Slot Robot Paper Toy - Build Your Own Tougui Slot Robot!

Slot Robot Paper Toy - Build Your Own Tougui Slot Robot!

10 Sep 2011 | 07:20 Author: Francesca Soler

Building advanced paper toys has become hugely popular this year. And naturally we at CasinoTop10 want to jump right on this trend, after all it never hurts to take a step back from your laptop and be a little crafty for a few minutes you know. Below you can find our free slots robot paper toy pdf along with some instructions on how to create it. So sit back, relax and get creative!

CasinoTop10’s Slots Robot Paper Toy by Tougui

You've always wanted an anthropomorphic, walking paper robot toy designed by one of the hottest graphic designers in the world, right?

Our content team at CasinoTop10 has teamed up with the legendary paper-toy maker Tougui to provide all our readers with this super cool, easy-to-build slots robot paper toy template. Tougui has created hundreds of paper toys - you can find hundreds of different styles and characters available on paper-toy sites across the web and on his site where he has his illustrations and designs showcased. And even if he can’t make a living out of folding paper yet, he says that he has earned quite a lot of money from this hobby. Plus, he has had great opportunities working on hundreds of interesting projects by creating these beautiful 3D illustrations which, admittedly, aren't difficult to make.

Like most paper toys out there, this one isn’t too fussy or complicated to complete.  All you need is a printer (preferably with colored ink), a paper cutter, a pair of scissors and some glue. When you’re making the paper toys the key is to be patient and try to have steady hands in order to cut straight lines. Below you can see the end result of how the toy will look once you’ve completed all the folding.

Looking for Printable Paper Toys Templates? Here’s One right Below! 

slots machine paper toy

Download our Free Slots paper toy template & Get Started!    

Click on the link here for the Free Slots paper toy to begin downloading. Once you have done so, your download will begin in a matter of seconds.

How to Make Our Slots Robot Toy

For most of you out there that frequently get crafty after playing at online casinos, our slots paper toy is incredibly easy to make. However, if you’re completely new at this, we recommend that you read our step-by-step instructions below. Or provided that you understand French, you can easily use the instructions on the sheet itself! If you don’t understand French, the only thing you really need to know is that you put glue on the areas marked “Coller” and cut where it says “Couper.”

1) Print the Template and Cut Out Different Parts

Once you’ve downloaded the template print out the free pdf in color. Next, cut the images on the sheet of paper carefully. Make sure that you’re doing this with a steady hand, otherwise you’ll end up with loads of zagged lines (that you ideally don’t want). Precision is important so if you do make some zig-zaggy lines it might be better to print out a new sheet and start over.

2) Cut the different sections of the image

Once you’ve managed to cut out the different images that will eventually be part of your slots robot paper toy, you can now cut the different sections that are marked in green with a paper cutter.

3) Fold the different sections of the image and Glue them Together

When you’ve successfully managed to cut the lines marked in green, you can then fold the grey parts of the images and glue the bits of the slots robot toy together. Voila! Your very own paper slot machine is complete!

About Tougui – The Man Who Knows How to Make Paper Toys

The artist, Guillaume, who also goes by the name Tougui, gets a lot of inspiration from street art and most of his pieces are truly amazing. By profession Tougui is a freelance graphic designer who’s managed to establish himself in Annecy, France.

For as long as he can remember Tougui has always loved drawing. And so Guillaume opted to enroll in France’s Ecole de l'image Les Gobelins to further his studies in what he was most passionate about.

Soon after graduating in 2007 Tougui embarked on his career as a freelance graphic designer. A large part of his inspiration mainly draws on street art and snow sports.

He has been experimenting with making paper toys since 2005 and has since created tons of brilliant paper toys. Tougui has worked with some of the most well-known international brands too. Other than the slots robot toy found above he’s also for instance created a paper figure of the famous American snowboarder and multi-time X-Games gold medallist Shaun White. Among his other amazing creations are the signature Pokemon character Pikachu, El Jaguar, Timber Jack, a T-Rex, Billy Sweet Monster and more!

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