in a particularly unique or modern way. It promises to simulate the feeling of being in a real-life Las Vegas Casino. But Las Vegas simulations have been done one too many times, and the awfully dated website design doesn’t too much to convince us there’s anything particular about Bovegas Casino that’s sure to impress the contemporary casino market. To make this kind of cliché work, the casino features have to be really worth our while. Read on to find out if they are!

Welcome Bonus for New Players at Bovegas Casino

Bovegas Casino's welcome bonus is pretty good, although this is mostly due to the fact that you receive the whole of it over two deposits, in addition to match bonus opportunities. That’s a pretty standard affair though and we admit that once the whole bonus has been awarded, it looks pretty nice in your account. However, wagering requirements at this casino are relatively high, with the different bonuses that make up the welcome package ranging between 40-50 times the bonus amount. It’s not dissimilar to what you’d find at most casinos, but of course you should always make your own calculations to see if the time you’re planning to invest in the casino will pay off.

Creating an Account with Bovegas Casino

We can’t tell if it’s a glitch or intentional (although it’s likely the latter), but hitting ‘sign up’ at the top of the home page takes you straight to the casino lobby section of the site, with the premise that you’re going to play games as soon you log in. Unfortunately, the confusion doesn’t stop there, as the sign-in tab here is exactly that – a sign in area. There doesn’t seem to be a proper way to create an account when playing in your browser. What that seems to suggest is that to make an account you are forced to download the casino software and register through it. This might be fine if you’re more interested that kind of playing, but it can certainly be a hassle for some. Furthermore, potential members ought to note that not everyone can join. If you’re from Israel, Jordan, Poland, Egypt, Azerbaijan or Turkey, you’ll have to get your appetite satiated elsewhere.

Bovegas Casino Casino Promotions

There are a few recurring promotions you’ll find at Bovegas Casino, with one of the most widely advertised being its Free Chips, which are often distributed in various bonus campaigns or during specific periods. They act as free money bonuses of sorts. Other promotional campaigns are very much the usual for online casinos and come in the form of match bonuses, weekly cash-backs. You can also win comp points while playing particular games, and have a rather low conversion rate of 1000 points being equal to $1.

Bovegas Casino Casino Games

Bovegas Casino Casino houses around 146 games, with many of them (at the time of writing this review) being traditional casino games. 146 is not a huge number by any stretch of the imagination in this context, and if you’re more interested in quantity, you might be better off looking elsewhere. That being said, we reiterate that Bovegas Casino is a new casino, and 145+ games actually is a decent amount of casino games to have within your first year of operation. In other words, we’re sure that as time passes this number will increase considerably. We do have a particular gripe with the casino lobby, though, which is that you need to have an account to test the games out, even when playing for fun. This unfortunately eliminates the possibility of potential members giving the casino a proper sampling without having to commit to making an account. It’s not really a recommendable practice and likely to lose Bovegas Casino players in the long run – although we suppose there’s always time to fix this. However, let’s ignore this for a moment and focus on the quality of the games themselves.


When it comes to the casino’s choice of slots, there’s seems to be a very particular focus on a very specific cartoony, slightly dated style of 2D games – perhaps this is a result of Bovegas Casino only making use of the game provider RTG. It’s fine if you’re into this kind of style, and you can look forward to an array of features you’d expect to find at modern slots games like free spins, prize multipliers, and wilds. However, we definitely think that a larger variety would be welcomed by a larger audience, and that includes the inclusion of 3D games. There’s nothing wrong with these games per se, and you do get a wide choice of themes and such. Games like Cirque Du Soleil and Chicken Little are fairly different, but the same style of gameplay and design can get old pretty quick. Bovegas Casino are doing fairly decently when it comes to progressive slots, though. Although there are only four at the time of writing this review, they’re all pretty notable, especially Major Moolah!

Table Games & More

Unfortunately, when it comes to table games, the selection isn’t huge – certainly not big enough to compete with most other casinos. You’ll find a version of every standard game and not much else. However, we do commend Bovegas Casino for having a few less standard titles like Let-it-Ride, Pai Gow Poker, and Red DogApart from those, you’ll also be fairly happy if you’re into specialty games, as there is a decent amount of these here. Take your pick from varieties of bingo, keno, and quirkier titles like Penguin Payday and Cavalier Cash. At the very least, Bovegas Casino are making an effort to appease to players who don’t want the conventional casino offerings day in day out – but we do think it’s a bit odd there are as just about as many specialty games as there are table games. We’re also a bit sore at the lack of a live casino at Bovegas Casino, at least when playing in your browser. Again, we expect that this might be venture the casino will look into as it finds its feet a little more, and we do feel that when it comes to live casinos it’s better to have a more complete repertoire than just a couple of options on your website. Despite this, we do have to conclude the casino feels more than a little limited right now in terms of game selection, especially for players who don’t enjoy downloading casino software.

