23 Sep 2010 | 08:04 Author: Francesca Soler

"Hey Rex, how was your day yesterday?"

Well, thanks for asking.

I spent most of my day yelling at a computer monitor.

Starting at 10am yesterday morning, I watched the coroner's inquest into the Erik Scott shooting, and at times, I couldn't believe my own ears.

For instance, the medical examiner who conducted Scott's autopsy claimed, with a straight face, that had Erik Scott not been shot seven times ... he might have died anyway from a drug overdose.  

I am not kidding.    

On the witness stand, this medical examiner for Clark County, informed the jury that "Erik Scott's blood alprazolam levels were on the upper end of lethal".

Let's take a moment to examine her statement:

The acute oral LD50 (lethal dose for 50% of the population) for alprazolam in rats is 331-2171 mg/kg for a mean lethal dosage of 1251mg/kg;

From what I understand, Erik Scott weighed approximately 90kg;

The average Xanax tablet contains .5mg of of alprazolam (in a range of .25mg-2mg);

"Gee Rex, I don't get it, what do all of these numbers mean?"

Well, I'm glad you asked because I'm about to tell you.

What these numbers mean is that, in order for Erik Scott to have consumed a lethal dose of alprazolam, he would have had to have taken roughly 225,180 Xanax tablets before going to Costco.

Yes, nearly one quarter of a million tablets.

This, my friends, is what the Clark County Medical Examiner would have you believe.  She would have you believe that Mr. Scott gobbled up one quarter of a million Xanax tablets before hopping in his car, driving to Costco, and shopping for toilet paper in bulk.

If you have even a basal intellect (ie. do not live in Las Vegas), you are no doubt aware that this is impossible.  Never mind that an individual could never amass such a stockpile of drugs; The pills are 99% filler and the entire human digestive system would simply not hold 225,180 tablets.  Erik Scott would have died from asphyxiation from a throat filled to the brim with pills long before he was able to overdose on the active ingredient.

Also, since the body has a finite number of BZD receptors, alprazolam has something called a "ceiling effect".  What this means is that, above a certain dosage, all of the receptors are saturated and the drug does not exert any additional effects.  The generally accepted ceiling amongst the medical community is a dose of 10mg.  Above this dosage, one will not get more drowsy, and also due to the ceiling effect, one cannot overdose on this drug unless they take enough to almost completely displace blood cells in the plasma.

How much do they have to take to do this?

A quarter million pills.

Now, do yourself a favor.  Read the news reports that have come out today and see if there is any mention of this little tidbit of information.  See if any publication anywhere blares a headline, "Medical Examiner Offers Impossible Explanation in the Erik Scott Case".

I don't think you will.

Instead, you will find a few dozen articles which try to emphasize the fact that Erik Scott took prescription medication.  In the eyes of the Las Vegas media, anyone who takes prescription drugs is deserving of execution by 5 bullets to the back.

That's right, you read correctly ... of the seven bullets that struck Erik Scott ... five of them hit him in the back, and one of them hit him in the ass.  Only one of the seven bullets hit him in the front of his body.

Q: How can that be anything other than criminal?
A: It cannot.

In addition to learning that Erik Scott preferred drowning his sorrows in hydrocodone as opposed to alcohol (the preferred drug of non-Nazis), I also learned that Mr. Scott was taking Cialis ... a drug for impotency.  Apparently, the DA wanted the world to know that Mr. Scott's Mr. Winkie wasn't all that it could have been.  

Why was this relevant?

Who knows.  Perhaps three cops mistook Scott's raging boner for a sawed-off shotgun.  It happens to me all the time, and I don't even take Cialis. (rimshot)

I did not hear whether the cops who shot Scott had trouble getting their willy up ... for some reason, the D.A. didn't see fit to put their medical records on trial.  It's good to be a cop.

I watched nearly 6 hours of testimony yesterday, and I was absolutely disgusted for all six of those hours.  I just kept shaking my head the whole time and mentally weeping for what this country has become.  It was a six hour character assassination and for a supposedly "fact finding process", almost zero of the hearing dealt with facts surrounding the actual shooting.  The vast majority of the inquest dealt with issues that were completely irrelevant.

For instance, why on earth did they subpoena this guy's medical records?  It made no sense.  I kept thinking througout the whole thing "None of this would be necessary if they could just view the videotapes.  Instead of the judge worrying about whether Erik Scott took steroids 20 years ago, shouldn't he be worried about where the goddamn video tape is?".

What I witnessed was a witch hunt, an absolute witch hunt.  Now I know exactly what it was like during the Salem Witch Trials.  Three officers shot a man in cold blood, and then screamed "Witch!".  Since that day, they have set out to prove that he was indeed, a witch (or the modern day equivalent ... a "druggie"), fully deserving of his burning at the stake.

Fortunately for the officers, they have a jury full of Las Vegans.

Throughout the entire day, 100 questions filled my head, yet when it came time for the jury to ask questions ... they rarely had any.  On the rare occasion that they did have one, it was very poorly thought out and incomplete.

If you believe nothing, nay, NOTHING I have said about the average Las Vegan over the last 5 years, then watch this proceeding and prove it to yourself.  You will see that I am completely vindicated.

Keep in mind that this was only day #1.

Today and tomorrow, I expect more evidence from a process which will prove everything I have ever said about Las Vegas and the Las Vegas media 100% correct.

What I do not expect, however, is to see the Costco video tape.

Also keep in mind, ladies and gentleman, that due to the publicity, this is the best, most legitimate, most professional Coroner's inquest held in the past 30 years.  They know all eyes are on the process, and this is as good as it gets.

Imagine what happens when some guy named Jerome gets shot on East Fremont Street:

D.A.: "Officer, why did you discharge your weapon."
Officer: "Look at this picture of the guy, he was a goddamn negro."
Jury (standing up in unison): "That's all we need to know ... justified, your honor!"

This whole thing is insane.  Completely insane, and you are all bearing witness to it.

Now ... now I understand why every cop in the last 30 years has been cleared by this process.  The process is absolutely "confrontational" (a doctor was reprimanded to "answer yes or no" when it appeared that he was going to say something sympathetic to Scott), and its only purpose is to demean the lives of Clark County citizens so that police continue to have a blanket order to execute anyone and everyone they damn well please.

Given that the jury is made up 100% of Las Vegans, I've no doubt, and I mean NO doubt that the shooting will be found either excusable or justified.  The jury pool asks stupid 98er follow-up questions, they are being given bogus, irrelevant information, and they have simply lived in the dirt too long to know this.  If they had a clue, they wouldn't live in Las Vegas.

Don't believe me?

Watch for yourself ... see ... learn.

Anyway boys and girls, the fix is in.

Good luck, Las Vegas ... you're going to need it.

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