Not Licensed Operator

Why have I been redirected to this page?

You have been redirected to this page since the partner you were looking for through internal or external search does not have a license in the state that you are browsing from.

What does this mean?

Gambling licenses are forms of certification which are bestowed on online casinos by licensing authorities. This certification will show that a given casino room is reliable, trustworthy and fair. The requirements for licenses to be issued vary from state to state, however, if online gambling is considered to be illegal in your state, then a license for your casino room of choice will not be issued from your state.

What are the requirements for a gambling license to be obtained?

In places where online casinos are legal, licenses are usually given to casinos which meet these three main requirements:

  • The willingness to disclose detailed information about the inner workings of the casino.
  • The willingness to provide information about certain individuals if it is needed.
  • An excellent standard of honesty and openness.

Do I actually need my casino of choice to have a license?

It is advisable that you check the laws and regulations in your region before you start playing. Each state, country or region that has online casinos in its jurisdiction is regulated by a licensing authority whose job it is to issue licenses and regulate licensees, therefore, if your casino of choice doesn’t make the cut, chances are it is involved in some shady practices.

Why doesn’t my casino room have a license in my state?

Many times, a site will have to base at least part of its operations (however small) within the jurisdiction where it wants to be licensed. This means that many online casinos will choose their homebase based on the rules and legislation which they will be subject to. Now, in the case of American players, the plot thickens considerably simply because of the fact that online gambling is illegal in almost all US states. Therefore, apart from the fact that online casinos do not operate from within the US jurisdiction, it doesn’t really matter whether or not your casino of choice is considered to be the best on the net – it still won’t be bestowed with a license from your state.

What can I do?

We at CasinoTop10 do not support illegal gameplay nor do we endorse casinos which do not have a license. All the casinos you will find on our site are trustworthy and have been given great reviews which you can find on our Online Casino Reviews page. If you are a US citizen and online gambling is illegal in your state, we recommend that you enjoy one of our Free Casino Games instead. We do not only offer the standard Free Roulette that you can find at most online casinos but we have a vast portfolio of free games which are sure to be of interest to even the most discerning player.