Online Casino Loyalty Bonus 2019 - Exclusive for Loyal Customers!

If you were ever under the impression that online casinos didn’t offer as much appeal as their brick-and-mortar counterparts, you should reevaluate that thought as many casinos found on the net are now rolling out their red carpet to their loyal customers and treating them as VIPs. Want to learn more? Read our online casino Loyalty Bonus guide and take a peek at our Best Loyalty Bonus toplist below! 

What is an Online Casino Loyalty Bonus?

Despite the plethora of Welcome Bonuses available, that will attempt to sneakily lure you away from your casino-home; it’s now more worth it than ever to gamble at the same casino you initially chose. And ‘Why?’ you ask. Well, many online casinos have now turned their competitive streak up a notch by offering marvelous online casino Loyalty Bonuses for you to enjoy! Yes, you heard right; just as many retail stores now offer rewards schemes in the form of loyalty programs to shoppers that often make purchases from their stores, online casinos are doing it too. Not sure what this really means for you as a gambler? Well, we’re here to get into all the nitty-gritty details in order to enable you to gain a better understanding of what they’re about.

As suggested by its name, a Loyalty Bonus is a type of bonus that’s given to the customers of an online casino when they’ve been loyal to their site for a very long time. In fact, this type of bonus has gained a sort of VIP status because many casinos do not actually publish the details about these types of bonuses on their site. Instead, they are selective in who they send the bonuses out to, the reason being that they only want their loyal customers to benefit from their rewards. So, in this case, loyalty will pay off.

BubbleFacts about Loyalty Bonuses:


ArrowThese types of bonuses are given to players as a reward for being loyal to an online casino;

ArrowThe most common loyalty bonuses are cashback and tiered bonuses;

ArrowBonuses can be redeemed once a certain amount of points have been collected;

Arrow Some casinos also give Christmas and Birthday bonuses to their loyal customers;

ArrowLoyalty bonuses are not always displayed on a casino’s site;

ArrowThese types of bonuses are worth cashing in on for avid gamblers who play casino games very often.

How does a Loyalty Bonus work?

When you sign up to an online casino of your choice, the online establishment’s main objective is to show you a good time by offering the best array of casino games out there and to ensure that you keep gambling on their site. Hence, this is why they’ll offer you an online casino Loyalty Bonus in order to keep you enjoying the thrill of gambling at their site! This is, of course, is great news for those of you out there who enjoy the thrill of watching the Slots reels spin, hitting the Blackjack table, placing even bets at the Roulette table or throwing dice on a Craps table after a day of hard work.

Typically, Loyalty Bonuses are sent out to high rollers that choose to play at their site as well as regular players who keep depositing money into their account to be able to play casino games with. In some cases, online casinos will send out bonuses such as birthday bonuses once a year. Moreover, high rollers can usually benefit from glitzier bonuses such as ‘Platinum’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ bonuses. However, which one you typically qualify for will depend on how often you play and the amount you typically choose to deposit.

Is it worth considering this type of Bonus before choosing your casino?

Before you go ahead and choose your online casino, you should evaluate whether you just want to play from time to time or whether you see it as a pastime you will enjoy almost weekly or even daily. If the first option is the case, then you should pay more attention to obtaining a fantastic Welcome Bonus than a Loyalty Bonus. Yet, if you intend on gambling away to your heart's content often, you should look out for an online casino which has a great loyalty bonus scheme instead as this might prove to be profoundly beneficial in increasing your bankroll tremendously later in the game.

Types of Loyalty Bonuses

online casino bonus types

Loyalty Bonuses vary from casino to casino. However, we’ve managed to compile a list of bonuses that are typically offered online.

  Cash Back Bonuses

A Cash Back Bonus is one which allows you to earn points for each wager you place. Generally, loyalty points can be recouped once you manage to reach certain milestones. Milestones will vary from casino to casino as generally speaking each online casino will set its own. For example, you may be able to redeem your bonus when you’ve managed to accumulate 500 points in a month at one casino and you might have to gather 1000 points at another casino within the space of a month in order to redeem your points.

  Tiered Online Casino Loyalty Bonuses - Platinum,Gold & Silver

Some schemes take the form of tiered loyalty bonuses. These are usually segmented into categories such as Platinum, Gold and Silver and in some cases even VIP, VIP Elite and Diamond, which are typically especially reserved as a loyalty bonus for high rollers. The rule of thumb here in order to get these bonuses is to play as much as you can and for as long you can.

Some online casinos may allow you to buy points from the casino itself or other players or sell them to other players at a pre-agreed price. There are even online casinos which offer you prizes in exchange for your points at their land-based counterparts. In any case, the ball is in your court and you’ll be able to do whatever you desire with your points within the site’s terms and conditions of course. Nonetheless, we do not urge you to keep playing in order to just be able to attain these bonuses.

How to become a VIP - Getting bonus points!

online casino loyalty bonus

Becoming a VIP is easy. Simply find a casino which has a fantastic online casino Loyalty Bonus scheme and the rest is up to you. When it comes down to finding one we suggest reading casino reviews and going on the sites themselves, however, you’ll find that the information in regards to bonuses is not always displayed.

CasinoTop10’s Top Loyalty Bonus Tips

Follow CasinotTop10’s tips in order to find the best online casino bonus by reading below!

1) Shop around by reading casino reviews about these bonuses

Read plenty of online casino reviews in order to find the best loyalty bonus around. These will give you an indication of what to expect out of a particular casino and whether it’s customer-centric in its approach to running their casino or not. Moreover, provided that you’re looking for a loyalty bonus, you’ll also be able to decipher which type of bonus the company most commonly offers i.e. whether it’s a cashback bonus or tiered bonus.

2) Always read the Terms and Conditions of the Bonus

Similarly to any other bonus, it’s always important to read the fine print of a bonus and the wagering requirements that you must meet in order to redeem said bonus. In any case, what’s great about these loyalty bonuses is that the terms and conditions are not as stringent as Welcome Bonuses that are given to you when you initially sign up to the site. After all, what online casinos are really after here is that you remain a Loyal Customer.

3) Check Your Points every so often

If you’re working your way to receiving a fantastic bonus, you should always keep checking your progress every so often. This will help you stick within the amount you had originally set to your bankroll and not deposit more than is actually necessary in the first place.

Your Loyalty is Valued by the Casinos in our list

With the majority of online casinos that are peppered on the web offering spectacular bonuses, it’s no wonder many avid gamblers are opting to play online instead of traveling to the likes of Sin City to get their gambling fix. It is for this reason that competition between casinos in the online realm is at an all-time high. And as they all struggle to compete for attention, one factor that makes a casino different from loads of the run-of-the-mill casinos out there is its online casino Loyalty Bonus. If you’re looking for one, you’ll be glad to know that our casino-players-turned-experts have tested the waters for you and managed to amass a list of the casino greats to get these bonuses from! So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up to one on our list and start watching them Slots Online reels spin, hitting the Blackjack Online table and placing bets whilst playing Roulette. With these bonuses, you’ve certainly got nothing to lose, only to gain!

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