Visa Electron Online Casinos 2019 - How to Use it at Casinos

Visa Electron Online Casinos 2019 - How to Use it at Casinos

Visa Electron is a debit card (also issued as a credit card in exceptional cases) distributed in most countries across the globe, with the exceptions of the United States, Ireland, Canada, and Australia. It was established by Visa in the mid 1908s and serves as a sister card to the established Visa Debit card. The difference between the two cards is that the Visa Electron cannot be overdrawn, meaning that it requires the payer to use his/her own funds for purchasing goods and services. Visa Electron is one of the most widely-used debit cards in the world, with its popularity in Central and Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East being unrivalled. As our Visa Electron Online Casinos Review will illustrate, in the online gaming world, the casinos which do not accept Visa Electron are few and far between, however, this is unfortunately not the case for a number of online stores and all offline terminals which do not support Visa Electron because their systems cannot check for the availability of funds.

Despite the fact that a few online stores and all offline terminals do not accept Visa Electron as a payment method, here at CasinoTop10 we have made sure to include a substantial amount of casinos which do! So, if you’re craving the best of Online Casinos which offer the best Visa Electron payment options, please have a closer look at this Visa Electron Online Casinos Review and fight the good fight by choosing any one of the specially picked Visa Electron supported casinos in our hard to beat top list – you definitely won’t regret it!

How Visa Electron Works

visa electron onlin casinosVisa Electron works in the same way as a regular Visa card works, if not for the fact that each transaction made with a Visa Electron must be approved electronically. This is a very valuable feature for online gamers, as it allows for more control by making it impossible to spend beyond one’s coffers. With Visa Electron Online Casinos Review to guide you, you will learn how funds are deducted from your account as you spend; in real-time. And since you can only use your own funds, there are no interest payments involved. Indeed, many players feel that Visa Electron is the most sensible way to pay as they play due to the fact that they will be able to control their spending in a way which other payment options do not afford.

Transfer Times

As illustrated by our Visa Electron Online Casinos Review, transfer times are of no issue with Visa Electron. Users may have to confirm or authorize each transaction, but once this is done, funds are transferred immediately with no further questions asked and no extra hassle. When depositing funds into an online casino account, whether it's on desktop or a Mobile Casino, the transfer is immediate and one’s bank balance is normally revised instantly which means that a player can control exactly how much they want to spend without stepping over the mark. Note that it is not uncommon for casinos to require a minimum deposit amount when using Visa Electron.

When withdrawing funds from a casino using Visa Electron, your casino account balance is also typically updated in real-time; however, how quickly your casino processes the withdrawal is something which varies from casino to casino and is ultimately at the discretion of the casino itself, in fact, it is a normal occurrence for funds to take up to five working days (this depends on the casino in question) to materialize in your bank account. Again, do expect minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts from the vast majority of online casinos and familiarize yourself as far as possible with their terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.

 Visa Electron Customer Support

Visa’s website provides customer support through a ‘Contact Us’ feature which is available for all users to make use of. That said, the 'Contact Us' feature is not integrated with a 24/7 live support system which means that you might not get the answer that you need straight away. If you look closely at our Visa Electron Online Casinos Review, you will realize that for a Visa Electron user, the best way forward for you to obtain immediate customer support is to contact your local card issuer as the terms of use are set by them anyway and not by Visa’s central offices.

Visa Electron for the Future?

Apart from its debit facilities, the Visa Electron also allows the holder to withdraw cash from automated teller machines (ATMs) even outside the holder's country of residence (unlike normal ATM cards issued in some countries). This is due to the fact that Visa Electron cards are also linked to the Visa PLUS interbank network. Due to its prestigious roots, even though the card itself is not available in the United States, it can be used to transfer funds from other countries.

It is interesting to note, that in the United Kingdom the card is not as widely accepted as the Visa Debit card. As of 2015, most UK banks have stopped issuing the Visa Electron and in fact, out of the main banks, only Halifax still issues the card, with others issuing some form of Visa Debit. Lloyds TSB (now Lloyds Bank and TSB Bank), Barclays, Santander and the Co-operative Bank who formerly issued the card all have now moved to “all authorized” Visa Debit cards for basic account holders instead.

For Everything You’ll Ever Need!

Although its future may seem somewhat shaky in some areas, CasinoTop10 recommends the use of Visa Electron for banking with online casinos; the facility is easy to use, safe, widely accepted and comes with additional deposit bonuses attached to its use within several casinos online. While e-wallets are an increasingly popular means of depositing funds into online casino accounts, many casinos do not allow their clients to make withdrawals using such services. Casinos which accept Visa Electron (which are abundant), do tend to allow withdrawals using the card, meaning that users may complete all of their banking transactions using Visa Electron exclusively.  

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