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Which Hitchcock Heroine Are You? A Quiz for the Modern Woman


Hitchcock, a new film about the iconic suspense film director, looks to be showy and awards hungry.

A biopic about a legend in the movie world that references classic cinema is sure to please Oscar voters.

The subject matter will be a hit with cinephiles to boot.

Starring Sir Anthony Hopkins as the titular director, the fabulous Helen Mirren as his wife, Alma Reville, and Scarlett Johansson as his muse, Janet Leigh, the Hitchcock digs deep into the filming of Psycho along with Hitch’s relationship with Alma.

It's Always Great to See A Powerful Woman Take Control

Anthony Hopkins is a cinematic force but Helen Mirren is no slouch. She might be an even bigger force.

Mirren has dominated the screen as larger than life real-life characters -- say Queen Elizabeth for example.

It’s always great to see a powerful woman take control of a film. That wasn’t always the case with Hitch.

Hitchcock’s films were all about psychology, thrillers of the mind -- often the mind playing tricks.

His use of light, dark and shadows, and his dedication to detail were paramount in creating some of the creepiest and most involved thrillers in cinema history.

But he also explored another fascinating battleground: the relationships between men and women.

Women More Dangerous Than They Seem

The crux of this film is the love story between Hitchcock and Alma Reville.

In his films the relationships between men and women are often imbalanced, men dominant and in control (even when things seem unhinged) and women the murdered, the terrorized, the ones who aren’t in charge, aren’t safe.

Mirren and Hopkins are surely great representations of the two real-life figures, and also fill those roles Hitchcock directed so often: a dominant man with a smart (yet less important in the grander story) woman by his side.

Women in Hitchcock films fill certain roles. They serve the lead, they help the lead, but they also find themselves taking action that's sometimes damaging to the male characters.

These women might be more dangerous than they seem. Even the victims.

Let’s take a look and see where women fall in the Hitchcock spectrum, and which Hitchcock film heroine (or victim) you are:

Are You Hitchcock Heroine #1?

Q: Would you steal to help your boyfriend? (  )

Q: Have you embezzled money from your employer? (  )

Q: Are you comfortable in fairly creepy, out-of-the-way motels? (  )

Q: Would you have dinner with a sketchy, uncomfortable motel owner in a super sketchy house overlooking the creepy motel? (  )

Q: Do you have strong feelings about showers? (  )

Not a dominant force: If you answered three or more questions with yes, you’re Marion Crane from Psycho.

Are You Hitchcock Heroine #2?

Q: Are you a socialite? Or do you identify with socialites? Or do you want to be a socialite? (  )

Q: Would you purchase birds for a stranger and secretly deliver them to his home? (  )

Q: Would you start to date said stranger? (  )

Q: Are you brave in the face of your fears? (  )

Q: Are you terrified of birds? (  )

A victim of circumstance: If you answered three of more questions with yes, you’re Melanie Daniels from The Birds.

Are You Hitchcock Heroine #3?

Q: Would you help concoct a fake suicide? (  )

Q: Have you ever impersonated another person, a person who “committed suicide?” (  )

Q: Do you have any particular affinity for bell towers? (  )

Q: Are you a style maven? (  )

Q: Are you attracted to Jimmy Stewart? (  )

Femme fatale: If you answered three of more questions with yes, you’re Madeleine Elster in Vertigo.

Are You Hitchcock Heroine #4?

Q: Are you brave and glamorous? (  )

Q: Do you enjoy peeping in on your neighbours, or being around those who like to spy on people through a camera lens? (  )

Q: Are you attracted to Jimmy Stewart in a full leg cast, in a wheelchair and wearing mid-century pajamas? (  )

Q: Do you excel at lounging effortlessly? (  )

Q: Would you climb into the apartment of a suspected murderer on a hot summer night to discover evidence of that suspected murder? (  )

Classy bad ass: If you answered three or more questions with yes, you’re Lisa Fremont in Rear Window.

Are You Hitchcock Heroine #5?

Q: Are you a psychoanalyst? (  )

Q: Would you be comfortable working in a sanatorium? (  )

Q: Do you believe in and value the importance of dream anaylsis? (  )

Q: Do you find yourself drawn to surrealist art? (  )

Q: Could you use your brain to concoct a reason for a murderer not to kill you, in the final act? (  )

Smarty pants: If you answered three of more questions with yes, you’re Dr. Constance Petersen in Spellbound.


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