Live Hold Em - A Complete Guide

This immensely popular casino version of Texas Hold’em is now available in live dealer format. Instead of playing live hold em against the random generator, you can get a real feel for the casino atmosphere by having a dealer live-streamed direct in real-time to your screen in the comfort of your home. 

Online Hold Em vs. Live Hold Em

When you play Live Hold Em’ you can watch the live dealer shuffle the cards, and then deal the cards without worrying about how random the random generator is when you play regular online hold em’. All moves are shown to you on the live feed of the game as well. You can also interact with the dealer and players through the chat function. The similarities lie in how you place your bets which works in the same way by clicking and dragging on the screen.

What is Live Hold Em?

First of all, let’s clarify the differences between Texas Hold Em’ and Casino Hold Em’ – one is a poker game against other players, whilst in casino Hold Em’ you play with other players at the table, but against the dealer. In Live Hold Em’ not only can you play with the other players against the house instead of against each other, but you also keep the traditional social spirit of the game which is lost a bit in the online casino version. It’s the closest you will get to the real deal experience in the casino, and in many ways it’s even better. You won’t have to dress up, leave your house, arrange travel plans, or pay for accommodation if you live far from a casino. At the same time you will get to interact with and play with other players and have the dealer handle the cards in real time on your screen from home.

BubbleLive Hold Em' Features:


ArrowYou play against the dealer not with the other players at the table;

ArrowYou receive a real life streaming of the dealer and table in the casino;

ArrowYou select your bets on the screen just like in online hold em';

ArrowWatch the dealer shuffle and deal the cards;

ArrowYou can interact with the other players at the table and the dealer using the chat function;

ArrowBet minimums are slightly higher than in regular online casino games.

Why Play Live Hold Em?

live holdem casino

This is the ultimate way to play this social game whilst remaining in the comfort of your own home and still being able to maintain the thrill of being in the real life casino – you really do get the best of both worlds when you play live hold em’. You are able to chat with the dealer and the other players, and the dealer will respond to you directly if relevant to the game. You are able to get the human interaction that is missing when you play a normal online hold em’ casino game. You also have the benefit of watching the live dealer shuffle and deal the cards, so if you ever feel slightly suspicious of the random generator – even though there is no reason to be – that seed of doubt in your mind can be completely eliminated as you are watching a person shuffle and deal the cards. It’s also much more exciting watching a live dealer turn over the cards at the table than watching a screen with digital cards.

Advantages of Playing Live Hold Em

  You play against a real person and not a random generator

  Trustworthy dealing of cards as you watch them being shuffled and dealt

   Keep social and interact with the dealer and other players

  Real cards are used instead of digital cards

  You can have the casino experience from home

How to Play Live Hold Em

You first have to login to the online casino of your choosing, or set up a new account if you don’t have one yet. Next you need to fund your account so you can make bets when you play. Select from the numerous payment options available. Select the Live Dealer options, and then from there you need to select Live Hold Em’ from the list of available live games. There may be different variations of the game so make sure you take a look at the specifics of each game.

Once you select the game, what you will see in the live streaming is that the set up is like a real casino - there is a casino table with a live dealer who will shuffle and deal the cards, and this will be live-streamed to you as there are various cameras filming the game live. There are some similarities to playing your regular online hold em’ casino game, particularly in how you make your bets.

In order to place a bet, you need to first choose the chip amount and drag this chip onto the Ante, and then Call circles. Once players place their bets in the game the live dealer will shuffle and deal the cards from the shoe – there is no random generator at work here.

Live Dealer Hold Em Rules

live holdem dealer rules

The aim of live hold em’ is very simple – the player’s hand has to beat the dealer’s hand, not the other players at the table. Your hand is made by looking at your two cards and the community cards, and if you have a higher value that the dealer’s hand, you win.

1) All players place their bets before any cards are dealt. You have to make an Ante bet, and there are optional side bets as well.

2) You will see the live dealer shuffle the cards and then the dealer will hand out 2 cards per player, and 2 cards for the dealer.

3) After the player and dealer cards are handed out, the dealer will place three community cards at the center of the table.

4) The cards are turned over, and the player has to decide to either a) fold, discontinue to play and lose the Ante bet, or b) the player raises and the call bet is double the Ante bet.

5) After all the players at the table either fold or raise their bets, the dealer will put two more community cards on the table, so there is a total of five bets.

6) Now the dealer turns over his/her cards at the table. In order for the dealer to qualify they must have a pair of 4’s or better.

7) Both player and dealer now make their best five card poker hand from their 2 cards and the community cards in the center of the table, this hand will then be compared to that of the dealer.

8) The outcome occurs as follows:

a. If the dealer does not qualify, then all players at the table are given payouts for their wins according to the pay table. The raise bet is a push/stand-off.

b. If the dealer’s hand qualifies, and the dealer’s hand is better than the player’s hand, then the player will lose the ante bet and the raise bet.

c. If the player’s hand beats the dealer’s hand, then the player is paid for the ante bet according to the pay table, and the raise bet is paid out at a rate of 1-1.

d. If the dealer qualifies and their hand ties the player’s hand, then the ante bet and raise bet are considered a push.

Depending on how long you want to play for, the above steps can be continued many times. However with live hold em’ check the available times and how long the session goes for. As there is a real dealer working there are certain time frames to play. You can leave a playing session whenever you feel like it. Check with the casino you are playing at for the pay table rates, as they may change from casino to casino slightly. You should also check the exact house edge for the game as these may also differ according to casino. Read up on poker hand values if you don’t remember them so you can assemble the best hand against the dealer.

Play at the Best Live Dealer Hold Em’ Online Casinos!

It’s hard in this day and age to find the best online casino for live hold em’ – there are many poor quality live casinos on the internet it’s hard as a player to know which one to invest your precious dollars on. That’s why the team here at CasinoTop 10 is here to help you! We have reviewed all the online casinos that have live hold em’ for you and have featured only the very best online casinos in our toplist found above and below. Have a look through them, watch some sample videos of the live casino so you get a real feel for it and make sure you like it, and then you can start playing with other players as soon as you feel ready to have some fun!

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