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CasinoTop10 has assembled a dedicated, hardworking group of individuals that have spent years of their lives dedicated to the online casinos, casino games and gambling in general. There’s not much they don’t know about the gambling world and if there is, they’re quick to learn. If you want the best news, information about casino games and online casino reviews, you need look no further. 


About Our Authors


The writers, bloggers and columnists of CasinoTop10 are a weird bunch to say the least. There are very few people who can find joy in the online gaming industry but we have managed to find the few that do. They spend their lives in an out of casinos, arguing with people on the blogs and forums and writing about the world they love in far too much detail.


Sunlight is foreign to them, they’re all addicted to breakfast cereal and lead based paint and they all, despite their many differences, share a love for freshly squeezed yoohoo juice (we’re told it’s an intoxicating blend of strange fruits, unicorn horn and marmite).


Their second language is sarcasm and their first is, according to them, utter brilliance, although this has yet to be fully proven. They wander around the office like confused zombies and only come alive when someone mentions the words, “casino”, “bet”, “gambling” or “free Red Bull”. They’ve been known to bet on everything from the color of Barney the Dinosaurs skid marks to how many times they can say “more money” before the boss man kicks them in their gentleman veg.


Despite their many faults, they are the best at what they do and despite having a penchant for licking crayons, will always offer up the best advice and the most useful tips, tricks and techniques possible. They know where the best casinos are, which games to play and how to play them. They’ll keep you up-to-date with all industry news and make sure you know how they feel about a particular subject, be it the online gaming restrictions in the US or the fall of Atlantic City casinos.


Everything they write, offer an opinion on or argue about has been meticulously researched, which also makes them the most annoying people in the office and it’s not uncommon for people to cross the street in an effort to avoid a conversation with them.


Despite their many obvious faults, they’re a loveable bunch and if you’re ever having a bad day, you need only to ask them to dance. When “shaking their booty” they resemble a group of startled horses on a frozen lake. But, Karaoke nights are a big no no, last time they were handed the mic, three people had to be hospitalized and many a window replaced following a particularly terrible rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “wrecking ball”.

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