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In times long gone by, gamblers would travel to the nearest casino to get their fix and everything that ensued once they entered those gilded doors promising endless fame and fortune was pretty run of the mill and well, predictive. Although the rooms could be dark, dingy and sometimes smelled a bit funny, each room was guarded by a beast of a man who looked like the incredible hulk’s bigger, uglier brother. Of course, much has changed since then, but the need for players to feel as safe as possible when parting with their hard earned cash is a sentiment which has largely remained present in the gambling world for obvious reasons. 

Thus, when it comes to a gambling guru or even a green newbie choosing an online casino, a lot more is at stake than how fast the game is and how sharp the graphics are. We all like to feel safe, but when it comes to protecting our money, only the absolute best will do. Since many of us here at CasinoTop10 are players ourselves, we understand the importance of a Safe Online Casino that you can trust - that’s why we’ve laid out a few ground rules for you to follow to help you make the all-important decision about who to play with and why it’s worth doing your research properly before committing yourself to anything.

Does your Safe Online Casino have fast payouts?

safe online casinosNowadays, research is key and has becomes vastly possible and easy to conduct thanks to the internet gods. Whether you’re going out to eat at a restaurant or buying the latest technology, it is always important that you go online and find out a bit more about the subject at hand before you take the plunge. Ultimately, doing this will not only save disappointment, but will also hopefully save you both time and money (which you can use elsewhere) in the future. The truth is, it’s not all that hard to find a Safe Online Casino if you know what you’re looking for and over time, you will become an expert at dodging those not always apparent red flags which seem to come out of nowhere. Thus, the first thing you need to do is ask about how fast payouts made by a particular casino are and what payment methods said casino employs. Does the particular supposed Safe Online Casino offer reputable financial partners such as VisaAmerican Express and MasterCard as payment and withdrawal methods? If the answer is no, then maybe you should go back to the drawing board and question why there is such a gaping absence of world famous brands. In 2016, no trusted online casino brand can and should be void of the necessary credentials which they know will take them to the next level and get them players of a certain stature and economic weight.

How long has your Safe Online Casino been around?

While longevity is no guarantee of success, it definitely counts for something in the ever evolving world of the casino because it shows that a casino is able to grow, evolve, and answer to the changes of the times. Undeniably, the first thing you should do when attempting to tackle the longevity aspect is to find out who actually owns the casino in question and for how long they’ve had it; unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to do for a variety of different reasons. The reality is that the more transparent a casino strives to be and the more it makes its information easy to access by the general public, the greater the chance that it is in fact a Safe Online Casino which has nothing to hide. If you don’t see anything at first glance, the best thing to do is check the bottom of the website’s main page where you might be able to find the information you’re looking for alongside the all-important copyright information. If you find nothing there except a gaping hole, maybe you could try the ‘About Us’ page (if they have one) and have a look over there. If this scavenger hunt doesn’t prove to be all that fruitful, your final checkpoint could be the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section as many online casinos tend to just bundle any important information they have into this space without thinking twice. However, if you’ve done all this and still come up with nothing but dust, we humbly advise that you think thrice about laying your anchor with this particular online casino.

An important point to keep in mind is that for every online casino out there, there are dozens more third party sites which are reviewing them and watching their every move to make sure that they are the real deal. These third party pages which don’t usually have any affiliations with the mothership will not only reveal when exactly the online casino in question was established, but can also offer you some peace of mind as to how safe (or unsafe) your casino of choice is. That said, if your online casino hasn’t been around since the time of the dinosaurs, all is not lost! Not only can the way a site is constructed speak volumes about its origins, but if you’re willing to dig a little deeper you might even be able to see what other online casinos the company may own and how long they’ve been around. An inescapable fact of the casino world is that when any company has been online for a notable amount of time, it will have established some sort of reputation. Whether or not that reputation is good or bad is entirely up to you to discover. The best thing about the internet is that everyone likes to give their opinion on everything from bath water to their favorite television program, so if you suspect that an online casino isn’t all that it claims it is, a simple google search should help you establish whether or not your suspicions are justified and if you need to move on to the next lucky contender for your affections.

Where is the Safe Online Casino licensed?

Nothing can tell a player more about how safe their casino of choice is than the place it is licensed. Due to the fact that most jurisdictions have a strict set of laws regarding online casino operations, if something happens or the online casino is not keeping within the acceptable legal framework, players can enter claims against the site in the jurisdiction it is licensed in. The truth is that any casino which has nothing to hide should list their licensing jurisdiction on the front page of their website (one can usually find it at the very bottom of said page next to the copyright information). Other common locations for licensing info include the ‘About Us’ page, the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page, and/or the ‘Privacy Policy’ page. In case you were wondering, common licensing jurisdictions include Curacao/Netherlands Antilles, Gibraltar, Alderney, Malta, Kahnawake, the Isle of Man, and Costa Rica.

That said, we at CasinoTop10.net suggest that players be especially vigilant when considering an online casino which is licensed in Costa Rica. Although there are plenty of highly reputable gambling sites licensed here, the fact that it is less restrictive than other common licensing domains may be something of an issue to players who want a sure, safe deal. Costa Rica does not restrict  their operators to such an extent that it does not even ban American players as most territories are duty bound to do. The only rule which online casinos licensed in Costa Rica must abide by is the prohibition of Costa Rican players. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that the lion’s share of rogue operators who actually bother to obtain a license, will probably get it from Costa Rica.