Playing on Tablets and Smartphones at Bovegas Casino

Remember how we wrote above that it’s annoying that you can’t try out any games online unless you have an account set up already? It’s actually significantly more problematic on mobile and on tablet, as you’re not even allowed to navigate the casino website on your device unless you’re logged in. Let us repeat for emphasis – you need to sign into your account just to use the website. This is just another feature that Bovegas Casinoneeds to fix before they become known for it. Currently, the casino can resolve this issue somewhat easily, but right now it runs the risk of alienating the entire mobile casino market, and we’re not exaggerating. Sure, it’s easy to see a casino mobile app as a little bonus feature – a little add-on – for people who normally play on their PC but want to spin a few slot game rounds on the bus on the way to work. That’s not quite the reality of the situation, though, as casino mobile apps are the normative way of playing for many. How can a predominant mobile-using casino user evaluate your casino if you don’t allow him to on his medium of choice?

Player Support at Bovegas Casino

Bovegas Casino are definitely on the right track when it comes to player support. There are various ways through which you can contact the casino if needed, including email, telephone, and live chat. The casino does urge players to note that all calls are recorded for the sake of noting quality as well as for security reasons – so there’s no need to feel your privacy is being invaded. We think it’s a good sign that the casino comes in a major global language, namely English.

Payment Methods at Bovegas Casino

Bovegas Casino does not have a particularly vast choice of payment methods like some other casinos do, but the ones they do have are all used pretty universally, so we reckon it’s a case of ‘no harm, no foul’. Visa and Master Cards are the priority methods, but one could also opt for Maestro, Visa Electron, and Bankwire depending on where they’re from. It’s not a bad selection at all. Of course, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind during depositing and withdrawal processes. First of all, for first-time deposits players will need to verify their identity over the phone. With regard to withdrawals, note that the minimum allowed amount is $150. It’s also the starting limit, but depending on your casino activity this will be extended up to $2000 per week. Withdrawals can take between 7-10 days to be fully processed, and you are given the opportunity to cancel your withdrawal before it’s in your account. Also be aware of any extra fees that you might be charged depending on the cash method used.

Bovegas Casino has the potential to make you roar!

Understandably, our Bovegas Casino review must have come off as being very negative. That’s simply the way it goes sometimes, but regardless of this we still think Bovegas Casino has a level of potential that can be reached. At this point there are definitely some things we’d fix: don’t make downloading the casino a must; include a wider variation of games with some other game providers; make the mobile version of the casino much more user friendly. The casino is doing pretty alright in terms of bonuses, customer support and payment methods. These too can be improved on, but we’re sure Bovegas is ultimately a casino that’s still finding itself. After all, as we said, it’s a casino launched in 2017. Of course there will be kinks, glitches, and issues, but aside from the things that can be fixed with some technical know-how, we’re more concerned that Bovegas Casino simply isn’t gearing itself towards the modern market enough. A new casino requires a fresh outlook on things, but this simply isn’t happening here. No two casinos are completely alike, but as it stands Bovegas Casino is doing its utmost to be a somewhat bland, generic imitation of its competitors.


  • Fairly good bonus opportunities are available

  • Thorough and responsive customer support

  • Popular payment options are available

  • You can’t use the mobile version unless you have an account already

  • A somewhat limited choice in games

  • Overall, the casino is not very accessible to people who would rather play in their browser from the get go

Specifications 7/10
  • Software & Graphics

  • Support

  • Progressive Jackpot

  • Game Variety

  • Reputation Fairness

  • Wagering Requirements

  • Payout Ratio

  • Deposit Withdrawal Options

  • Promotions

  • SignUp Bonus

Payments Method
Maestro MasterCard Visa Visa Electron
Withdrawal Method
Maestro MasterCard Visa Visa Electron
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Payout Percentage:
Real Time Gaming
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