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Top 5 Most Addictive Flash Games

This is a list of the five best flash games you can find on the web. If you have a lot to do at work, don’t read any further. Chances are that you will get addicted.

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1. Line Rider

Line Rider is a game that will test your creativity. If you ever had a fantasy of designing roller coasters or creating the perfect sled hill, line rider is just right for you. In Line Rider you are not competing against other players and you are not trying to earn points. You are simply trying to create a great sledding experience for your Line Rider.

How to Play Line Rider

Your job, is simply, to make lines. You have some rudimentary tools with which to do this, including a basic pencil tool, a straight line tool, an eraser, a tool to zoom and to move your lines around, and a color palette. Once you've designed your line track, simply press play to release the Line Rider on his sled. If you've made a structurally sound track, your Line Rider will happily sled down the line, enjoying jumps, bumps, hills and valleys that you have created. If your track is not sound, as it probably will not be at first, your rider will find himself going for a quick and unceremonious spill.

Advanced Line Rider

While the basic game is fun to experiment and play with, some creative line rider fans have taken the game to an entirely different level. On YouTube you can find Star Wars Line Rider tracks, elaborate Line Rider roller coasters, even an entire Line Rider recreation of the first level of Super Mario Brothers. Some Line Rider tracks appear to have taken days of painstaking work and are visually extremely rewarding as a result. Of course you do not have to work that hard to enjoy this game, but it's nice to know that you can.

The Benefits of Line Rider

Line Rider offers the relaxing pleasure of creating something and seeing that creation in action, without the competitive nature of some other Flash games. Those who find other Flash games that require you kill or destroy things to be too negative or overstimulating are the perfect audience for Line Rider. If you don't get the hang of it right away, don't give up; you should get a feel for it eventually.


2. Bejeweled

Bejeweled is a nice little game that challenges your visual acuity and your problem solving skills. Bejeweled is an online flash-based game that can entertain even the brainiest of players. This game is all about moving colored jewels around a playing board to try and arrange certain patterns. Get the appropriate number of proper-colored jewels lined up in the right way and they disappear, clearing the board for additional, randomly colored jewels to descend from above. So when you're ready to take a moment and master this fun and free internet game, take a look at the following to familiarize yourself with Bejeweled.

Playing The Game

This slick online game is all about arranging and obtaining jewels, hence the title. When you begin the game, you start with a full pallet of jewels, all colored differently. The idea of the game is to rearrange those jewels to connect at least three or more of the same style. Do that, and the jewels disappear, letting other fall down into their places. You can move each piece one step to the left, the right, up or down. This will essentially swap it out with the piece right next to it. Just click on the jewel you wish to move and it will light up with small hash marks near the corners. You can then select the next piece that you want to swap it with. It will do a smooth little animation and a sound effect. When three jewels of the same color are properly aligned, they will pop, with accompanying sound, and disappear.


It can be difficult to see just which pieces or jewels should be moved where because there are so many colors and jewels filling the screen. It can be distracting and disorienting. But overcoming that is part of the skill needed to beat the game. Instead of just focusing on one piece at a time, try to see in groups of colors. If your eyes can identify areas that have potential connective capabilities, then you can move the pieces accordingly. Don't get caught thinking too simply.


For an added challenge and to add a whole other dimension to playing Bejeweled, try playing the timed version, which will help you develop the quick-thinking and strategy skills that Bejeweled is all about. And although playing the online game is free, there is even an at-home version for purchase that can be played offline with advanced levels and functionality.


3. Flight of the Hamsters

A popular and fun online game to enjoy is the Flight of the Hamsters. In this quirky, easy-to-play internet-based game, players must launch little hamsters across the yard, hitting certain bonuses and special prizes along the way. You can find Flight of the Hamsters on any gaming site that also offers other games like online poker and the like. But in this game there is no gambling, just great hamster-shooting fun. Games like Flight of the Hamsters are a cinch to learn and play.

