Bingo Money Management - A Complete Guide

Bingo is a fun and usually relatively inexpensive way to compete for cash and prizes. Many bingo players have a limited gambling budget, so it's important for bingo enthusiasts to exercise good bingo money management skills. You can already save money by playing at trustworthy bingo sites that won’t rip you off or scam you. We have listed only the best bingo online casinos below in our toplist for you to play at.

Bingo Money Management Tips

Before signing up to any online bingo casino or purchasing bingo cards players need to think about and prioritise bingo money management. It is easy to get carried away purchasing multiple bingo card packs, or wanting numerous bingo games in play simultaneously by using the autodaub function. There is absolutely no fun at all in squandering away your life savings on a game and then popping anxiety pills to deal with the losses, which coincidentally you can’t afford anymore because you went broke playing bingo. 

Keep the game a source of fun and use it also as a chance to socialise and make friends whilst hopefully increasing your bankroll. Here are a few tips for those looking to stretch their bingo dollar and keeping your money in check. 

Decide on a Bingo Bankroll before Playing

Before walking into a bingo hall or signing up for an online bingo game, decide exactly how much you want to set aside for your day or night of playing bingo. Ask yourself whether you will feel comfortable if you actually lose the decided amount without winning anything. Once you have decided on a figure then you need to be extremely strict with yourself about sticking to that budget. If you end up losing a lot of games you will be tempted to buy more cards and spend money outside of your bingo bankroll to try to make up the losses – the best thing you can do for yourself is walk away and never reach into your pockets to spend more money on the game that you don’t have. If you find yourself doing this often this is a gambling addiction you should seek help for.

Buy Cheaper Cards

bingo money management cardsThere are often a number of different cards you can buy at a bingo hall. They have different prices and prizes. To maximize your enjoyment and get the most out of your bingo bankroll, buy the cheapest cards. The prizes for the most expensive cards are usually not that much better than the prizes for the cheaper ones. You'll also get more play from the money you have brought. Wise bingo money management is to make sure that the more expensive deck really rewards you with much better prizes. However, this is usually not the case.

Buy Bingo Card Booklets or Packs

If you buy cheaper bingo cards of course you will be able to buy a greater amount of them within your pre-determined bingo budget. The more cards you have the higher the likelihood that one of them will have a winning bingo pattern. So instead of buying individual cards buy the bingo booklets or packs sold online as these packs are often cheaper than buying cards individually. This gives you a greater chance to win and more opportunities to play than you would get buying single cards.

Go Partner with another Bingo Fan

You might consider teaming up with another bingo fan. You can share expenses and prizes. This increases your chance to win (or decreases your expenses), and helps you make bingo a more social activity. If you find you can't easily share a particular prize, try making an arrangement. You can agree that player A will win the prize on the first game, Player B on the second game, and so forth. You can also pool all the prizes at the end and decide who wants which prizes.


Make Use of Bingo Bonuses Online

A big advantage to playing bingo online is that you have access to bonuses upon sign up and other promotions which are offered on a regular basis. If you are a regular player you can save money by accessing what is essentially free money given by the casino. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions to make sure it’s the right deal you are after.

Play Jackpot Bingo Only if You Have the Right Budget

Bingo money management jackpot2As the cost of buying jackpot bingo tickets is higher than playing regular bingo games, you should only do so if you can actually really afford it. If you have your heart set on winning the jackpot then be extremely careful and stick to your budget by buying significantly less jackpot bingo cards than if you would play regular bingo. Keep in mind that winning jackpot bingo is quite a rare occasion.

Understand Bingo Game Variations

If you are going to be using particular bingo strategies such as the Granville system make sure you understand how to adapt it if you are going to play different games such as 90-ball bingo or 30-ball bingo - alter the strategy according to the amount of numbers on the card. You can read up on all the bingo variations on our bingo online rules page.

Play at Off Peak Times

To be able to have greater chances of winning bingo, and thus having to purchase less cards, it’s best to play at off-peak times such as in the very early morning or mid-morning as there will be significantly less players you are up against. The less players you are playing against, the higher your odds of winning. If you are struggling to be able to play at off-peak times then choose online bingo rooms in different time zones so you can play at what is perhaps a busy time for casino rooms where you are, but an off-peak time elsewhere.

Don’t Spend Your Winnings Immediately

One of the most common ways players lose out when they play bingo is not managing their winnings properly. When you win some extra cash it can be easy to get excited over what feels like free money. First of all consider how much you spent already just to get that money. If you are only getting money back that you have already spent with no profit then it’s wise not to spend a cent of it and put it right back into your bingo bankroll.

In those marvelous moments when you win more than what you spent on the game and you are feeling champagne giddy – enjoy the moment but try to not let that feeling last for too long. It may lead you to spend the money unwisely before you can get used to having it at all it will be gone. If you have high bills to pay, such as kid’s school fees that leave you without much extra cash, then use your winnings to pay those off and feel the lightness of having less financial stress on your shoulders.

Play at the Best Bingo Online Casinos

Obviously the best way to save money when you play online is to play at reputable bingo online casinos. Here at CasinoTop10 we have removed all the work you have to do trying to find them amongst the pages and pages of bingo casinos and have listed only the crème de la crème. Browse through our toplist to find which one is the one that appeals to you the most and offers your favourite bingo variation.


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