Is the Safe Online Casino software certified?

Is the casino’s software verified by a trusted third party? Can the safety, security, and fairness of that software be proved? These are questions which players should not only ask, but if no proof of a third party auditing firm can be found, one should probably back away slowly from the site in question and not look back. The beauty of software auditing firms is that they test online casino software on a regular basis to make sure that casino games are as fair as online casinos are claiming. Each game is run upwards of a million times to ensure complete unpredictability and that the standard probabilities match that of a land-based casino to make sure that your online experience is as authentic as possible. If the software passes the review, it is certified by the testing company and given either a badge or a document as proof. Some of the better known auditing firms include eCOGRA, TST (Technical Systems Testing), Thawte and Gaming Associates Pty Ltd. If you see these third-party logos, you can rest assured that the online casino software you’re looking at is certified fair. Moreover, you can also see how safe an online casino is by finding out what kinds of encryption technologies it uses (SSL and/or RSA data encryption are crucial). SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral, whereas RSA is an algorithm used by modern computers to encrypt and decrypt messages. It is an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm which uses two different keys and is also referred to as public key cryptography because one of them can be given to everyone. The other key must be kept private. It is based on the fact that finding the factors of an integer is hard. A further step that many online casinos are taking is that of keeping player’s details filed in separate databases on a different computer for safety purposes. Thus, in the unlikely event that the online casino is hacked, one will still not be able to get their hands on any significant data which could compromise the player in any way.

The truth is all in the Casino software

safe online casino softwareBroadly speaking, the software for all the online casinos on the big, bad net is provided by a handful of software providers. Thus, it is the onus of the player to do their research as to what software company an online casino has chosen to be affiliated with. That said, not every casino leaves proof of their choice in plain sight which means that you might have to do some extensive research. If you’re a USA player then you’re pretty limited as to what software you can use as Realtime Gaming (RTG) software is the only mainstream software provider who allows USA players to sign up and play.

Unfortunately, because the USA comes with such a gray area when it comes to online casinos, it follows that RTG do not apply particularly fixed and strict standards to their licensing. Inevitably, this leads to some unsavory, rogue customers who will choose to exploit RTG because of their renowned lax approach, hence, it becomes of tantamount importance that the player take into consideration all factors when he or she is deciding where to spend his money.

Of course, if you reside outside the United States, your gambling life will be considerably easier and your choice of game provider wider as players beyond American soil can enjoy games by software giants such as Microgaming and Net Entertainment to name a couple. Should you come across an online casino which uses these two companies, chances are that is it 100 per cent legit as you’ll rarely (if ever) find an underground, rogue casino which uses the software of the latter two. If there’s no sign of Microgaming and Net Entertainment, keep your eyes peeled for Playtech. Now, the thing about Playtech is that despite the fact that it is a trusted name by many in the know, they are generally speaking less strict on who they license to which means that there are probably a couple of sharks which can and will take advantage of this, but really and truly, our extensive experience has shown us that for the most part, a Playtech casino is usually a safe online casino worthy of patronage.

Ultimately, one cannot speak about software without bringing up the fact that a number of online casinos also take games by land-based suppliers such as WMS, Novomatic and Aristocrat. Again, broadly speaking, the above are classified as safe casinos but discretion is always advised.

When in doubt, go with a brand that you can trust!

If you were looking to buy an authentic Rolex, you would hardly visit the local Chinese neighborhood stall, would you? Well, it’s pretty much the same principal in the vibrant and fast-paced online casino world. The reality is that the safest gaming sites which will offer you the best payouts are usually going to have the weight of a brand name behind them and if no one else seems to know anything about them, it probably wouldn’t be your brightest moment to sign over your hard earned cash on the dotted line. That said, we all know what can happen when a brand gets too big for its boots; apart from the fact that with size comes an overwhelming amount of bureaucracy, there is also the little matter of companies losing sight of what really matters: the personal touch. Customers (and players) do not want to feel like they are just a number and this can only be achieved if they are able to reach and speak to customer service representatives with relative ease should they need or want to. Thus, your mission as a player should always be to find those e-casinos which are large and legitimate as well as attentive to the customers’ every need.

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ArrowSafe Online Casinos have Fair Games;

ArrowThey are both licensed and regulated by a well-reputed Gaming Authority;

ArrowUse encryption technology.

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

While safe and legitimate casinos still greatly outnumber unsafe ones, this does not mean that one shouldn’t take the time to do their homework properly and ultimately save themselves hours of migraines as well as hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Indeed, it is only thanks to active online gambling community members who take the time to do their research and warn other players that unsafe business practices can be eradicated once and for all. Despite the fact that we have given you all the necessary tools for you to make the safest online splash, here at CasinoTop10 we have gone the extra mile and done all the dirty work for you! Our top list has only the most dependable, competent, and trustworthy online casinos on the block which means that you don’t need to look any further when making your choice. So start playing safe today and thank us later!


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