Mastering Basic Movements

Although this game is incredibly simple and easy to play, it may take you just a little while to learn to use the controls and to time your moves correctly. But once you do, you'll have a blast playing Flight of the Hamsters from anywhere with a viable internet connection.

Flash Games and Gameplay

The Flight of the Hamsters game is presented mostly in a Flash file format, a versatile programming language that makes animated gameplay appear smooth and seamless. When you use the game interface, simple mouse clicks will be how you interact with the game and send your hamsters flying. First, you must jaunt your little hamster friends up one by one into the air. They are ready with miniature flight goggles. Once launched into the air, the other hamster under your control mans the catapult, from which you must perfectly time the release to meet with the airborne hamster. The better the hit, the farther the hamster will fly. If you catapult the rodent right, it can hit various springs, rockets and other bonuses that can propel your hurling hamster even farther. Go for distance and try to make the tree house on the other side of the yard.


4. Bow Man

If you enjoy physics, archery and murder, you'll love Bow Man, a Flash game that allows you to apply your instinctive understanding of physics to kill your enemy. In this popular in-browser game that has inspired numerous imitators, you are an archer locked in a duel with an opponent whom has no doubt offended you with some real or imagined slight. Whatever the reason, you must now kill him before he kills you.

The Bow Man Scenario

In classic duel fashion, you face the opponent at a fixed distance across a field. The distance is larger than the amount of screen you have, so if you hit him on the first try, it will be sheer luck. Your opponent, a noble fellow, allows you to take the first shot, but after you do, he will respond in kind.

How to Play Bow Man

The way to play is by clicking the mouse on your bowman and pulling back. The farther you pull back, the more strength you generate when you fire your arrow. You will also move the mouse up or down to indicate the degree of angle you would like to fire your shot at. The challenge is to find the correct strength and angle to allow the arrow to hit your target, the opposing bowman. If you figure it out and strike the opponent squarely, he will respond with a satisfying spurting out of blood. Of course, if he figures it out first, you will suffer the same fate. To win, you must hit your opponent twice before he does the same to you. Regardless of the outcome, in subsequent rounds, you will be a different distance apart, so even though the strength percentage and degree angle statistics are visible, you will not be able to use them to your advantage in the next game.


5. Chimgam

If you're looking for a really quirky and kind of gross online game to play, you could always try your hand at Chimgam. This strange game out of Asia pits a little kid against a large, pooping butt. Yep, I said it, a large pooping butt. It is your job to guide this little guy to safety while also shooting at the butt hovering above him, launching projectiles of excrement down below. As you get closer to killing the offensive pooping butt above, it gets faster and moves more furiously, pooping more sporadically and dangerously. It's a weird game, but it's free, it's web-based and it's funny. Here are some other things to know before playing Chimgam.

Moving Your Player to Safety

The movement of the player is the most important thing when playing Chimgam. Because it is all done in Flash programming language, it animates smoothly and doesn't require a lot of buttons or movements for the gamer to control the player. In fact, as long as your mouse is within the playing screen on the Chimgam game site, the little character you control will follow your every move. Push the cursor left, and he'll run left, go right, and he'll follow. Once the game starts, the feces will start to fall, and you'll need to be able to move the character to safety quickly.

Shooting, Winning and Losing

Luckily, your little character that is being threatened by falling poop also is carrying a little finger gun. He can shoot it pretty rapidly. Yes, you must shoot it in the butt to kill the butt. A very strange, yet hilarious aspect of Chimgam. But in order to get directly under the target, you become a target yourself. So you have to master the technique of shooting straight up towards your enemy, with poo falling towards you, and then geting out of the way before you get struck. If you shoot the pooping butt enough times, it will get faster and angrier, but eventually, it will die. That's when you win. But if the poop hits you too many times, it will completely deplete your health and kill you.

Timing Tips And Tricks

As the butt moves around and then pauses do its thing, instead of running your character to meet it, try and position your character to anticipate where it is going to be next, and try and shoot it on the fly. If you can hit it that way, the chances of you being directly under the pooping bum decreases dramatically, saving your life enery and making it easier to win Chimgam.


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