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Free Wheel of Fortune

Ask anyone who's lived in the past three decades to think of well-known game shows and they are sure to think of the timeless classic: Wheel of Fortune. Whether you're a game show expert, love the thrill of spinning, or just looking to kill some time while waiting in line, this game is ridiculously simple and an ideal way to occupy time for everybody. Stripping away the repetitive punchlines, hosts and tiring questions, this free slots zones in on the most significant part of the game - the wheel! This is a free demo version of the online game available anywhere, and being HTML 5, we do mean anywhere, as it can be played on any platform, be it tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop.

About the game


The moment you click the 'play' button you're taken to a bright, rainbow-colored screen. The left side shows your accumulating credits. Below it is the betting feature, showing a default wager of $100 and '+' and '-' symbols on each side, allowing you to increase or decrease your bet accordingly up to $1,000. On the right side is the vibrant wheel itself, which you get to spin yourself, thanks to the giant 'spin' button. Though it may seem simple to look at, its bright colors, flashing lights and super-smooth movements are sure to captivate you. Even more, you get realistic, tension-building sound effects as the spinner slows down and you hold your breath - it's fantastic!


How to play

You start with $1,500 free play money. By clicking on the '+' and '-' buttons, you can alter the default $100 bet and pick one between $100 and $1,000. The higher your wager, the higher your potential prize.
You then hit the only action button left - 'spin' to spin the wheel and play. When it stops spinning, the pointer will show you your prize, which is then added to your existing credits. Where the wheel stops is totally random.
The wheel has 20 sections, only 4 of which rendering no return for the player, and the remaining 16 sections giving returns ranging between $120 and $90,000. This makes the player's chances of accumulating winnings really promising. Spinning the wheel can become quite hypnotizing, and luckily you can spin again and again to your heart's content.

Play Wheel of Fortune via the platform of your choice


When it comes to playing Free Wheel of Fortune, some of the best things that it's got going for it are its simplicity and its high potential of winning - You basically have an 80% chance of winning any prize.
Playing for free means you can familiarize yourself with the game without spending a penny, before you move on to playing for real money. So if you're on the move, waiting around or on the bus with nothing to do but look out the window, your pointer should land on Wheel of Fortune. Try it on your smartphone or tablet and fall in love with this '80s and '90s classic all over again.

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