Check Online Casinos Review - A Comprehensive Guide

Check Online Casinos Review - A Comprehensive Guide

Checks are not the fastest way to transfer funds to and from an online casino as it can take them an inordinate amount of time to be processed, and let’s face it, they really aren’t as convenient as using an online payment option or credit card. However, if you have money at a casino which doesn’t accept the credit card you use, this Check Online Casinos Review might be the best and only option you’ll need when and if you wish to make a withdrawal.

Whilst there are not many online gamblers which abide by the Check Online Casinos Review, there are a select few which swear by it. Despite the fact that online payment methods have greatly evolved and improved over time, a substantial amount of players still feel very anxious when using online banking methods such as web wallets and credit cards and, as safe and secure as the web has become, some players still prefer to avoid using the web altogether when depositing or withdrawing money. Indeed, if you’re one of the hundreds of players who would prefer bypassing online payment methods completely and feel like you need a little help or advice about the ins and outs of banking with checks and bank drafts, this Check Online Casinos Review should be of some guidance to you.

Checks and Bank Drafts: what’s the difference? 

A check differs from a bank draft in the fact that the money the check is used in lieu of belongs to you personally and will be withdrawn directly from your account. On the other hand, the money in a bank draft belongs to the bank and should you want or need one, you will need to pay extra for it. Unlike a traditional check where money is taken directly from one’s account, when making use of a bank draft, the bank will pay the required amount and then redeem the funds from your account at a later stage (much like the method employed when using a money order). Both forms of payment take more or less the same time to process, usually within 5 – 10 banking days but the advantage of a bank draft is that it’s more widely accepted as it is almost impossible to forge.

Depositing with Checks

check online casinos review

Before you rush out and order yourself a check book to write out a check, you should know that while many online casinos do offer checks as a withdrawal option and you’ll find at least one Check Online Casino Review per reputable casino, there are many more which will allow it only as a deposit option. If you wish to make a deposit, you will be required to get all casino details from the accounts or cashier pages and then fill out the check accordingly. If you want to make a withdrawal, you can select the option from the cashier page, choose the amount you wish to withdraw, and decide whether or not you want it sent by normal post or better still, whether you want it to be couriered. Couriered checks usually arrive at their destination a little quicker, and the method is much safer than that employed for normal post, however, the prices of courier services vary considerably depending on your location. The important thing to remember is that while you will always have to pay for the check’s delivery, the fee is usually deducted from your withdrawal amount.

Disadvantages of Checks

Apart from the aforementioned time delay as a check needs to be both delivered as well as processed, checks also lack the encrypted technology which makes virtual payment options so secure.  Let us not forget that checks can be both stolen as well as altered, and currency exchanges cannot help but lengthen the entire process. Furthermore, checks can be quite costly for casinos, as well as for banks, due to the verification process that must be implemented when they are used. In addition to all this, one must always keep in mind that when one uses checks to withdraw money from their casino account, it does fluctuate up or down according to exchange rates. The amount you receive will be judged according to the exchange rate at the time of withdrawal.

The best online casinos that accept Check

While a great number of online casinos do actually accept Check as a payment method, here at CasinoTop10 we pride ourselves on having the cream of the crop. Thus, if you’re on the lookout for the best casinos which offer the best check payment option, please have a look at the ones below – you definitely won’t regret it!

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