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Interac Casinos - The Best Payment Options for Canadian Players

Interac Casinos - The Best Payment Options for Canadian Players

If you're a Canadian player why not use a payment option which is meant specifically for you? Interac Casinos are designed specifically with Canadian players in mind which means you don't have to worry about whether or not your casino will accept you.

What is Interac?

interac casinosBorn in 1984, Interac is a Canadian financial services provider which exists specifically for Canadians. It has thrived in Canada thanks to the fact that it integrates different Canadian financial providers. Thanks to Interac's shared network, Canadians have a vast range of options to access their funds. Originally, Interac's services used to be provided under two different trading names which in turn offered two different kinds of services, however, all this changed in 2018 when the different services were brought together under one big umbrella. Among the services which Interac provides one can find: Interac Cash, Interac Debit, Interac Flash, Interac e-Transfer, and Interac Online. In addition to this, Interac also provides mobile payment services. This has been a vital step in bringing Interac into the future.

  Why play at Interac Casinos?


  •    Interac has been an established payment processor for many years; 
  •    You don't need an account to use it which means that there is no private information being sent;
  •    It's the best choice for Canadian players because they can use their own currency.

What does Interac offer?

Interac offers a number of different financial services, below we have compiled a short description of what each service offers:

  • Interac Cash: Thanks to numerous ATMs found scattered throughout Canada, Interac Cash gives Canadians access to their money through ATM withdrawals.
  • Interac Debit: As one can imagine from the name alone, Interac Debit is a debit card service for Canadian account holders. Interac Debit was Canada’s first national debit card service. Interac Debit is so flexible that thanks to it online casino players can choose to play at Interac Casinos with it.
  • Interac Flash: Completely contactless, this new way of paying is carried out by a mere hover of your card at cash points that have the system installed and while not all shops may have contactless facilities at the moment, this is set to change in the coming years.
  • Interac e-Transfer: Interac e-Transfer transfers give people the ability to transfer from one bank account to another in lightning quick time.
  • Interac Online: This particular service is of most interest to us because it's the one used to send money to Interac Casinos. With Interac Online, players can make payments directly from their bank account to their Interac Casinos of choice.

Opening an account with Interac

While you might have to open an account directly with a bank in order to be able to pay for things ordinarily, there is no reason to open an account directly with Interac. If you want to make online transactions and for example play at Interac Casinos, all that you need to do is choose Interac as a payment method and enter your bank account details. It's as easy as that!

Deposits and Withdrawals at Interac Casinos

interac casinos depositingDepositing and withdrawing at these casinos couldn't be easier. All you need to do is pick an online casino from our Interac Casinos toplist above so that you can be sure that the casino you will play at offers Interac as a payment option and then open an account there. Once you've chosen a game, you click on the deposit function and after you've entered the amount you want to deposit, you pick Interac from the payment options list and that's pretty much it. When it comes to withdrawals, things get a bit trickier (as they do with most payment options). The first thing you need to do is make sure that your casino of choice does indeed allow Interac as a withdrawal option and then simply choose it. Once you've chosen to withdraw with Interac, you put in the amount you want to withdraw and click. After that, it's just a question of waiting around 3-5 days for the money to appear in your bank account. It is important to note that each Interac transaction will cost you in the region of $4.

Transfer Times at Interac Casinos

While deposits are instantaneous, the same cannot be said for withdrawals as you have a waiting time which could span anything from 3 - 5 days. It's true that this is quite fast by other payment option standards but t is something to keep in mind.

Interac Customer Service

In the unlikely event that you have any issues, there are several ways you can contact Interac customer support, however, we do suggest that you first read their comprehensive FAQ section which holds the answers to most of the questions you will want to ask. If you don't find what you are looking for there, not only can you fill out and submit the customer support form which you can find on their website but you can also reach them via their toll-free number or email.

Advantages of Interac Casinos

 It’s a completely safe and secure mode of payment 

Since Interac has been around for more than thirty years you can be certain of the fact that it is a safe payment method to use at online casinos. 

 You can play using your own money

Thanks to the fact that these casinos take money from your own bank account, the minute that that finishes, you won't have access to more. This means that you can wave goodbye to your debt worries.

 It's perfect for Canadians 

If you are from Canada then this truly is the best payment option which you can use because you can play using your own currency instead of having to deal with pesky exchange rates.

 Super fast deposit times

As we have mentioned before, when you make a deposit at these casinos it appears in your account instantly which means that you don't have to wait around to play.

 There is no need to signup for an account

Unlike other online casino payment options, you don't need to enter any bank account details when you start playing at Interac Casinos.

Disadvantages of Interac Casinos

 It is only available to Canadian players

Because you need to have a registered address in Canada in order to use this payment option, players from the United States and America will not be able to use it.

 It can take time to withdraw money with Interac 

While deposits to these casinos are instantaneous, the same cannot be said for withdrawals which can take a long time (if they are available at all).

Interac FAQs
How do I use Interac Casinos?

Interac Casinos can be used in order to make both deposits and withdrawals but you do need to check whether or not your casino of choice offers it as a payment option.

Are these casinos safe?

These casinos are completely safe and secure because as one can imagine, they are constantly being checked by the best financial institutions in Canada.

Is there a fee for using Interac?

Yes, there is a very small fee for using Interac. Withdrawals cost $4 and deposits can cost as little as $1.

Which online casinos accept Interac?

If you want a good idea of which online casinos accept Interac as a payment option, take a look at our toplist above. All the casinos in the above toplist have been specially chosen for how good their bonuses are and how reliable they are but if you want to learn more about them, visit online casino reviews.

Play at Interac Casinos today and start winning

If you're a Canadian looking for an online casino payment option, there is little reason why you wouldn't go with Interac. Safe and secure, you will be able to play as many online casino games as you want with your mind completely at rest. Although deposits are super quick and easy to make, withdrawals will take longer and that is important to keep in mind if this is an aspect which you usually place an emphasis on. So pull up a chair and prepare to pay the best Canadian way!

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