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UseMyFunds Online Casinos 2020 - A Gambler's to UseMyFunds

UseMyFunds Online Casinos 2020 - A Gambler's to UseMyFunds

UseMyFunds is the main service of the Canadian company UseMyServices that facilitates online payments by connecting your current banking institution to an online casino privately. Launched in 2002, UseMyFunds is used by 1.6 billion users worldwide and is a safe and secure payment method for online casino players all over the world.

When you play at a UseMyFunds online casino you know that you’re playing with the most experienced in online banking payment methods – UseMyServices, the parent company, has been providing services in the financial sector for around for 30. In fact, it has kept with its tried and tested method and UseMyFunds remains a service that acts as an intermediary between a customer’s bank account and an online merchant, in this case the online casino you want to play at. You can choose the best UseMyFunds online casino from the toplist above, you don’t even have to have a UseMyFunds account in order to start playing.

BubbleWhy Use USeMyFunds at Online Casinos?


ArrowIt’s the main payment service of the company UseMyServices;

ArrowIt facilitates online payments by transferring funds from your bank account to the online casino;

ArrowYou need to have an online banking account at one of their many partner banks from around the world in order to use it;

ArrowPayments are free of charge;

ArrowWithdrawals are restricted to those with Canadian online bank accounts.

How to Make Payments and Withdraw at a UseMyFunds Online Casino

It really couldn’t be easier to use this service, you don’t even have to have an account or provide personal documents in order to make a payment. However there are different requirements if you wish to receive a payment. Read below to understand how to deposit and withdraw funds.

Making a Deposit at a UseMyFunds Online Casino

To top up your online casino account with UseMyFunds you have to follow these simple steps:

1) Pick which game you want to play, how much you want to deposit, then select UseMyFunds from the payment options.

2) You will be offered a selection of banks to choose from, select the financial institution that you have an online banking account with.

3) You will be asked to enter your online banking login ID and password.

4) Confirm the amount you want to deposit to the online casino.

5) Click to go back to the online casino.

6) Start playing instantly!

If you don’t already have an online banking account, practically every bank offers this service so all you will have to do is contact your bank so you can have an online banking option as well. If you want to you can open a UseMyFunds account, although you don’t have to. The only difference is you will be able to see your UseMyFunds transaction history.

Using UseMyFunds to Make Withdrawals from Online Casinos

Even though UseMyFunds is a really great way to make payments to online casinos, it has significant restrictions if you also wish to use it to withdraw your winnings. To start with, you have to have a Canadian bank account, have a buyer account with UseMyFunds, and then be approved for Pre-Authorized debit. If you wish to withdraw using UseMyFunds you have to do the following:

1) Have an online bank account with a Canadian financial institutions

2) Sign up for a UseMyFunds buyer account and take note of your login and new password

3) Once logged in to your new account, download the available forms in order to register for Pre-Authorized Debit (PADS)

4) Fill out the PADS forms with all the required information, and then send all completed documents to the UseMyServices support team by post, email, or fax. You will find all contact details on the website.

5) You will receive confirmation that the documents have been accepted when you see that two mini-deposits, normally only 1 dollar or less, have been sent to your bank account by UseMyServices.

6) Once you have these mini deposits in your account, log in to the online casino with your winnings that you wish to withdraw

7) Select UseMyFunds as a withdrawal option and the winnings can be sent to your bank account.

8) Your winnings will be transferred either immediately or within a few business days if you are still waiting for documents to be approved.

UseMyFunds Customer Service

You can contact the UseMyServices customer service by post at their Canadian office in Ontario, you can email their customer support office, or call them. An added plus is their customer support is available 24/7. All details are found in the contact us section on their website.

UseMyFunds Service Fees

Using UseMyFunds as an online casino deposit option is free of charge, although your banking institution may charge you a small amount to use the online banking service in order to make the payment, you will need to check with your particular online bank. When you make withdrawals from the online casino to your bank account using UseMyFunds, UseMyServices will charge you $1.00 per transaction.

Advantages of Using UseMyFunds Online Casinos

usemyfunds online casinos

 No extra software needed

Unlike many other payment options, you will not need to install any software on your device or desktop in order to use it. Payments are made directly on an internet browser.

 Payments are made instantly

If you are using UseMyFunds for the first time, you won’t have to waste any time signing up for an account and providing documents that need to be accepted. All you need is your internet banking login details and you’re ready. The transfer of funds from your online banking account to the online casino you want to play at is done instantly.

 No Need to sign up for an account

In order to reap the benefits of this payment service you won’t need to provide identification documents or open an account with UseMyFunds.

 Secure & anonymous payments

Your privacy is always safe when you use UseMyFunds, only your email address is provided to the online casino which they would already have upon sign up at the casino anyway. Your online banking details remain safe and are never passed on to the online casino or any other third party.

 Free Deposits

UseMyFunds doesn’t charge customers any money for using its services to make online payments. Your bank may charge a small fee, depending on your bank, but the service itself is completely free.

Disadvantages of Using UseMyFunds Online Casinos

 Withdrawals restricted to Canadian bank account holders

You need to have a Canadian bank account and be approved for Pre-Authorized Debit in order to receive a payout. On top of that, you will need to wait for the approval of your documents.

 Restricted Funding Options

You are restricted to using the funds in your existing bank account. You cannot fund your UseMyFund account with any card or eWallet service. It is solely a payment facilitation service linking your bank account to the online casino.

 Payment Service Limited to Particular Country Nationals

You have to be a citizen from one of the approved countries on their website, and on top of that, you have to have an online banking account at one of their partner banks in that country. If your country is on the list, but your bank is not you cannot use UseMyFunds.

Play at the Best Online Casino that Accept UseMyFunds

If you want to start playing at your favorite online casino instantly without having to bother with sign up hassles and documentation, this is the payment option for you. Just check that you have an online banking account at a UseMyFund partner bank and you can make a deposit instantly. Once you've successfully deposited money, you can start playing your preferred online casino games. Check out the best UseMyFunds online casinos found on the web by browsing through our toplist on this page.

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