Sic Bo Money Management - The only way to manage your Sic Bo money!

When it comes to Sic Bo, the player pretty much has to abandon himself to the hopefully capable hands of his fortune as he is only really required to do two things: bet on what he thinks the outcome of the rolled dice will be and decide how much money he’s willing or able to put down on that outcome. Ultimately, proper Sic Bo Money Management is of such vital importance because the player’s bankroll and his chips are the only things within his control. Here are few Sic Bo Money Management tips to ensure that you don’t get caught up in the moment and compromise what little leverage you have:

Sic Bo Money Management - establish your bankroll BEFORE you play!

The key to any fruitful use of money management is to think in the long-term rather than focusing on the short and this means that you need to establish exactly how much you’re willing and able to play (and lose) before you sit down at table and spill out the entire contents of your pockets. The key to Sic Bo Money Management is not to gamble more than you can afford to lose which pretty much means that putting your monthly rent on the table in the hopes of making more money is probably not one of the best ideas out there. So how much should your bankroll sum consist of? Well, we’ve spoken to many experts on the matter and they all seem to agree that a good rule of thumb to follow is that a bankroll should never be less than 50 to 100 times the minimum wager allowed at the table. If you don’t have the spare cash, do yourself a favour and buy yourself a big drink instead.

Stick to your guns!

Once you’ve established your Sic Bo bankroll, set yourself a time limit in which to play and don’t surpass it. Many players find that once they set themselves a curfew, it is easier for them to walk away when their time comes to a close. Once your bankroll or your time runs out, resist the temptation to sit down for just five more minutes. Strong, winning players are players that know when to say no and when to walk away from a potentially damaging situation - don’t let your ego or anyone else tell you otherwise.

Sic Bo Money Management is all about the build-up

You may have heard the phrase go hard or go home but Sic Bo really isn’t the time or the game to put this phrase into action. Making big, fat bets from the get-go is the surest way ever for your time on the Sic Bo table to be a very short one as it’s these kind of bets which banish your bankroll into oblivion. The best thing to do is put down no more than 1 – 2 per cent of your bankroll on each bet. As your winnings start to accumulate, your bets can increase proportionately. The only trick here is patience (and in this case, it WILL pay).

Respect the odds because they won’t respect you!

The cornerstone of winning at any game is knowing the odds and sticking to them. In Sic Bo, the house edge is lower on even money bets such as big, small, and single number bets, however, doubles, triples, three dice totals, and two dice combinations have higher payouts. That said, the latter group are also harder to achieve. Don’t tempt your fate too hard, if it seems like getting a particular total is something of a long shot, it probably is.

Go where the money is!

The old principle of there being a certain safety in numbers is sadly underrated at the casino which is a shame and can actually cost you money you can’t afford to lose. If you notice that some of your fellow table men are lavishing a great amount of chips on a particular combination, your best way forward is to wager with them and not against. If the herd is in the right, then you too will have a slice of the proverbial pie. Alternatively, if you were the only person to bet the opposite of the crowd and things go sour instead of sweet, you will be received with hostility as some players may feel that you jinxed the bet (superstition is a big thing in the casino world and should never be underestimated). The reality is that Sic Bo and indeed all other casino games are much more enjoyable when everyone is friendly. This aspect is something that online Sic Bo players don’t have to deal with and for some people, this factor is what gives online casino games plus points.

Try to manage your money better by being two steps ahead of your luck

Although one roll of the dice does not have a tangible effect on the next (which means that just because you rolled a four in one round, it doesn’t mean you won’t roll it again in the next), lucky streaks are a surprisingly common occurrence. The best thing to do if you feel such a streak on your table is to ride it and ride it hard. Conversely, if the dark, ugly cloud of bad luck appears to be covering your table, it’s probably best not to push your non-existent luck and temporarily leave the table (instead of staying there like a sitting duck). As long as your bankroll or time hasn’t run out, you can always sit back down later and try again.

Sic Bo Money Management: Do it right and it’s worth the fight!

When it comes to Sic Bo Money Management (or any other money management for that matter) the most important thing is that you don’t allow yourself to be swayed or put into a position where you are gambling and losing more than you can afford to. If you are willing to gradually build up your winnings instead of betting big and being forced to bow out before your time, the long term rewards are huge. Take a leaf out of the wise tortoise in Aesop’s Fables’ book and remember that it’s slow and steady that wins the race.


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